Guest, Dr Steven Horwitz

Guest Occupation: 
Founder TeamSafe®Sports, 2-Time Tactical Strength Challenge Master's Champ, Texas Deadlift Master's M2 Record Holder

Guest, Johann Ilgenfritz

Guest Occupation: 
CEO & Founder UK Health Radio Network

Guest, Dr Brian Lima

Guest Occupation: 
Cardiac Surgeon, Associate Professor of Surgery, Author

Guest, Dr Jim Babiuk

Guest Occupation: 
Board Certified Oral Surgeon

Guest, Steve Thurston

Guest Occupation: 
Program Manager of Edwards-Elmhurst Health & Fitness Center

Interviewing The Legends, November 19, 2019

Interviewing The Legends with Ray Shasho

California native Jack Russell is a rock vocalist and songwriter, and a founding member of early-'80s hard rock radio staples Great White. Citing influences like Robert Plant and Steven Tyler, Russell spent his formative years fronting high-school bands.


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