Guest, Dr Angela Wilson

Guest Occupation: 
holistic mental health educator

Guest Name, Angela K. Pearson

Angela K. Pearson
Angela K. Pearson

Angela K. Pearson is passionate about her family. She is a devoted mother of three and enjoys helping her children discover their talents, whether that be wrestling, music, martial arts, a business goal or themselves. She considers her children to be her biggest accomplishment. Aside from their health and happiness, she makes it a priority that they understand their basic human rights and encourages them to lead their lives with a moral compass.

After her eldest son experienced an adverse reaction to a vaccine, she adopted a conservative approach to the sources from which she receives information.

Angela has been a holistic enthusiast for 20 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science and Community Health. She believes earning her degree is a bonus in her life, but it’s not what defines her. She is strongly convinced that having a college education doesn’t make a person smarter than a person without one and that education stems from being open to factual information that isn’t indoctrinated or one-sided.

Being informed on vaccine ingredients and their direct effects, she opted out of the CDC’s vaccine scheduled program. Her daughter and youngest son never received any vaccinations, and are perfectly healthy. Unfortunately, her eldest son was diagnosed with systemic lupus, the same autoimmune disease Angela’s father had.

She advocates for informed consent regardless of where you stand on the matter and is confident that vaccines are not a one-size fits all. Given her history, she believes that every child should have their family history carefully examined along with the vaccine doses and ingredients before performing this type of medical procedure.

Angela is a lifestyle mentor and entrepreneur. I Am Not Contagious highlights not only her experience as a mother, her son’s perspective, but also provides a systematic analysis of human behavior and how it relates to society and the lack of education on this topic.

Guest, Francis Parnell

Guest Occupation: 
CEO of Parnell Pharmaceuticals

Guest, Dr Charlie Ware

Guest Occupation: 
Dr. Charlie Ware is the founder and chief formulator for Healing Blends Global, an all-natural herbal supplement company, and the creator of EvenFlo, the first supplement of its kind; proven 97% effective in double-blind studies to help individuals with t

Guest Name, Courtney Marchesani

Author Coach
Courtney Marchesani
Author Coach

Pennsylvania born Courtney Marchesani is an author, health coach, yoga teacher, and a passionate advocate of sustainability. Ms. Marchesani received her B.A. at the University of Montana in 1999 and began her successful career working in mental health services. While working as a social worker and lobbying for homeless programs in Washington State, a dramatic turning point in Courtney's life came after preventing a fire in a Capitol Hill, Seattle brownstone in 2002. She had sensed the fire before it happened.

After the experience, she began a relentless search of understanding the power of intuition. She shifted her personal and professional focus by researching and expanding on the works of pioneers Russell Targ (Stanford Research Institute), medical intuitive Carolyn Myss, and the teachings of lucid dreaming.

Courtney never strays from the intuitive pursuits that continue to shape the focus of her studies, writings, or her professional career. Courses and seminars focusing on holistic medicine for wellness, healing, and personal empowerment are offered through Ms. Marchesani's projects guided by her platform, Inspired Potentials. Courtney Marchesani shared her transformational story in her first book, "The Energetic Psychopath" which explains the tumultuous and vindicating journey that unlocked her powerful and innate gift, intuition. By following her intuitive abilities, through trial and error, and prophetic dreams she detailed her search for understanding.

Basing her work on experts like Gavin de Becker, Howard Gardner, Linda Kohanov, and emotional intelligence pioneer Daniel Goleman, she authentically speaks about her own transformational breakthrough into heightened sensory awareness. From her research and experiential approach, she designed the multiple intelligence theory of sensory intelligence.

She was named the 2017 Writer’s Workshop Award Winner for her book, “Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive”. Courtney spends her time between Alaska, Montana, Pennsylvania and her proudest achievements continue to be children Bailey, Luca, Jacob, and Maia.

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