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Guest Name, Carey Azzara

Carey Azzara
Carey Azzara

Azzara is no stranger to twists and turns, overcoming life challenges on route to obtaining two graduate degrees and establishing a successful career spanning public health and market research—all while raising a family and rescuing a few dogs along the way. Weathering hardships as well as glorious times has provided inspiration. Azzara is the author of several novels, including: Kaitlin’s Mooring, The Lottery Curse, Halley’s Gift: And Eight Other Extraordinary Tales 1st and 2nd editions, and Uncommon Heroes and Cars. He has authored short stories published in Storyacious and the anthology Swallowed by the Beast and other publications. Azzara says he writes for the joy of sharing ideas and stories with others. Look for the first book in a series under the title Heidi's Hounds this Spring.

Guest Name, Susan Allan

Susan Allan
Susan Allan
Certified Mediator and Coach

Susan offers a one complimentary hour-long telephone session to discuss relationship for each of your listeners and she has already offered 10,000 free sessions in 19 years!

Does your audience need help right now so that they can navigate relationships more successfully? Do they want more peace and wish that they had a marriage coach or divorce coach who whispered in their ear? Do they need to save their money and their sanity or even their life in a difficult divorce? Do they feel hopeless about finding the best new partner for a fabulous relationship or marriage?

Susan Allan is a world-renowned life coach and relationship coach offering unique tools and skills and dating advice to create and transform marriages and all relationships. Since 1975 Susan has devoted her life to developing a unique system, Heartspace®, so that she can share skills that create greater peace, love, cooperation, joy and success in every relationship and environment. If you're looking for intimacy skills to create a new relationship or relationship advice to improve your partnership or a successful mediation for a peaceful no-court divorce An expert in various Western and Eastern methodologies Susan is a certified mediator of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, she is certified in the Herrmann Brain Dominance™ thinking styles used by 90% of Fortune™ Companies and she is an expert in Nonviolent Communication®, studying with founder, Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. Susan has also made 57 trips to India including attendance at The Oneness University and Susan is a meditation teacher for Sixth Star cruises. Now she trains and supports you to navigate relationships and find the lifelong love that you desire with her skills as a world renowned dating coach; marriage and divorce coach and certified mediator.

Susan’s has 3 EBooks on amazon that offer skills and tools for loving relationships and peaceful divorce and she has 200 video trainings on her youtube page; many from her bi-monthly appearances on Santa Barbara television and numerous news shows. Susan has been a guest on more than 100 radio shows from coast-to-coast and in Canada. 

Guest Name, Avilone Bailey

Founder of Emotional Relief Catalyst energy healing
Avilone Bailey
Founder, Emotional Relief Catalyst energy healing

From a young child, I could see that which others didn't, beginning with the energy fields around the trees and bushes at the age of six.  It wasn't easy being and feeling different from others, however, I developed a deeply personal relationship with my Inner Guidance which has guided me on a journey that is special and unique.

I've always had the calling to help others and as a nurse, I fulfilled that desire in a conventional way, earning a Master's Degree along the way.  But, I knew there was more to healing than just within a traditional pathway.

Parallel to my nursing career has been my metaphysical path where, for over 30 years, I was intimately drawn to and involved with energy healing.  Through the many experiences along my metaphysical journey, I have become adept at perceiving energy and using my unique gifts to help people. 

My in-depth exploration of working with and understanding how stored energy affects each person  has lead to my founding of the Emotional Relief Catalyst no-touch energy healing modality which is effective by phone or internet.

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