Dare To Dream, February 25, 2021

Dare To Dream with Debbi Dachinger

Dare To Dream with Debbi Dachinger and guest Don Lynch

The Watkins Award, February 22, 2021

The Watkins Award with Tyrone Tate and J Everette Pearsall

The Watkins Award with Tyrone Tate and J Everette Pearsall

Breaking the Silence, February 21, 2021

Breaking the Silence with Dr Gregory Williams

Breaking the Silence with Dr Gregory Williams

Guests, Dr Jennifer Jacobs and Jessica Stern, CEO and COO of Connect Our Kids

Dr. Jennifer Jacobs has spent a career in leadership and problem solving: in the Army, at a national lab, in government and in business management. She is a West Point graduate and a former White House Fellow.

Paradigm Shifters, February 23, 2021

Paradigm Shifters with Veronica Entwistle

Paradigm Shifters with Veronica Entwistle and guest Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Paradigm Shifters presents Gabriel Cousens

This week on Paradigm Shifters:  

Guest Name, NathanPerez

Nathan Perez
Author Speaker

Delivering dozens of webinars, seminars and guest speaking engagements each year on the topics of networking, job search, and career development. Prior to his work as an executive career coach, Nathan held the title of Vice President of Research in the retained search industry, where he was responsible for the first step of the executive recruitment process, devising strategies of “where and how to find” qualified candidates for all national and global search engagements. (In a nutshell, he is the person who finds the candidates for recruiters to recruit.) Consequently, networking was and continues to be a day-to-day function of his job. As a result, and because of his combined professional expertise, Nathan regularly works with professionals from all different backgrounds and experience levels. This includes everyone from Hollywood movie stars and producers, to sound engineers, fashion designers, new college grads, non-profit and civic leaders, veterans and senior global executives. He has been cited by The Huffington Post as one of the most connected people on LinkedIn, world-wide. Nathan is a member of the Actors Equity Association union (AEA); a voting union member of The Screen-Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA); the Author's Guild; and served as Vice Chair at The Loft Literary Center, the nation's largest literary and writing organization. He is an Honorary Commander with the 934th Airlift Wing, U.S. Air Force Reserve, home of the Global Vikings.

You can read more about his background at

Just The Tips, February 23, 2021

Just The Tips with James P Friel and Dean Holland

Just The Tips with Dean Holland and James P Friel

Is Social Media required to be successful in your business, James back from skiing in Vale, Investing in an unpredictable market

Candidates Platform, February 20, 2021

Candidates Platform with Kathleen Gomez and Diego Vlasic

Candidates Platform with Kathleen Gomez and Diego Vlasic

Guest, Dr James Avington Miller Jr., getting elected to a School Board!

Sound Healing, February 20, 2021

Sound Healing with David Gibson

Sound Healing with David Gibson

Your Soul Song and Your Soul Note, how it manifests in your body, and how to heal all disease with sound


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