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Author, and advocate for a more powerful life and spiritual awakening.

Guest Name, Robert G Dean

Robert G Dean
Robert G Dean
Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Dr. Robert Dean is the senior Trustee and Executive Director of New Life Clinics Charitable Trust which provides free to low cost hypnotherapy to the public, world wide. He is of retirement age, but will not retire because he is in excellent physical and mental health and loves to help people be healthier and happier with safe, correct, use of clinical and online hypnotherapy. He has been married for 35 years, has two sons, plus a step son and step daughter all of which have sired 14 gand children collectively. He lives in Kingman, Arizona where he practices clinical hypnotherapy in his private office and directs the charitable trust. The trust has fed thousands of hungry children, purchased several wheelchairs for many who were born without legs and has supported the Marine Corps League to provide college scholarship funding for children of fallen Marines. Dr. Dean served honorably in the United States Marine Corps from 1960 to 1964. However, being true to the Corps, he strongly supports the common belief that all former Marienes stand by the motto "Once a Marine always a Marine". Two of Dr. Dean's children also served honorably in the United States Marine Corps.  Dr. Dean holds a Ph.D in Clinical Hypnotherpay and has been in professinal practice for 30 years. He has hypnotized hundreds of veterans for their self-improement.  Dr. Dean is also endorsed and/or has references via 80 major organizations ranging from the California Highway Patrol, to the Chicago Teacers Union, alos the New York and California Nurses Association, dozens of Police Departments such as the Police and Sheriff's Deparatments of the City and Counthy of San Francisco and numerous coporations ranging from Yellow Cab, Lego (the toy company) and the company that builds America's Nuclear Submarines, Electric Boat. His lists of references and endorsements for the services he has provided to the employees and members of cities, counties, government agencies, major corporations and organizations is quite extensive and documented on website.  Dr. Bob's hobbies include tinkering with high end audio equipemtn (listening to music) and enjoying movies in his home theater. he is a licensed, fixed wing aircraft pilot, motorcyclist and sportscar enthusiast.

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