Guest Name, Janice Dolnick, RN, BSN, Legal Nurse

Janice Dolnick, RN, BSN, Legal Nurse
Janice Dolnick, RN, BSN, Legal Nurse
Registered Nurse, Legal Nurse Consultant

National Nurse Consulting was launched in 2009 by Janice Dolnick in Chicago, Illinois. Prior to opening her business, Janice gained tremendous experience working as a travel nurse throughout the United States as well as in Haiti. After spending a majority of her career in a variety of geographical locations and medical settings, she decided to lend her experience in nursing to the legal community.

Janice's experience includes critical care nursing, emergency room nursing, home health, hospice, neonatal, pediatric, and geriatric care. This broad nursing background allows her to provide the legal community with experienced-based medical record review, analysis, and reporting that is not only extremely thorough but also quite affordable. Janice's 14 years of experience in the medical profession, along with her broad range of knowledge in medicine, makes her one of Southern California's leading experts in medical record review and consulting. 

After watching many nurses fail at launching and growing a Home Based LNC business, Janice developed an online course that trains Registered Nurses to become successful business consultants and take their life back!

Guest, Dr Joe Esposito

Guest Occupation: 
Chiropractor, Nutrition Expert

Natural Solutions Radio, March 18, 2017

Natural Solutions Radio with Sir Eliezer Ben-Joseph, banner

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz is the world’s most prolific, best credential, and most controversial drug industry whistleblower.

Guest, Dr Carlos Garcia

Guest Occupation: 
Medical Director, Utopia Wellness

Guest Name, Leonard Perlmutter

Leonard Perlmutter, author of The Heart and Science of Yoga: From The American Meditation Institute
Leonard Perlmutter
one of the Western world’s leading pioneers in the introduction of meditation

Leonard Perlmutter is the founder and director of The American Meditation Institute in Averill Park, New York.

Leonard also serves as the author and editor of “Transformation,” the Journal of Meditation as Mind/Body Medicine.

Over the past thirty-nine years, Leonard has served on the faculties of the New England Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts and the International Himalayan Yoga Teachers Association in Calgary, Canada. He has studied in Rishikesh, India and is a direct disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayas––the man who, in laboratory conditions at the Menninger Institute, demonstrated that blood pressure, heart rate and the autonomic nervous system can be voluntarily controlled. These research demonstrations have been one of the major cornerstones of the mind/body movement.

Mr. Perlmutter has presented informative workshops on the benefits of meditation and Yoga Science at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, The Albany Medical College, The New York Times forum on Yoga Science, the Commonwealth Club of California, the University of Wisconsin School of Nursing, the Washington University Medical School, the University of Colorado Medical School and the West Point Association of Graduates.

Since 2009, Leonard’s Heart and Science of Yoga® empowering self-care program has been certified for continuing medical education credits by the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association for continuing medical education credit.

In 2014, Leonard’s 5 1/2 hour online video course, Comprehensive Meditation and Easy-Gentle Yoga, was released. It contains the core Heart and Science of Yoga® curriculum. Leonard lives and teaches in Averill Park, New York.


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