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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 13 May 2021

Awakening Matters with Cynthia Slon

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Awakening Matters with Cynthia Slon
Show Host:
Cynthia Slon

A spiritual dialogue that invites divine wisdom, joy and laughter. Engaging topics of our humanity from an infinite dimensional perspective. Tune into Awakening Matters letting your imagination drive your incarnation!

Cynthia feels greatly honored to be able to share her unique gifts in helping individuals gain greater understanding and assistance with their soul's evolution. With an open heart and deep gratitude, Cynthia knows that her divinely guided work is a part of the process of raising the collective consciousness vibration, striving to make planetary healing a reality.

BBS Station 1
Bi-Weekly Show (Even Week)
9:00 pm CT
9:55 pm CT

Talk Radio Show Program Information

Awakening Matters, June 5, 2024 All your physical presence knows is this very moment
Awakening Matters, May 8, 2024 You are Vibration, Energy and Frequency
Awakening Matters, April 10, 2024 You are frequency, and why it is important to contemplate this
Awakening Matters, March 27, 2024 Getting Older, the journey of aging, and the experiences it brings to awaken to higher levels
Awakening Matters, March 13, 2024 Love, presence of mind, soul and body to be at the center of your own consciousness, nothing you can't do.
Awakening Matters, January 31, 2024 Trauma and events out of our control. Dealing with fear! Everything is connected to what was, what is and what can be!
Awakening Matters, January 17, 2024 Your Awakening is dependent upon you, Awakening is very Important, What are you Awakening to
Awakening Matters, January 3, 2024 Forgiveness and Compassion in Life
Awakening Matters, January 2, 2024 Forgiveness and Compassion
Awakening Matters, December 7, 2023 Visiting different dimensions, participating in experiences, from a singular to a complete form of thinking
Awakening Matters, November 22, 2023 Communicate with others on the other side, find closure and completion, getting a new perspective, awakening matters
Awakening Matters, November 8, 2023 Feelings from a cellular expective, cell consciousness
Awakening Matters, October 25, 2023 Your Intuition, Your Inner Voice, Gut Feelings and your Soul Dialogue and Trusting what comes through.
Awakening Matters, September 27, 2023 Your Inner Voice and Your Truth. Your Inner Critic and Finding it for Yourself
Awakening Matters, September 13, 2023 Telepathic Intermedium, communicating with etheric energy in all forms
Awakening Matters, August 16, 2023 Take a collective Breath, Outcomes of Your Choice, Breath Intention In, Breath Chaos Out!
Awakening Matters, July 19, 2023 with Cynthia Slon
Awakening Matters, July 5, 2023 with Cynthia Slon
Awakening Matters, May 10, 2023 Abandonment, my perspective on the word, an emotional and mental word that may cause physical issues
Awakening Matters, April 13, 2023 Laughter and Healing, sharing some experiences
Cynthia Slon
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Author, speaker, telepathic intermediary, psychic medium, transchannel and Point of Light Teacher


Cynthia Slon is an author, speaker, telepathic intermediary, psychic medium, transchannel, healer and Point of Light teacher. Much of her work has evolved through study with her guides and Master teachers within the hall of records and inner dimensions. She communicates with Mother Nature and ancestral beings of all life forms and matter. Her work offers information including aura viewing and reconstruction, past life regression, channeling loved ones whom have passed, energetic sound healing, sacred geometry for cellular renewal, accessing the hall of records, communicating your soul contracts, restoring electromagnetic fields of consciousness, telepathic communication with the animal kingdom, sound waves, cellular form and space consciousness. Her gifts have had a profound effect on many people’s lives which has led to interviews on television as well as in print media. She is in the process of completion of two books to be released later this year. 

Cynthia offers phone consultations with clients all over the world, including a variety of workshops. She has been of assistance to individuals including Shirley MacLaine, Dennis Kucinich, Jerry Hall and many others.

Telepathic Intermediary

Cynthia offers information from the individuals guides, soul contracts, cellular dialogue, individual purpose for being, loved ones crossed over offering healing to all involved for resolution. In her work, she requests soul permission from each individual for a divine dialogue prior to their arrival in person or on the phone. Revealing a visual holographic view of consciousness. She aligns with the heart and soul of her clients translating information for the mind. Removes limitations and negative patterning, assisting her clients to thrive in returning to themselves. 

Cynthia feels honored to share her unique gifts to help individuals gain greater understanding and assistance within their soul’s evolution. With an open heart and gratitude, she knows her divinely guided work is part of the process of raising the collective consciousness, striving to make planetary healing a reality.