The Courage to Communicate Effectively, November 18, 2018

Voices of Courage with Ken D Foster

Today we discuss how to have and maintain amazing communication in both your personal life and business.


The Balanced Millionaire, August 21, 2018

Cheri Blair
The Balanced Millionaire with Eileen Mendel

The Balanced Millionaire with Eileen Mendel

​Guest one - Ajay Matta with Spiritually Raw

Guest two - Cheri Blair, Owner of Cheri Blair Financial

About Cheri Blair

Motivate America, August 19, 2018

Motivate America with Kevin L McCrudden

Motivate America with Kevin L McCrudden

Guests, Chris Widener and Dave Sliman

Business and Money Mentors, July 18, 2018

Business and Money Mentors with Bonnie Gayle and Mia Saenz

Business and Money Mentors with Mia Saenz and Bonnie Gayle

Topic: Crushing it on Camera with Michelle Lange - online video strategist

Guest Name, Dr HermanSJr

Dr HermanSJr
Dr HermanSJr
Global Change Agent

Dr. HermanSJr. is the most globally sought-after mindset transformation expert in the world who uses Interconnectivity and psychological strategies to transform how you think, see, and perform in your world. He is famous for transforming mindsets without the lengthy and costly process that others usually push. A Harvard University-published writer, two-time author, university instructor, and consultant featured in 25+ media platforms across countries, industries, and languages. His expertise is used by executives, managers, entrepreneurs, police, doctors, entertainers, universities, students, and salespeople across companies, countries, industries, universities, and even languages. Due to the tremendous effectiveness of his program a global educational entity is certifying people under his name and program.


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