Guest, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn

Guest Occupation: 
Physician, best selling author, lecturer

Detoxifying the Body, Mind & Spirit, October 7, 2017

Zeta Global Radio with Lainie Sevante Wulkan

Reading the nationa headlines, looking through FB posts can all affect the level of toxicity in the body.  Coupled with poor eating habits and emotional trauma, the body takes its toll. Learn how to detoxify all elements and get back on the road to health and wellness.

Guest, John A Horton MD

Guest Occupation: 
Doctor of Internal and Family Medicine, Author

Guest, Dr John Huber

Guest Occupation: 
Clinical Forensic Psychologist, Chairman of Mainstream Mental Health, University Professor

Guest, Lucille Lopez Trice

Guest Occupation: 
Licensed Nurse and Massage Therapist

Guest, Nicki Williams

Guest Occupation: 
Hormone Expert


Guest Occupation: 
Divine, Divine Insight, Ego, energetics, Heal, Healing, Healing Your Whole Self, Insight, KKNW, Linda Martin, Nick and Linda Martin, Nick Martin, Psychic, Psychic Medium, Spirituality, Wisdom

Guest, Laura Schiff Jack

Guest Occupation: 
Author, Counselor, Life Coach

Guest Name, Laura Jack, Grief Recovery Specialist

Grief Recovery Specialist and author of #1 Best Seller, The Compassion Code
Laura Jack, Grief Recovery Specialist
Author, Speaker, Coach - Grief Recovery Specialist and author of #1 Best Seller, The Compassion Code

Laura Jack, author of #1 International Best Seller, The Compassion Code: How to say the right thing when the wrong thing happens, teaches compassionate communication and how we can relate to one another more effectively during the challenging moments in life. Using practices of self-care and self-love, she helps people rediscover their light after loss. Laura’s mission is to cultivate a culture of compassion, starting with self, and to create a better understanding of loss and its accompanying grief.

Guest, Alex Hermosillo

Guest Occupation: 
authore, spiritual teacher, healer


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