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The Bev Moore Show with guest Camille Schrier, Miss America 2020

Chiropractor, Enzyme Expert, Microbiome Health Expert, and Author

Life Changes Show with Filippo Voltaggio and cohost Mark Laisure, with Executive Producer Dorothy

Guests, Sound Healer, and Creator of Quantum Harmonix, Torkom Ji and, Chiropractor, Enzyme Expert, Author, Dr. Ellen Cutler Ep 745

Featuring Performance Guest, Sound Healer, Meditation Guide, and Creator of Quantum Harmonix, Torkom Ji; and Interview Guest, Chiropractor, Enzyme Expert, Microbiome Health Expert, and Author, Dr. Ellen Cutler on The LIFE CHANGES Show Episode 745, Titled, “Clearing the Way to Health and Wellness”

Podiatrist, Attorney, Healthcare Advocate, Illinois Congressional Candidate & LEAP Advisory Board Member.

The Chuck & Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden

With Guests, Weston Imer and Dr. Jack Schaefer

The Establishment RINOs are panicking and adding to their list of attacks… a personal attack on young GOP grassroots rising star Wes Imer.  He joins the show to explain and respond.  Plus one of our sponsors, Dr. Jack Schaefer from Mountain West Wellness.

Breaking The Silence with Dr Gregory Williams

Guests, Gabrial "Gabe" Erickson, Gavin Erickson, suicide levels, military and civil life adaptation, struggles and ways forward

Dare To Dream with Debbi Dachinger

Guest, Dr. Sharon Martin, Maximum Medicine, physician & shamanic healer bridging the mystical and scientific for healing.

Shamanic Healer and Physician

All Roads Lead 65 Max Radio with Pamela Lynnette Henderson

Guest, Dr. Greg Hammer, Pediatric Intensive Care MD, Stanford Univ Professor, author “Gain Without Pain”, paying big attention to the challenge of Burnout