As You Wish Talk Radio, July 15, 2017

As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland

Guest, Susan A Kornacki

ET Yoga, July 15, 2017

ET Yoga with Charles Green-This episode centered around two concepts, first re-connecting your 12 chakras with your 12 strands of DNA and secondly information related to the concept of Reality Creation. Specific concepts, ideas and techniques are given. 

Guest, Jane Ishii

Guest Occupation: 
Bioresonance Practitioner and QHHT Level 3 Practitioner

ET Yoga, July 1, 2017

ET Yoga with Charles Green-This episode was a tribute to the first ET Yoga show and covers over 50 major concepts and ideas concerning the universe. how it works and ties into our spiritual journey. ET Yoga is a combination of ET information and that of Yoga Masters all related to the concept of Self Realization.

ET Yoga, June 17, 2017

ET Yoga with Charles Green-This episode centered around specifics of 'Law of Attraction', 'Conscious Reality Creation' and the physiology of the pineal gland. Information related to a spiritual journey with the new Pleiadian Pillar of Light technique were  explored. 

Guest Name, Benjamin Davis, Jr

Benjamin Davis, Jr
Author, Writer and Whistleblower/Activist

This author was born in Madison, Florida, on March 14, 1955 and the only son of a former WWII, US Navy Frogman (SEAL). Educated in Creative Writing Degree at Full Sail University (2010-2012), studied web design and computer programming for 2 years at Daytona State College (before name change DBCC), and a graduate of Leon High School in Tallahassee, Florida, that he studied architecture for 3 years with a 4.0 GPA, was a 3 time letterman in track and field and played on the Class 4A State Championship Finals game in football.

After graduating, enrolling at TCC studying math and basic courses and dropped out, then getting a letter from the Selective Service Act notifying of his draft (#4) selection. Ben then avoided the draft by going to the Army recruiter station, was tested and sent to Jacksonville for physical exam, then 30 days later enlisted as a volunteer into the US Army and sent to Basic and AIT training as a 12B20 Combat Engineer, then stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana, under the 5th Infantry Division, 1st Brigade, 7th Combat Engineers unit.

For finding out the TRUTH about the SECRET programs, Secret Space Programs (SSP’s), Nano-sized Biological Mind Control Weapons, NSA/CIA NWO Agendas, Remote, Wireless, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Mind Controlled “takedown” Program, IS exposed here... “Invisible" to every human on the planet!

ET Yoga, June 3, 2017

ET Yoga with Charles Green-This episode continued from the last ET Yoga show about creating and maintaining excellent health and preventing 99.99% of disease issues.  The ET Yoga perspective on current and near future ET contact was also explored. 

Guest, Ben Davis Jr

Guest Occupation: 
Author, Writer, Whistleblower, Activist


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