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The Joyful Manifestation Show, March 22, 2024

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The Joyful Manifestation Show
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with Iyer and guest, Kimberly Cloud

The Joyful Manifestation Show with Iyer and guest, Kimberly Cloud

Guest Name, Kimberly M. Cloud

Kimberly M. Cloud
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I am an Executive Producer to The Kimberly Cloud Show LLC. I have been featured in Marquis Who's Who, and I am interviewing people contantly about their past, present, and future. I a an eastern star and I have gotten many awards. I am going for my Masters degree in Business Adminsitration. I ran for Us senate and play on running for City Counsilwoman. 


Cloud was born in Washington DC, on 3 July 1984. She received her home education in Charlotte while working at Winn Dixie. At Oxon High School, Cloud finished her high school education.

In 2013, Cloud enrolled at the Baltimore City Community College. During her time there, she spent three years studying drug abuse and addiction therapy. In 2017 she enrolled in a one-year psychology program at Coppin University and, in 2020, went to the University of Phoenix to earn a master's in business administration.


The Joyful Manifestation Show

The Joyful Manifestation Show with Iyer
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e. How to change our energy, change karma

f. Different lines of energy

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h. Energy healing methods

i. How manifestation happens, is possible

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