Guest Name, Aldonnius Carter

Aldonnius Carter
Aldonnius Carter
Writer and film maker....

My name is Aldonnius Brian Carter; I was born here in Tallahassee, Florida on December 31st, 1971. I have resided here in Tallahassee, Florida for 40 years of my life and 5 years in Miami, Florida where the writing genius within me was born. I started writing film scripts in 1998; and I currently have 84 film scripts of various genres currently in my arsenal. My first feature film titled "Give it Up" was released and distributed by Echelon Entertainment in 2001. I recently had my second feature film titled "Jack Logan" released by Adler and Associates in March of 2017; and I also had my first novel titled "Power of the P" published and released through Xlibris in April of 2017. My next work is a civil war drama about the true events of Florida's role during the American Civil War. If produced, "Brothers by Blood" will surly bring us closer together as Americans.

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Neighborhood Business & Special Projects Coordinator


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