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Discussing four newsletters from over the last two weeks:

Tony Alamo

Adam and Eve knew that they had sinned and when people are sinners they don't want to be around anybody that's holy. They don't want to communicate with God and they don't want to communicate with any of God's people.

Moga - Mercies of God Association with Dr. Peter Nortier

The Heart of Christ vs The Heart of Man

Revival Time - North Valley Baptist Church Live with Dr Jack Trieber

Episode from 5-23-2024

One Voice with Dr. Pastor Larry Montgomery

The God Breathed Word

Prophecy In The Spotlight with Dan Goodwin

Title:  Introducing Prophecy in the Spotlight

Description: Prophecy in the Spotlight is  the place to be if you want good old fashioned Bible Prophecy!

The Sports Doctor with Dr. Robert Weil

Guests, Sheila Thelen and Dr. Sarah Michaud

Dr. Stacy Raymond and Bonnie Rumilly, LCSW-EMT, Clinical Psychologist and LCSW EMT and Podcast Hosts