Guest Name, Lane W.

Lane W.
Lane W.
Lane W. has been involved with all aspects of the twelve-step recovery movement for over thirty years. He is currently involved with Austin Recovery Center and Infinite Recovery Center in Austin, Texas. In addition, Lane formerly worked as an alcohol and drug abuse counselor for various treatment centers, and worked in the Dallas and Fort Worth Independent school districts as an alcohol and drug preventionist, presenting these concepts to over 25,000 children.
As a volunteer,  Lane dedicates time for working with inmates at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, guiding them through the 12 step recovery. 
Lane has successfully taken thousands of people through the 12 steps affording him a front row seat to the compelling results only this program can yield. He speaks nationally to large groups about the transformative power of the twelve steps, and is a satisfied customer of the program himself. 

Happiness Hangout, March 22, 2017


Happiness Hangout with Lori Peters and Guest Susan McCord (aka Dear Sybersue) Dating/Relationship/Lifestyle Talk Show Host, Certified Life Coach, & Advice Columnist discuss what you need to know about dating and relationships in today's world.

Advice on how to date and how to connect better with your partner, especially in today's faced-paced, technology driven world.

Guest, George P Kansas and Tracey Trottenberg

Guest Occupation: 
corporate training, entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, Conscious Communication experts


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