Threshold Radio, October 3, 2015

Dr Hugo Rodier

Hugo Rodier, M.D. was featured on our second Threshold Radio broadcast. As in Dr.


Guest Occupation: 
Are You Ready to Become a Man Who Is Living His Life to the Fullest?

Guest, Mel Swartz

Guest Occupation: 
psychoanalyst, psychologist

Temple of Health Radio Show, June 9, 2018

Temple of Health Radio Show with Dr. Susan E. Kolb

Temple of Health Radio Show with Dr Susan Kolb and guest Dr Amit Goswami

​Topic: University/ Quantum Activism Vishwalayam: A University for Transformative Education

Why Life Is..., June 8, 2018

Why Life Is... with Niles MacFlouer

Why Life Is... with Niles MacFlouer

​​Topic: Advanced Consciousness Series:
Deeper Understanding of
Prana and Kundalini Energies


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