Its a Crazy World, June 22, 2017

It's a Crazy World with Cynthia McIntosh

Its a Crazy World with Cynthia McIntosh and guest Maria Genesis-Brodskaya recorded 1-27-17

Wish Upon A Star, June 21, 2017

Wish Upon A Star with Anndell Banks

Wish Upon A Star with Anndell Banks

Guest, Willie Fields, Music Composer of CD titled "Garrell"

Guest, Robert David Steele

Guest Occupation: 
Writer, Speaker, Expert on Open Source Everything, Political Activist

Guest, Natalie Ledwell

Guest Occupation: 
Entrepreneur, Author, Show Host

Guest Name, Mary Shores

Mary Shores
Mary Shores
CEO, author, speaker, motivational powerhouse

Mary Shores is the founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar business, one of the most unique collection agencies in the country. Recognized as a leader of innovative thought, Mary has spent over a decade teaching businesses and individuals how to inspire others, create new ways of thinking, identify and achieve their goals, and take action to create truly meaningful results. She is the revolutionary founder of the groundbreaking Conscious Communications system, which produces positive results through positive action. Mary travels across the nation giving lectures and teaching courses, and has been featured on local and national radio and television shows, podcasts, and blogs.

Guest Name, Tink Serval

Tinkiology & the playvolution,
Tink Serval
TV host, life coach, entertainer
Tink Serval, is a Life coach and performer.She is  the creator of : Tinkiology &  the playvolution, and the peace makers project. Bringing laughter and lightness of being wherever she goes.

Tink started her journey as a professional dancer, model, ballet teacher, personal trainer and choreographer.  She studied and performed in Europe, USA and Mexico.  While living in London, UK,  Tink won a scholarship to the Mime Centre,  for all performing arts,  by Adam Darious., majoring in improv, expressive mime, Comedia del Arte,​ choreography, stage and costume design and hair & make up.

Since then she has danced, choreographed and trained others for stage and television, world wide.  Despite the success she chose to keep her projects ​ close to home allowing her the joy of raising her daughter,  to study and... smell the roses.

She is a bi- lingual; French and English.  Living and working in  countless countries, an adventure that keeps her mind open to all cultures, and other ways of thinking, She is now fluent in Spanish and Dutch. (and getting by a few more.. coz its fun)

Alongside her performing career, Tink followed her life's long burning passion for "the meaning of life" vowing to become a "cosmic Sherlock Holmes”.

She  studied Body & Energy ​Work, Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Craniosacral, meditation, Life Coaching, Mysticism and Theoretical Quantum Physics.

Tink is truly a passionate uplifter, teacher, and performer, using her skills and intuition to coach and treat wherever she happens to be, offering online guidance sessions as well. Her one on one, and workshops are  unique, as she sees everyone as already whole. She combines her highly professional skills with a laid back atmosphere, allowing you to feel totally safe and un-judged, resulting in an accelerated expansion in consciousness  and alignment with your Source, hence, her aim is accomplished; Tink:  “My goal is that one session be sufficed, creating such a strong knowingness of your true I Am,  and a juicy sense of joy,  giving you easy and fun tools to continue getting your guidance straight from your Source. Kind of an anti-Christ of business, I believe that the more people on the plane twill choose to master the art of “inner peace”  and practice it daily , it will change the world.”

Her  You tube channel:  Tinkiology,  features Tink's spontaneous  way of interviewing, presenting the art and culture of Puerto Morelos, Mexico where she lives most of the time.

Tink on a mission: The channel is now dedicated to: Tinkiology & The Peace Makers - World Tour,  to inspire and teach others; how to live from true inner peace, through (free) workshops, and interviews with inspirational Peace-makers.

Here is the first video, featuring Sandra Dayton, a Peace Maker in Puerto Morelos: 

Appreciating your visit,likes and subscription to the channel. STAY TUNED, FOR MORE & JOIN IN TH US BEING THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE.

Guest Name, Lillian Cauldwell

Lillian Cauldwell
Lillian Cauldwell

Ms. Lillian S. Cauldwell has interviewed numerous bestselling fiction and nonfiction authors on the national acclaimed phone group tour, PBP Playback Producers. She has also been a Media Adviser at The National Publicity Summit in New York City (Steve Harrison). In former years, Ms. Cauldwell participated in the International Miami Book Festival and interviewed selected authors in person and by telephone. Lillian Cauldwell is known in the Media Industry as ‘Passionate’ and ‘Getting Things done!’

Ms. Cauldwell Ghost-writes blogs for top business executives including inter-active e-books from articles, blogs, commentaries, letters-to-the-editors, and vlogs for top business executives and authors. She helps business individuals master the techniques of presentation and interpersonal skills.

Clients engaged Ms. Cauldwell for her honesty, integrity, passion, getting things done, 25 years of research skills, 10 years of audio streaming and interviewing, versatility, communication and interpersonal skills.


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