Guest, Lori Kilpatrick

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Guest, Scott Brian DeGroat

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CEO of Woke Societies Bringing Truth and Disclosure to the Masses and Podcaster

A Fireside Chat with Lance White, March 16, 2019

Fred Burks returns to talk about some of the material released by whistle blowers on one of his sites,  His umbrella site, PEERS network, contains inspiring and motivational material for those seeking to create positive changes in our world.

A Fireside Chat with Lance White, March 9, 2019

Timothy J Glenn returns to talk about the various astrological transits which will be affecting us all - in positive ways.  Major shifts are morphing our realities, so remaining present "in the now", in a neutral space is empowering.

A Fireside Chat, February 16, 2019

Judy Carroll, with a lifetime of personal contact with the Zetas and 3 books about what she's experienced and learned, returns to share more intimate details.  She also delves into the bigger picture of earth's and human's evolution being derailed by negative forces which have a much different agenda.

A Fireside Chat, January 19, 2019

Carla J Fox returns to share stories about her recent trip to Turkey and Lebanon.  She has uploaded pictures to her blog; simply scroll through the blog posts until you get to the block of pictures which are themselves fascinating!  I looked up Gobleki Tepi, and there were dozens of pictures which matched her descriptions.  Enjoy the show!


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