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Guest Name, Etienne Bognar

Zen Friend app by Etienne Bognar
Etienne Bognar

I was Born and raised in Spain ( from o – 14 year old ) , went to High School and University in France and then  worked and studied  in  several  countries ( the Netherlands, UK , Spain, the US and France).

I have a long experience working in international business  positions, working for big international organizations as well as running my own international consultancy since 2007.

Why ZenFriend?

Running a business, raising a family all that together with life’s ups and downs has brought a lot of stress in my daily life as well as major sleep disorders

causing a lot of irritation and harm around me.

I started to look for a way to get  out of all this suffering and pain.

In 2014 I attended a meditation retreat and I instantly saw the benefits of it being calmer (not calm just calmer) and having good resting sleep. The fruits of the retreat were huge and they kept going while I was still meditating, but after a few months without any reason (apart form lack of discipline) I was practicing less and less and the negativity and stress came back to haunt me again. That’s how came-up the idea of a tool that could help meditators ( beginners and experienced ones) with their daily practice.

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