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Tom Edison
Tom Edison
Independent US Presidential Candidate, Author, Recording Artist and Talk Show Host

Ran for U.S. President in 2016 and 2012!

Hello fellow Americans. I, Tom Edison, am a 2020 "Independent U.S. Presidential (write-in) Candidate. I am the most qualified individual to be the next President of the United States, because only I have numerous flexible strategies capable of solving all the major problems simultaneously. I am a self educated common man who has learned what strategies really work from a life time of first hand experiences in successfully solving all types of problems cost-effectively. I possess the ability to invent new customized strategies for solving any problem. I am a solution wizard.

I, Tom Edison, am the only common man singer-songwriter and recording artist to ever run from President of the United States, and subsequently through real life experiences I know a lot more about serving the general public than any career politician knows.

Only the TRUTH will empower us common folks to free ourselves from the evil world controllers that presently control both the Democrat and Republican political parties of our Federal Government.

I am the only 2020 U.S. Presidential Candidate who has invented new strategies to LOWER the cost of living.

JOB CREATION: I possess the first hand experiential knowledge of how to deploy manual labor to be more cost-effective than big machinery in 4 our of 5 situations. I also have invented several new types of public transportation systems that can be built and maintained with manual labor. Realistic foolproof FLOOD CONTROL can be achieved with manual labor projects. I have invested a detailed plan of how to do this.

EDUCATION: I know what is wrong with public and private systems, and I have detailed plans in regard to fixing them. College students should be allowed to act as co-teachers while still in school. They should also be put in charge of other things.

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WASTE: I am a cost efficiency expert and will personally get involved in trimming down the budget of the federal government as well as personally solving all the V.A. mismanagement problems. Untrustworthy and non-performing federal agencies can eventually be replaced by enthusiastic college students paid hourly wages while still attending school.

BORDER PROBLEMS: Ingenuity is the key to establishing and maintaining secure borders, and I possess "ingenuity".

Connect The Dots

Connect The Dots with Tom Edison
Show Host: 
Tom Edison

CONNECT THE DOTS THEORY, from revealing to the world the first view of the most magnificent looking unidentified hovering spacecraft ever captured on 35 mm film, to the perfect light energy manifestations of the famous Twin Towers that automatically appear within any two adjacent clear crystal pyramids. Did you ever wonder why things are the way they are on Planet Earth? CONNECT THE DOTS provides the all-encompassing answer!

I, Tom Edison, am the First 2020 U.S. Presidential Candidate to have his own radio show, four years before the next election! I am also the only singer songwriter, recording artist to ever run for President of the U.S. (2016 candidate). I refuse to become a candidate for any political party. I don't like B.S. I am the author of, "Connect The Dots Theory", and host of Connect The Dots radio show! I encourage call-ins. Let me know how 'you' have 'connected the dots.'

This fun show (I tell jokes sometimes) will be an opportunity for concerned people to gather and connect!

You can find my music at the CD Baby Music Store!

If you wish to contact me or purchase other products, please respond by mailing me a letter or money order for my products, to the following the address:

1324 Forest Ave, Suite 262
Staten Island, NY, 10302

Weekly Show
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10:00 pm PT
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