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The Balanced Millionaire, October 9, 2019

Luke Peters
The Balanced Millionaire with Eileen Mendel

The Balanced Millionaire with Eileen Mendel

Guest, Luke Peters

Self-made entrepreneur. Founder of five companies. Skilled at taking a product from concept to high-volume sales at Home Depot, Lowes, Wayfair, Walmart, and Amazon

WAMJ DB Radio, October 9, 2019

ABLS Event
WAMJ DB Radio with Janice C Miller

WAMJ DB Radio with Janice C Miller

Guest, Dr. Gayle Young and Laketa M. Smith

Faith Connection, October 9, 2019

Faith Connection with Dr David Miller

Faith Connection with Dr David Miller

Guests, Ralph Sanchez, MTCM, CNS, D.Hom., author, integrative health practitioner, that practices functional medicine, combat Alzheimer, and understands the Diabetic Brain and Rocky Cabagnot, public charity attorney in Charlotte, NC, that discusses the law and non profits

Dr Ginas Radio Chat, October 9, 2019

Dr Ginas Radio Chat with Dr Gina

Dr Ginas Radio Chat with Gina R Prince

Guests, TRICIA DEBOER, comedian Gina G and financial consultant Jeff Hill

Guest, June Kittay

Guest Occupation: 
Fitness Expert, Entertainer, Author & Keynote Speaker

Guest, Mike Niklos

Guest Occupation: 
Head Strength & Performance Coach

Guest Name, Dr Gayle Young

Dr Gayle Young
Dr Gayle Young
Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Health Strategist

Hi, I am Gayle Young, NMP, QRA, JD, a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, and Health Strategist. I am the creator and owner of Laughter in Your Belly Wellness in Baton Rouge, LA. Laughter in Your Belly is a teaching healing and health teaching ministry, as well as a holistic clinical practice. My entire focus is on assisting my clients in healing and healing strong. The goal is always a rapid shift to health. I am serious about healing; that is why I walk in healing and live a life submitted to making my actions lineup with what heals the body, soul, and mind.

As a holistic health THRIVER who has overcome a brain tumor, lupus, fibromyalgia, liver and heart failure, Hashimotos thyroid disease, depression, undiagnosed celiac disease and being bedridden for 3 years, and have been on 22 medications, working with 15 doctors and never being able to heal, I turned to nature and God and I am here today as a living testimony that a healed, holistic lifestyle is the cure for all diseases and discomforts.

What changed for me was prayer and learning to understand God’s will for her life and my health.  I chose not to return full-time to law, but to further my studies in nutrition and wellness. I am a certified wellness practitioner in several holistic modalities of healing: food, nutrition, nutritional healing, detoxification, cleansing, emotional repolarization, and several forms of testing to determine imbalances in the body, both physical and emotional. Daily, I use my failures, illnesses, and gifts to help others overcome their dis-eases. 

I am also the Baton Rouge Group Leader for the national non-profit “HealingStrong.” HealingStrong supports independently run community groups that are empowered by HealingStrong curriculum and support. Our mission is to connect, support, and educate individuals facing cancer and other diseases with holistic, evidence-based non-toxic therapies.  

In my own HealingStrong group and wellness practice, I share that CANCER is not a disease; but rather a healing mechanism calling us to cherish life and nurture ourselves back to health. And, that we do not have diseases, but rather, dis-eases. I see diseases causing havoc in other lives because of lack of love, laughter, a sense of purpose, a vision, and a well-defined life mission; anchored by unforgiveness, emotional baggage, reluctance, fear of changing, attachments to unhealthy foods, and complacency.  

Guest Name, James and Steph Purpura

James and Steph Purpura
James and Steph Purpura
Author Coach Speaker

James and Steph’s journey of transformation is nothing short of extraordinary. Before they met 15 years ago, both of their lives had hit rock bottom. They were both financially, emotionally, and spiritually bankrupt. Life had beaten them down and shattered their self-esteem. At the lowest point in their lives, they met and were united by a shared vision of creating and becoming more. They started the only place they could by working on themselves and helping each other grow. They challenged each other every step of the way, and never settled. Shortly after meeting, Steph wrote James’ first resume and taught him how to send an email. This began James’ unlikely career in technology. Around this time, they also started a family.

Fast forward fifteen years, after many ups and downs and a lot of hard work, Steph and James recently sold their tech company, one of the world’s largest construction software companies. They now have five beautiful children and live an extraordinary life. Through this journey of selfcreation, they developed a personal philosophy centered around perception. They believe perception, more than any other factor, will determine how someone’s life will turn out. James and Steph started Powerful U as their way to give back to the world.

Their mission is to provide a roadmap for people to master their perceptions and their emotions to become the conscious creators of their lives. According to James and Steph, “Everything you see and experience is determined by your perception, and your emotions give your life the only meaning it has.”

James and Steph Purpura are seekers who find the state of humanity inadequate. They believe the unrealized potential of the individual is both the source and solution to this problem. Their goal is to inspire fellow seekers to tap into their unlimited potential, through a personalized combination of philosophy, science, technology, and community.


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