Breaking the Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams

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Talk Radio Show Program

Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence with Dr Gregory Williams
Dr Gregory Williams

“Breaking the Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams”

Now is the time for you to step out of your own personal darkness and break the silence that has been hidden and closed up inside of you.

“Breaking the Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams” radio program will offer the listeners a Road Map to Hope each and every week with keys to discover within yourself that ray of light to make your day better and brighter.  Dr. Williams will not only discuss his own personal journey of overcoming the darkness of years of horrific sexual child abuse in the hands of his father and his father’s friends, but Dr. Williams will also feature special guests that have their own personal stories of overcoming obstacles in their lives and becoming victors instead of victims.

“Breaking the Silence” will also feature information from the professional and medical field that will dive into the important research involving Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and how to build Resiliency in yourself and in your children.  Along with this information will be special guests from greatest minds in the United States to share their expert research and thoughts on this very important subject that each person needs to be aware of.

Now is the time to invest a few minutes each week with some awesome information to give you steps to HOPE and keys to HAPPINESS and PEACE.  NOW is the time to Break YOUR Silence and breakout into a NEW and BETTER YOU!  Join us each week beginning August 13, 2019 for “Breaking the Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams”.  You won’t want to miss a single program.  Heard around the world on the best radio network on the airwaves, BSS Radio Network available on iTunes, Google Play, iHeart Radio, Facebook Radio, Spotify and over 100 other high quality digital radio stations.

Weekly Show
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6:00 pm PT
6:55 pm PT


Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

Breaking the Silence, January 12, 2020 Guest, Peter Maldonado, an addiction and substance abuse counselor
Breaking the Silence, January 5, 2020 Guest, Dr Julie Kaplow, Director of the Trauma and Grief Center, a SAMHSA-funded Treatment and Service Adaptation Center
Breaking the Silence, December 29, 2019 Guest, Sue Fort White, Ed.D. has been the Executive Director of Our Kids for almost fourteen years
Breaking the Silence, December 22, 2019 Guest, Sue Fort White, Ed.D.
Breaking the Silence, December 15, 2019 River of Cruelty Model and Getting Rid of Toxic Shame, Blame and Pain
Breaking the Silence, December 8, 2019 Guest, Elaine Miller Karas, Executive Director of the Trauma Resource Institute, author of Building Resilience to Trauma
Breaking the Silence, December 3, 2019 with Dr. Gregory Williams and guests Sue Ford White and Annie Hickman
Breaking the Silence, December 1, 2019 Guest, Kathy McGibbon, mother, author, playwright and advocate who is committed to helping others freely share their
Breaking the Silence, November 24, 2019 Guest, Robin Saenger, Founding Director of Peace4Tarpon and a Champion for ACEs
Breaking the Silence, November 17, 2019 Guest, Teri Wellbrock, CPST victim, EMDR Therapy, author of Unicorn Shadows From Trauma to Triumph a Healing Guide
Breaking the Silence, November 10, 2019 Guest, Michelle Chalfant, The Adult Chair workshops
Breaking the Silence, November 3, 2019 Guest, Carol Teitelbaum, Marriage and Family Therapist
Breaking the Silence, October 27, 2019 Guest, Jane Ellen Stevens, founder and publisher of ACEs Connection
Breaking the Silence, October 20, 2019 Guest, Lisa Floyd, Brainspotting, Identity & esteem issues, Internal Family Sys, Adoption Therapy, Post adoption issues
Breaking the Silence, October 13, 2019 Guest, Dr C F Martin, psychologist, specializing in depression and anxiety disorders
Breaking the Silence, October 6, 2019 Guests, two of Dr Williams sons, James Williams and Curtis Williams
Breaking the Silence, September 29, 2019 Guest, Ande Anderson, MS, RD co owner of Avaiya University
Breaking the Silence, September 22, 2019 Guest, Kayla J W Marnach, author, Can-Do Kids Series
Breaking the Silence, September 15, 2019 Guests, Peter Van Dusen, Mary Giuliani, Stacey Breitmann, and Dr Sharrie Hanley
Breaking the Silence, September 8, 2019 Guest, Kayla J W Marnach, author, Can-Do Kids Series


Talk Show Program Host

Dr Gregory Williams
Dr Gregory Williams
TX - USA Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - Shattered By The Darkness, Instagram
Administrative Leadership Team at Baylor College of Medicine’s OB/GYN Department, PhD in Counseling, Speaker, Teacher, Author, Childhood Victim Advocate and Talk Show Host

Dr. Gregory Williams is on the Administrative Leadership Team at Baylor College of Medicine’s OB/GYN Department located in Texas Children’s Hospital in the heart of the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas.  He has a PhD in Counseling and is a well-known speaker/teacher.

He is the author of “Shattered by the Darkness: Putting the Pieces Back Together After Child Abuse” that has been published by HCI publishing (the same publishers of the International Bestseller “A Child Called IT” and the “Chicken Soup for the Souls” series.  He is currently working on his second book in the series, “Overcoming the Darkness:  Road Map to Hope” to be released in early 2020

He travels the country speaking to thousands of people on child abuse, the aftermaths of abuse, the detection and recognition of abuse and the importance of the Adverse Childhood Experiences.  He is the head of the Baylor College of Medicine’s pilot program in conjunction with Emory College and the University of San Diego Medical School in developing curriculum for medical schools to incorporate ACEs training at the residency/fellowship levels.

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