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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 18 May 2021

The Joyful Manifestation Show with Iyer

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Show Host:

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On The Joyful Manifestation Show with Iyer we talk about all things manifestation, covering topics and engaging our avid listening audience about the Joyful Manifestation process which includes:

a. Love, Sex, Soulmate Manifestation

b. Career, Profession, Business

c. Money

We will also be talking about manifestation, as it applies to:

a. Relationships

b. Happiness

c. Sex, sex energy

d. Present day meet up environments, night clubs

e. How to change our energy, change karma

f. Different lines of energy

g. Chakras, and what they do

h. Energy healing methods

i. How manifestation happens, is possible

Join me by calling into the show (888-627-6008) and let's manifest together!

Bi-Weekly Show (Odd Week)
Schedule Station
BBS Station 1
Schedule Broadcast Day
9:00 pm CT
9:55 pm CT
Cell Phone- (702) 798 0670 - Accepts Texts
Las Vegas, NVUSA
Success Attraction coach and the Author of Joyful Manifestation

Ms. Iyer, who is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada has an amazing balance of logical thinking (having college degrees and work experience in Law and Accounting) and magical thinking (She studied Angel Therapy under Dr. Doreen Virtue, is a Reiki Master, and also studied Advance Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Pranic Healing).

She brought together the practical and the magical in her book Joyful Manifestation which has over 12 years of research behind it. 

Ms. Iyer also works with people personally through her personal coaching programs based on methods she has developed. The Personal Success Program is designed to change your consciousness, effecting the vibrations you give out, and enabling you to experience what you would really like to enjoy in life.

Success is waiting—just know that it will happen.

You too can become part of this select group of people. Join Ms. Iyer on her show, buy her book and work with her personally on your life areas.

Check out Joyful Manifestation, the book on Amazon.


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I just listened to my favorite show- which I stumbled upon a few months back, and ever since, have experienced unexpected gains I could not put a price on!

I've been meaning to leave my feedback, and to say a BIG Thank-you! for the show! I've never heard one like THIS one before.  

I'm talking about 'The Good Fortune Show' with Ray Trujillo. I just heard tonight's broadcast, and as always- it delivers!  ...and leaves me wanting to hear more!

I totally agree with Sugandhi, who opened the show saying how blessed she felt to have Ray Trujillo share her knowledge, light and wisdom regarding the topic of Good Fortune. Sugandhi said what Ive been thinking for weeks! 

I don't want to sound like a fan-girl, but so many Universal principles and laws, Ray has explained in a way that resonates with me. It has helped me connect with myself and the energies around me. I could give many examples- just tonight Ray spoke of the importance of Discernment, and openness, and applying these principles within our life to bring about abundance and Good fortune, which I HAVE experienced more of, since I started listening to this show. I see Ray as a Visionary and First-rate Speaker of Truth. A Virtuoso who shares her exceptional gift with the world.  I think she is definitely an Empath- and charismatically radiates Truth and Goodwill.  I'm going to hear the Beyond Earth show next time it airs, because 'The Good Fortune Show' is never long enough, and I'm interested in hearing what Ray has tapped into that is 'Beyond Earth'. I hope The Good Fortune Show' takes callers on a future show, because I do have questions I would like to know your thoughts on.

Thank you both for making the world a better place, and God bless!




I listened to the Good Fortune Show with Ray Trujillo, and I actually felt that by doing so, I altered the course of my day. My mindset and intentions were positively enhanced with every interaction that I encountered all afternoon. That was enough to make me want to hear and learn more from this show. I'm looking forward to the knowledge and guidance offered, and will be manifesting more GOOD FORTUNE