Planetary Makeover Show, January 18, 2021

Planetary Makeover Show with David Mynott

Planetary Makeover Show with David Mynott II

Death & Rebirth – David Mynott II presents Dick Larson’s interview of ordained minister McNair Ezzard on the topic of life after death.

Here We Stand, January 17, 2021

Establish Liberty: Republic of Kanata
Here We Stand with Reverend Kevin D. Annett and guest Deb Goldin
Kevin does a live introduction before airing the show
Topic: Uniting the spiritual and the worldly battle
Overcoming the Inner and the Outer Enemy: Practical Lessons for our Fight
Do We Really Want Change? Fighting the Inner and the Outer Tyranny

Interviewing The Legends, January 19, 2021

Interviewing The Legends with Ray Shasho

People from all walks of life have been affected by the music of The Beatles. They gave the world inspiration and happiness in almost everything they did.

Raising Expectations, January 18, 2021

Raising Expectations with Pastor Joe Schofield

Raising Expectations with Pastor Joe Schofield, with Dr. Craig Thayer and Stephanie Thayer, Commander Rob Hansen and Nancy Hansen, and Dr Paul Hall

Guest, James Robbins, columnist, author, professor, advisor, senior fellow, etc.

Chuck and Julie Show, January 18, 2021

Chuck and Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden

The Chuck & Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden

Big Tech and corporate swamp media pushing to silence and punish all platforms and people who don’t parrot PC company line. But it’s backfiring big time and even in these dark days creating opportunities.

Eyes Can SEE, January 1, 2021

Eyes Can SEE with Empress Em Shar'on

Eyes Can SEE with Empress Em' Sharon (Sharon Davis Hester)

Topic: Revealing the stolen identity and history of the Transatlantic slave descendants and the Indigenous Black Indians of America

New Realities, January 16, 2021

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld

Guest, Sergio Magana, Toltec Predictions

Americas Cannabis Conversation, January 14, 2021

Americas Cannabis Conversation with Dan Perkins

Americas Cannabis Conversation with Dan Perkins

The True History, January 16, 2021

The True History of The True History of Our Galactic World and NESARA with Tara Green and Rama Arjuna

The True History with Tara Green and Rama Arjuna and guests

The Paul Thea Show, January 17, 2021

The Paul Thea Show

The Paul Thea Show in French brought to you by Paul Thea Communication. 


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