Guest, Jennifer Hurwitz

Guest Occupation: 
Research and Policy Analyst at 'Blue Star Families' and Air Force spouse for 19 years

Shadow Politics, May 28, 2017

Jennifer Hurwitz of Blue Star Families

This Memorial Day, May 28, 2017 -  learn about BLUE STAR FAMILIES! Jennifer Hurwitz, a Research and Policy Analyst at 'Blue Star Families', will join us!

Guest Name, Ben Davis, Jr

Ben Davis, Jr. ~Author
Ben Davis, Jr
Author, Writer and Whistleblower/Activist

,This author was born in Madison, Florida, on March 14, 1955 and the only son of a former WWII, US Navy Frogman (SEAL). Educated in Creative Writing Degree at Full Sail University (2010-2012), studied web design and computer programming for 2 years at Daytona State College (before name change DBCC), and a graduate of Leon High School in Tallahassee, Florida, that he studied architecture for 3 years with a 4.0 GPA, was a 3 time letterman in track and field and played on the Class 4A State Championship Finals game in football.

After graduating, enrolling at TCC studying math and basic courses and dropped out, then getting a letter from the Selective Service Act notifying of his draft (#4) selection. Ben then avoided the draft by going to the Army recruiter station, was tested and sent to Jacksonville for physical exam, then 30 days later enlisted as a volunteer into the US Army and sent to Basic and AIT training as a 12B20 Combat Engineer, then stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana, under the 5th Infantry Division, 1st Brigade, 7th Combat Engineers unit.

Guest, Matt Williams

Guest Occupation: 
Singer, songwriter and Army veteran

Joseph Varley Presents, May 21, 2017

Joseph Varley Presents with Joseph Varley

Joseph Varley Presents with Joseph Varley and guest Douglas Taurel

A Fireside Chat with Lance White, May 20, 2017

Julian Rose

Julian Rose is on the forefront of the ongoing division between the small farmer, who he stands for, and the European Union, which is attempting to establish "GMO zones" in what has been a "GMO Free" Poland.

Show 56- Embracing The Divine Feminine, May 14, 2017

Piercing the Veil with Jordan-Michael

Jordan Hosts this Episode Solo. Corey is away on business.

Special Guest David ("Davi") Wright, drops some Buddhist enlightenment, and briefly discusses his time at Haight/Ashbury in San Fran, during the Swinging Sixties.

A lively conversation about the DIVINE FEMININE ensues.

Enjoy this one.

Pierce That Veil...

Shadow Politics, May 14, 2017

Brandon L. Wyatt

Happy Mother's Day everyone! While Maria is celebrating Mother's Day with her family,  Valencia Mohammed, a former newspaper journalist, and myself will welcome guest Attorney Brandon L. Wyatt Esq., a decorated army combat solider and disabled veteran, and the National Policy Advisor of the Weed for Warriors Project (WFWP) .


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