Guest Name, Aron Cranenburgh

Aron Cranenburgh
Aron Cranenburgh
Independent Consultant

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Guest Name, Thomas Nerbas

Everything is energy, anything is possible - Dr. Thomas Nerbas
Thomas Nerbas
Founder Of Remote Transmissions

"The way to experience permanent continuous transformation requires looking somewhere else and choosing a different path, choosing a different experience that in and of itself changes you, it permanently transforms you." 

Unblock and transform limitations and dysfunctional experiences,  achieving; ultimate autonomy, success, abundance, robust health and vitality. Direct experience allows permanent transformation. I am inviting you to take a transformative journey with me.

Remote Transmissions was born on Tuesday May 21, 2019 when I reached out to my friend David, located about 2,750 kilometres away, who at the time was experiencing a head cold. After 30 minutes of meditating with Remote Transmissions, David responded with left side congestion and blocked up areas opening and remained open 100% Then on Wednesday May 22, 2019; a second follow-up Remote Transmissions meditation resulted with right side congestion and blocked up areas opening and remained open 100%

Since this time I have been employing Remote Transmissions for those interested in unblocking and transforming limitations and dysfunctional experiences, achieving; ultimate autonomy, success, abundance, robust health and vitality. 

May the blessings be, Thomas Nerbas

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