The Sports Doctor, May 23, 2018

Dr. Robert Weil DPM

Aaron Bigelow, Co-Founder and Developer Ampcoil Bioresonance Wellness System joins me along with Dr. Jay Wrigley, Functional Medicine and Hormonal balance specialist. Then it’s 'The Sports Doctors In' & your emails!

Guest, Dr Jay Wrigley

Guest Occupation: 
Functional Medicine and Hormonal Balance Specialist

Guest, Aaron Bigelow

Guest Occupation: 
Co-Founder of Health Evolution Tech, Inc.

Shadow Politics, May 20, 2018


Currently there are about 9,500 lobbyists registered at the federal level. That means there are about 18 lobbyists for each member of the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.

Dont Panic Its Organic, May 19, 2018

Robert Sjoquist, Director of Soils Solutions

Our guest is Robert Sjoquist, Director of Soils Solutions, Inc. in Camarillo, California. Soils Solutions offer the most efficient, cost effective, environmentally beneficial and highest quality plant and soils solutions available anywhere.

Guest, Robert Sjoquist

Guest Occupation: 
Director of Soils Solutions

Guest Name, John L Greene

Photo of Sir John L Greene with his book and letters from President Higgins and Queen Elizabeth
John L Greene
Handyman and author

I am Sir John L Greene II. I am 49 years old. I have been a writer, a scholar, an artist, a musician, and a poet for over forty- one years. I also had a poem published with the International Library of Poetry in June of 2000. I won the highest award an author could receive for the publication of my poem called the Love Poem. It was published in a book called Carrying the Torch.

Guest, Mark Kovacs

Guest Occupation: 
Sports Science Researcher, Performance Coach, Professor, Author, Public Speaker


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