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Guest, Cherise Matthews

Guest Occupation: 
Fitness & Conditioning trainer, Sports Mom & Elite Pro 8 distributer with LifeVantage

Guest Name, Mark Hernandez

Intuitive Energy Healer and Coach for Pets and Pet Parents
Mark Hernandez
Intuitive Energy Healer and Coach

Mark Hernandez is the owner and founder of People and Pets Energetics.  He is an intuitive energy healer and coach that helps pets and pet parents with their health and well-being so that they both are happier and healthier naturally.  He uses non-invasive energy-medicine modalities and tools to help his clients experience change in a gentle and safe fashion.   At times they experience changes immediately, and in other instances, over time.  Mark is certified in The Emotion Code, The Body Code and Advanced ASHWork.   He has talked about and demonstrated his work at The San Antonio Microsoft Store and at events such as The Body Mind Spirit Expo, The San Antonio Wholistic Festival, and numerous holistic fairs in Greater Chicago and the Midwest.  He also has been the guest on online radio shows, podcasts, and local Chicago TV, in which he discusses his work as an intuitive energy healer and does mini-readings with live callers. 

In May 2019, he launched the People and Pets Show, a weekly online radio show where he interviews leading figures in energy medicine / energy healings for people, animals and places.  Day by day people are choosing to assume a greater role in their own health and well-being.  Mark's work helps people experience more health, happiness, joy and freedom in their everyday lives.

RADIO TONI, March 3, 2021

Radio Toni with Toni Lontis

RADIO TONI with Toni Lontis

Guest, Lorie Gurnett

Talking Points Radio Toni – Every Day Business with Lori Gurnett

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Healing Energy for Everyone, March 3, 2021

Healing Energy for Everyone with Vivien Schapera and Toni Lontis

Healing Energy for Everyone with Vivien Schapera

Talking Points Radio Toni – Healing Energy for Everyone

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Reclaiming Authenticity, March 5, 2021

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

The Ancient Wisdom and Spirit of Mountains


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