Having It All, August 16, 2017

Having It All with MarBeth Dunn

Having It All with Marbeth Dunn

Episode 13 - Becoming Your Own Health Hero with Dr Partha Nandi

On The Level, August 16, 2017


Tonight, on On The Level with JLouis Mills, we will tackle the issues of insight and accountability, as pertains to a real situation that happened. Is anyone above the law? Is it ok to step outside the scope of your licensed profession? Join me tonight for a very serious conversation. This needs to be put On The Level.

Guest, Dr. Partha Nandi

Guest Occupation: 
Medical Doctor and TV Talk Show Host

The Transitions of Life in the Summer, August 7, 2017

Transition Radio Show with Ken D Foster and Paula Shaw

Today we discuss the transitions of Summer, including empty nest syndrome and preparing for Fall.

Guest, Frederick Hinton

Guest Occupation: 
Army veteran; now an Eligibility Specialist at Craig Hospital in Colorado

Guest, Elaine Lopez-Bogard

Guest Occupation: 
Modern Day Medicine Woman and Soul MidWife

Guest, Kent Heckenlively

Guest Occupation: 
science teacher, attorney, editor, author

Guest, Liz Anderson

Guest Occupation: 
Market Partner, Monat Global, Cancer Survivor


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