Guest Name, Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith

Christopher the Grey

Influenced by old school artists like Prince, Public Enemy and Rakim to current artists like J Cole, BoB and Bryce Vines, Christopher the Grey uses their mastery to create meaningful music.

Inheriting a love for music from his parents who also dabbled in song writing. With that creative gene, The Grey started writing and performing at an early age but stopped after the loss of his parent in his early twenties.

With maturity and life lessons, The Grey love for music only excelled in his heart and long for the good old days of rap when lyrics were spoke life and became anthems. 

After an extended break, The Grey returned to music releasing two singles in 2016 and performing at a few open mic events in various cites. Now, back with the release of his EP, Not So Common which features 5 songs. The lead off single being, I Am Sorry.

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