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The Sports Doctor, August 1, 2018

Dr. Robert Weil DPM

Dr. Denise McDermott, Adult & Child Psychiatrist, Podcast Host, Author & contributor to my book #HeySportsParents returns along with Kate Nematollahi, Director Education Programs at National Alliance for Youth Sports. Then, it’s 'The Sports Doctors In' & your emails!

The Sports Doctor, July 25, 2018

Dr. Robert Weil DPM

Mike Curry, ACE certified personal trainer & Co-developer of Strongboard Balance Boards joins me along with Dr. Michael Pound, chiropractic physician & host of podcast Heal Better Fast. Then, it’s 'The Sports Doctors In' & your emails!

Dont Panic Its Organic, July 21, 2018

Dances with Ants - Natural and Organic Ant Control

Natural Ant Control - Part 2 - The Ants are Coming, The Ants are Coming! Never Mind they are here! There are many things the summer drought and heat bring to your yard and ants are one of them! Typically, ants are severe enough to control outside. Take away their source water and the ants will do whatever it takes to get the water they need.

The Sports Doctor, July 18, 2018

Dr. Robert Weil DPM

Trent Nessler, Dr. of Physical Therapy & National Director of Sports Innovation Select Medical joins me along with Donna Fatigato, Holistic nutrition coach, fitness instructor & author Q2, A Healthy Recipe for a Balanced Life. Then it’s 'The Sports Doctors In' & your emails!

Jail Parole Probation Survival, July 15, 2018

Jail Parole Probation Survival with G Blackwhale Harris

Jail Parole Probation Survival with G Blackwhale Harris

Topics: The Perils of jail, the American fabric, consequences of devious behavior, tattoos and meaning, pedophiles in jail, etc..

Guest Name, Diane Goldner

Diane Goldner Healer and Medical Intuitive
Diane Goldner
Healer and Medican Intuitive

DIANE GOLDNER is an internationally known healer. She helps people facing physical, emotional and spiritual challenges involving illness, injury and infertility, and life issues involving money, relationships, boundaries, self-esteem and personal transformation. She works with adults, children and infants in Los Angeles and New York, and does long distance healing with people around the country and internationally. She also teaches healing and energy skills in workshops and webinars. A cum laude graduate of A cum laude graduate of Barnard College and a former journalist, Diane is also the author of How People Heal (published in hardcover as Infinite Grace: Where the Worlds of Science and Spiritual) and Yes, You Can Heal: The Secret to Transforming Illness and Creating a Radiant Life, the culmination of twenty years of experience as a healer. She is a recommended resource in Christine Northrup, M.D.’s New York Times bestseller, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. Diane has discussed healing on dozens of radio and television programs including CNN and Hay House Radio, and has given talks at Canyon Ranch, the University of Arizona Medical School, Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, and at healing centers and bookstores. She was the Healer in Residence at the Cornelia Spa in New York City during its Guest Expert Program. As a former journalist, Diane has written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, American Health, and many other publications. She served as senior editor at Fame and as a contributing editor at Variety and at USA Weekend. She has written about healing for, and other publications.

Temple of Health Radio Show, July 14, 2018

Temple of Health Radio Show with Dr. Susan E. Kolb

Temple of Health Radio Show with Dr Susan Kolb and guests Linda Star Wolf and Nita Gage

Topic: Whispering: the Art of Awakening Shamanic Consciousness

Personal Planetary Healing Meditation, July 15, 2018

Personal Planetary Healing Meditation with Wynn Free

Personal Planetary Healing Meditation with Wynn Free

Spirituality, Group Consciousness, group meditation, Dimensional Sources, Intelligences, Group Healing, Grid Healing, Intelligent Infinity, Creators, Healing, Meditation, Planetary Healing, Personal Meditation, Healing the Grid, Energy Grids, Ley Lines, Earth Energy, Energy Healing


Guest Occupation: 
Business Coach for Public Speakers, Public Speaker, Networking Expert, and Bestselling Author


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