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The Getting Real With Hilary Show, January 16, 2024

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The Getting Real With Hilary Show
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Able to Reverse Disease with Celebrity Naturopath, Dr. Randi Shannon

The Getting Real with Hilary Show with Hilary Burns

Title: Able to Reverse Disease with Celebrity Naturopath, Dr. Randi Shannon

Want to learn how to return to natural medicine that is healthy and can cure disease? Want to learn about how medicine took a different turn in the early 1900's. This fascinating conversation traces that here history of medicine, how to get and stay healthy, why not to dye your hair, and other incredible topics.

Dr. Randi covers a far-reaching number of topics including her new Best Selling Children's book, Tongue Tales.

Dr. Randi can be reached at 844-275-1056 or on her website:

Please contact her if you want additional information.


Meet Dr. Randi Shannon, the driving force behind With over two decades of passion for natural healing, she's become a trusted leader in holistic well-being. Dr. Shannon's work blends ancient wisdom with modern expertise, empowering individuals to reverse the 1000+ so-called incurable health diseases and embrace true lasting wellness.

She's also a best-selling author of 'Tongue Tales, A Delightful Adventure Into Animal Tongues' a beloved children's book which ultimately ends with your child looking at their own tongue.

As a Keynote Speaker at the Trinity Health Freedom Expo in Chicago just this past October, former Fox Affiliate Talk Show Host, and featured guest on prominent platforms like the Sean Hannity Radio Show, Mike Lindell TV w/host Pete Santilli, The Charlie Ward Show, and The Power Hour, Naturopathic Doctor Randi Shannon brings her expertise to enlighten and empower audiences.

The Getting Real With Hilary Show

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The Getting Real with Hilary Show is a weekly show where ordinary heroes tell their extraordinary stories of how they have triumphed over unexpected challenges. The show is fun, entertaining, and inspires audiences to get real, get connected, and create a life they love.

Our mission is to inspire greatness in our audience, so they can free themselves from the mundane and live the life they are meant to live.

How We Do This:

We bring together powerful guests who have overcome unexpected challenges and triumphed over them. Guests share their powerful stories of transformation and empower our audience to do the same.

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