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Talk Radio Show Program

The Sports Doctor

The Sports Doctor with Dr Robert Weil
Show Host: 
Dr Robert Weil

The Sports Doctor is in! Dr. Robert A Weil, Sports Podiatrist, specializes in orthotics that improve alignment, stability, balance & performance. Dr. Bob has treated many of the world’s premier athletes from all types of sports. He is the host of “The Sports Doctor™” Radio Show. The show is now featured on BBS Radio Network, UK Health Radio Network & Sports 4 Fanz Radio. Dr. Bob was formerly on HealthyLife Radio and was also on WDCB public radio in Chicago for over 20 years. He has written articles for many newspapers & magazines and is a frequent guest on other networks. And his new book, co-written with Sharkie Zartman, titled '#Hey Sports Parents! An Essential Guide for Any Parent with a Child in Sports' - is now available on Amazon!

Join the Sports Doctor and his great guests for important topical information for injury free exercise, wellness and sports performance for both adults and kids. Frequent topics include, the role of the foot in sports, all aspects of sports medicine including, proper sports shoes, youth safety, health, wellness, and sports performance for both adults and children.

Weekly Show
Station 1
1:00 pm PT
1:55 pm PT

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

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Featured Guests

Guest, J R Niklos June 20, 2018
Guest, Stacey Chillemi June 13, 2018
Guest, Natalie Graves June 13, 2018
Guest, Jeff Lacour June 6, 2018
Guest, Brett Hintz May 30, 2018
Guest, Aaron Bigelow May 23, 2018
Guest, Dr Jay Wrigley May 23, 2018
Guest, Mark Kovacs May 16, 2018
Guest, Sharkie Zartman May 16, 2018
Guest, Gina Pongetti May 9, 2018
Guest, Tom Meredith May 2, 2018
Guest, Robert Andrews April 25, 2018
Guest, Teresa Anne Power April 25, 2018
Guest, Paul Callaway April 18, 2018
Guest, Mike Riggs April 18, 2018


Talk Show Program Host

Dr. Robert A Weil, D.P.M. with Evan Lysacek, Gold Medalist Dr. Robert A Weil, D.P.M. Chicago IL US Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Sports Doctor Radio
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Orthotics and Sports Medicine, Columnist, Speaker and Show Host

Some of The Sports Doctors Celebrity patients include.

Evan Lysacek, Olympic Gold Medalwinner for figure skating in 2010. USA pair’s figure skating competitor. Danny O’Shea US Pairs Skater, 2014 Four Continents silver medalist and 2016 U.S. National champion. Madeline Stammen, Starring in Cirque De Soleil’s, Crystal On Ice. Jessica Catalang. Four-time IHSA state tennis champ and acclaimed UCLA player Liz Lumpkin.  Former Chicago Bears Players, Jim McMahon, Dave Duerson, Richard Dent, Jim Harbough and many more. Tennis players like John McEnroe, Tracy Austin, Tim Smyczek, Jasmine Minor and Liz Lumpkin. Track star Tominque Boatright, daughter of famed Aurora Flyers coach Tom Boatright. Joakim Noah's dad Yannick, who is a tennis great & former French Open champion. Chicago Cubs, Bill Buckner.  Chicago White Sox, Eric Soderholm. Chicago Blackhawk Greats, Doug Wilson & Keith Magnuson. Former Minnesota Vikings Coach, Les Frazier.

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Featured Guests on BBS Radio Talk Show Programs

Featured, Guest, J R Niklos June 20, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Wednesday, June 20, 2018 01:00 pm

Guest, J R Niklos

Guest Name: 
J R Niklos
J.R. Niklos
Guest Occupation: 
Owner/Director of Sports Performance
Guest Biography: 

J.R. has multiple sports performance related certifications, including ACE, USA Track & Field, and Athletic Republic’s Exercise Science certification. He is also a member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association. J.R. has been training athletes for the past 8 years, and has studied extensively with Westside Barbell’s “conjugate training”, Russian block periodization, and USA Track & Field. J.R. started training with Acceleration at the end of his 8th grade and continued with the Acceleration program for 15 years until he eventually became the Director of Acceleration Naperville.

Professional: While others were training at professional combine training facilities in preparation for the NFL Draft, J.R. trained himself in Macomb Illinois and posted amazing numbers. At 6’3”, 245 pounds, J.R. ran a 4.48 40 Yard Dash, 3.92 Pro Agility, 6.57 L-Cone, a 10’8” broad jump, a 42” Vertical Jump, and repped out 225 pounds 28 times in the bench press (Western Illinois and Ohio State‘s Pro Days).

In 2002, J.R. signed a free agent contract with the Seattle Seahawks practice squad. During week 3, the St. Louis Rams picked J.R. up to the active roster due to the retirement of Heisman Trophy Winner, Eric Crouch. J.R. spent the rest of the season on active roster for the Rams and was called the “NFL’s Fastest Fullback” by then St Louis Rams coach Mike Martz. J.R. continued to play 6 years in the NFL as a reserve fullback and special teams player also with the Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, and Cleveland Browns.

J.R. also played in NFL Europe where he won a NFL World Bowl Championship, scoring the game’s last touchdown to cap off the victory. During last season, he was a lead blocker for Roger Robinson who owns the NFLE record for rushing yards in a season. J.R.’s NFLE Reebok jersey is currently the highest selling NFLE jersey of all time.

Throughout his career, he has trained and played with NFL Hall Of Fame members Jerry Rice, Rod Woodson, and John Randall, and future NFL Hall Of Fame members Randy Moss, Tony Gonzalez, and Marshall Faulk.

College: J.R. originally signed onto The Ohio State University to play football and run track. As a freshman, J.R. ran a personal best 20.9 200 meter dash. After his freshman year, he transferred to Western Illinois University to focus entirely on football. As a Leatherneck, J.R. was a 3 time All-American, leading the nations tight ends in multiple categories, multiple years. J.R. was recently named to the All-Time Missouri Valley Team, joining Kurt Warner, Rodney Harrison, and Naperville Central Alum, current New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton.

High School: J.R. was a 4 sport athlete in high school playing football, indoor track, outdoor track, and baseball. He earned All-State and All-American honors his senior year in high school for football and track and was a national standout 400 and 200 meter dash sprinter, placing second in the nation in the 4×400 relay, and boasting one of the fastest 200 meter dash times in the nation.

Featured, Guest, Dr Denise McDermott June 20, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Wednesday, June 20, 2018 01:00 pm

Guest, Dr Denise McDermott

Guest Name: 
Dr Denise McDermott
Dr. Denise McDermott, MD
Guest Occupation: 
Adult & Child Psychiatrist
Guest Biography: 

Dr. Denise McDermott, M.D. has been in private practice since 2001. She completed her Adult Psychiatry residency at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and her Child Psychiatry fellowship at UCLA. As a medical doctor with board certifications in both Adult and Child Psychiatry, she treats children, adolescents and adults. Her goal is to empower you, your child, and your family to live the best life possible. Her approach is to encourage people to believe in wellness, not illness, and to lead a balanced healthy lifestyle.

“When you are going through a crisis in your life, remind yourself that on the other side of that is stabilization and then a place of thriving,” she tells her patients everyday.

Dr. Denise includes a multi-disciplinary approach to medicine, where she integrates many holistic modalities such as Eastern medicine, healers, nutritionists and many more. She has collegial relationships and collaborates with other physicians, psychologists, marriage and family therapists and educational therapists. She believes in prescribing the least amount of medication possible and creates an integrative wellness plan that resonates for each patient.

She is a sought after medical doctor for second opinions, specific diagnostic assessments, medication management, and psychotherapy.


Mental Health and How to Survive

Headlined Show information for BBS Radio Talk Show Programs

Headlined, The Sports Doctor, June 20, 2018

Dr. Robert Weil DPM
Broadcast Date: 
June 20, 2018

LIVE from Chicago - This week we have J.R. Niklos, former NFL player, Owner/Director  of Sports Performance at Acceleration in Naperville along with returning guest Dr. Denise McDermott, Adult and Child Psychiatrist, Author, Podcaster and Contributing Writer to my book '#HeySportsParents!'. Then, 'The Sports Doctor Is In' answering your questions and emails!

JR Nikolas
Acceleration Pro
Dr. Denise McDermott, MD
Mental Health and How to Survive
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