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Dare To Dream with Debbi Dachinger

Guests, Shaman Durek, 6th generation shaman, author. Ancient wisdom today. A visionary for the ‘Now Age,’ putting the power back into our hands, so we can live consciously, authentically, and in alignment.


Arcturian Starseed ambassador, René, a.k.a. ARCTURUS RA, Arcturian Scientist, Starfleet Commander

The Power of Synergy with Gabrielle Cardona

Sponsored in part by UFLOW Fitness,

The Bev Moore Show with guest Alice Min Soo Chun, Founder and CEO of Solight Design, inventor of the SolarPuff

Sound Healing with David Gibson

A review of the book, Sound Relationships by David Gibson

Logical Thinking with Paul Biener

ABC Health Info and Health Talk

President and founder of PRRI and a leading scholar and a New York Times bestselling author.