Guest Name, Billie Jean

This is myself and my one of my best buds
Billie Jean
consultant/inspection in the oil and gas sector, as well as a healer

Since I have entered this planet, I have always known that I do not belong to the blood family I was brought through. I have been an intuitive 7 gifted lady since I came to mother earth.  And have been discredited for the gifts I have.  Either I am too sensitive, and or and or. 

I did always push my gifts aside, until one day I could not.  

I am of native background, I do drum and believe the native spiritual realm.  

As we all know that we are considered different, and my truth is my truth.  Like the above, I would love to connect with like-minded humans.

It will be amazing when all of humanity wakes up and receives the messages from our star bros and sisters and our ancestors.

I could go on and on.  I have written a book in regards to my four-legged friends and their gifts they had to offer myself and the journey we all went on till they had crossed.  I have two four-legged friends at the moment. I have healed some animals, and have healed some of my sister's horses and received messages from them. 

I am considered an introvert, and that is ok with me.  At least I know who I am, and I am learning each and every day, and becoming more and more in tune with my star bros and sisters, ancestors and council.

So that being said, it would be a pleasure to be involved with your group and understood.

I understand the way that the world is supposed to be and not what it is.

I even went to the length of changing my whole name, from Leisa Boos to Billie Jean, and some will ask why, and I say that you would not understand.  And the ones that I do know would not.  Only the ones that are on the ascension process will and do.


Billie Jean


Guest Occupation: 
30 year professional astrologer

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