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Planetary Makeover Show with David Mynott II

Aquarian Plan For a New Civilization By Heartfelt Sharing of Global Resources

David Mynott II interviews Betsy Whitfill, a long-time student of the ageless wisdom teachings, blogger, and correspondent of Share International Magazine. They discuss the spiritual plan for all of humanity, including sharing the world’s resources with everyone.

Debbie Solaris is a Galactic Historian, ET Contactee, Akashic Records Star Guide, and Starseed Intuitive.

In this episode, Bonnie and David interview Sara Beckert, National Fire Academy Instructor and founder of First Response Health and Wellness.

Firefighters and other responders are constantly at risk for long term injury, and they suffer a higher rate of workplace injury than most US workers. First Response Health and Wellness offers a range of health and wellness programs suited for all first responders with a specific focus on firefighters.

True Voice with Dr Fred

Guest, Dr Amy Robbins, spiritual transformational experiences, Life, Death, Consciousness & What it All Means

Dr. Robbins is the Director of Mental Health and BIÂN (Be-on) and a Clinical Psychologist in private practice for almost 20 years.  Dr. Robbins, has experience in both traditional and energy psychotherapy and spiritual intuition. She encourages people to awaken to and live their essence, using the wisdom of death in an unexpectedly positive way.  

Voices of Courage with Ken D Foster

EP 224 - The Courage to Change Your Destiny with Peggy McColl

International Speaker, Bestselling Author, CEO and Retreat Centre Host

Out of This World with Ted Mahr

Guest, Derek Condit, Shungite and the Bees, German translation by Ishma