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Guest Name
Lori Saine
Guest Occupation
State Representative, Weld County Commissioner
Guest Biography

As State Representative and today as Weld County Commissioner, Lori has been a champion for the people against progressive Marxists and “Republicans” who act like Democrats, and is running for Congress to fight for freedom against the Biden-Harris-Schumer-Pelosi Gang and their Socialist-Communist Agenda.

As our voice in the State House, Lori Saine bravely and boldly took on radical left-wing environmental extremists and defended our oil and gas jobs, our water rights and our Colorado way of life. In Congress, Lori will stand tall against Coastal Elites who do not understand Colorado and those of us who choose to live here.

With our open borders out of control, trillions of dollars printed and borrowed from China destroying our economy and an administration that hates our police, hates our freedoms and most particularly wants our guns, Lori’s courage and bluntness is needed now more than ever.


Lori and her husband Troy, a Marine veteran, raise and homeschool their daughter Belle in Dacono where they are members of the Rocky Mountain Christian Church.

Lori also volunteers for community charities and church ministries and served as coordinator and instructor for Constitutional Champions Kids Patriot Camp, a day camp teaching about the Constitution and American Patriotism.

America’s future is on the line.  It’s not enough to just elect a Republican to this new Congressional seat.  Colorado conservatives are looking for a champion. And her name is Lori Saine.