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Guest Name, Dr Gary Sayler

Dr Gary Salyer
Dr Gary Sayler

Dr. Gary D. Sayler, Ph.D 


After Dr. Gary Salyer’s first divorce, he vowed that his next marriage would be different. So when his second marriage crumbled almost a decade later for nearly the same reasons he was devastated. He felt like an utter, complete failure. 

But rather than give in, he was determined to find another way. He committed to not being that guy who bounced from marriage to marriage, never really learning anything. So he dedicated himself to doing the deep research about all things love. He read, researched, furthered his education in the field, talked to experts and to people he loved. Most of all he did the deep transformation work that unlocked his heart and released his soul to love as he had always imagined. 

Love — and how to make it lasting – became his life’s highest calling—not just for himself, but others. In so doing, he has developed a powerful and effective methodology to make it “Safe to Love Again” for those who may have even given up hope. 

Based on a field of study called Attachment Theory, the science of intimate relationships, Dr. Sayler’s insights have a profound and often times immediate impact. As a transformational relationship mentor, he helps people re-write the rules for love in their brains. He empowers singles to reclaim their rights for a full soulmate relationship. With couples, he helps resolve their conflicts and differences so they can have the love they dream about. 

Because of his innovative new approach that rewires brains for secure love, singles and couples experience deep, lasting shifts that happen in easy, natural ways. Some therapists are saying his new approach will ‘change the way therapists do therapy.’ 

The author of Safe to Love Again: How to Release the Pain of Past Relationships and Create the Love You Deserve, Dr. Salyer also offers experiential, interactive programs through his Safe to Love Again™ Workshop, and Extraordinary Couples™ and Extraordinary Singles™ Retreats. He is also a highly sought after guest on various podcasts, TV and radio shows such as The Aware Show on Hay House Radio and Coast to Coast AM.

Guest Name, Anne Marie Cummings

Anne Marie Cummings
Anne Marie Cummings

Anne Marie graduated from Carleton University in 1987 with a double major in Psychology and Law and since graduation has had 4 successful and diverse careers in the past 30 years. 

Immediately after graduating she joined a technology firm and learned how to work with large corporations to assess their business challenges and provide software and hardware solutions to resolve those challenges. 

In 2000, after 13 years, she left the technology industry to follow her passion for interior design and she established and operated  her  decorating firm for several years and then transition it to qualified staff so she could expand her interior business into Real Estate Investing and started flipping houses.  Her interest was to make old houses new again and sell them at a profit to people who wanted a turn key home. 

As more and more of her friends were retiring she noticed that many were losing their identity and drifting into a sedate lifestyle. She was determined this would not be the direction she would take and was determined to make the final chapter of her life the best yet.  Anne Marie then decided to write a book about reinventing oneself in retirement and living your best life to share with her peers the art of the possible.

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