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When Dark Clouds Come: A Road Map to HOPE has been released on Kindle on Amazon

When Dark Clouds Come: A Road Map to HOPE has been released on Kindle on Amazon

Good morning!


This is an exciting week for me as my latest book, “When Dark Clouds Come: A Road Map to HOPE” has been released on Kindle on Amazon. The printed version goes on sale August 16th!

This book was written to help all of us deal with those times when we need an answer to help us with some direction on our journey of life.

I so wish that I had a book like this when I was going through my years of abuse during my childhood.

There were many days that I felt so alone…so lost…so desperate for an answer to help me deal with the pain.

My hope is that this books provides each reader motivation, direction, inspiration, and encouragement through those times of hurt.


I honestly believe that there are so many things in this world that seems to be “broken” right now.

How are we to respond to each of these tough moments in time in our life?

All of us, at different seasons in our life, need a road map to help us find a way to get through “dark times” in our life.


What does “When Dark Clouds Come: A Road Map to HOPE” deal with?


Here are just a few things that you will find:


Chapter 1 A way to find out where you are in life, before you decide where you are going

Chapter 2 Discover the importance of “transparency” in your life

Chapter 2 Understanding the importance of the FIRST STEP in the journey

Chapter 3 How to empty out the old baggage from your past

Chapter 4 The devastation of icing over the past and not dealing with it

Chapter 5 Becoming familiar with your Adverse Childhood Experiences

Chapter 6 Recognizing stress and how to face it

Chapter 6 Tips of handling stress before it distresses you

Chapter 7 “Reframing” past pain to propel you to future promise

Chapter 8 How to take back control of your life

Chapter 8 Three important life steps

Chapter 9 How to Deal with pain and hurt in your life

Chapter 10 Learning how to journal your thoughts

Chapter 10 Using RAIN to help deal with your emotions

Chapter 11 Handling the different stages of hurt and pain

Chapter 11 How to deal with anxiety and anger

Chapter 12 Dealing with negativity, depression and thoughts of suicide

Chapter 13 The importance of declaring “This is ME!”

Chapter 14 Placing guardrails into your life

Chapter 15 Reaching HOPE

Chapter 16 Realizing life’s important lessons

Chapter 17 How to take life to the next level



WOW! Those are just a FEW of the things that you will discover in “When Dark Clouds Come: The Road Map to HOPE”!

The neat thing about this is that this is a book that YOU will use for yourself AND YOU will be able to use when someone in your life is needing a helping hand.

Isn’t that what makes life so precious? Reaching out and helping OTHERS when they need a kind word, encouragement, or a hug? EXACTLY!


Personally, I feel that every teenager, young adult, adult, parent, grandparent, school teacher, counselor, minister, physician, social worker, police officer, and first responder needs this book for themselves and a few to have on hand to give out when someone needs a road map through their pain and storms.

I also feel that every school, library, advocacy center, church and counseling offices should have access to this book to distribute to those in need.


I deliberately had an awesome teenager design the cover for me and edit the book to make sure that it was focused on THEIR NEEDS and answered questions that THEY ARE ASKING right now in today’s confusing world!


Again, I so wish that I had this book when I was sitting in my room as a teenager, alone, confused, hurting and needing some words of wisdom.

That is EXACTLY why I wrote this book and put it out as soon as I could.

Our world needs HOPE!

Our world needs ENCOURAGEMENT!

Our world needs a ROAD MAP to HOPE!


So….I would like to be bold enough to ask you for a few favors.

Here they are:


*First of all, PLEASE go to the Amazon link below and just go LOOK at the book as many times as you can whenever you have a few moments. The technology of Amazon is that they “keep count” of each set of eyes that hit my book and the more views, the better placement that the book gets in their system and they will eventually begin promoting the book because of the high interest and viewer clicks.  The more the better.  So every day you are on, please search for my book AND the Kindle edition and look around and that will be a TREMENDOUS help.


Here is the link to the Amazon site for the book:


Here is the Kindle link on Amazon for the book:


*Secondly, PLEASE FORWARD this email to your “circle of friends and influence”! That will help me get the word out to as many people as possible.


*Thirdly, I am filling up the remaining 2022 calendar year and working on 2023 with dates for conferences, keynote presentations, trainings and workshops. If you would like me to come and speak to your group, school, hospital, organization, church, or office…..please let me know. I would LOVE to come and speak to your group and I promise you I work with any budget because this is not about money, this is about getting the message out. I have spoken to hundreds and hundreds of groups in the past 3 years and I simply LOVE getting to create a program that will help others. Any questions, feel free to reach out to me!


*Fourth, if you would like to have me for an interview on your radio show, podcast, newspaper or magazine….please let me know and we can schedule something soon.


*Finally, if you would like a copy of the book, the Kindle version is available NOW on Amazon and the PRINTED version will be on sale on August 16th on Amazon, Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble, Target, and Books-A-Million and many other bookstores and department stores.


A couple of final thoughts….I am currently working on my next two books. The first one that I have been commissioned to write called, “Hiding in the Darkness: Overcoming the Emotional Damage of Sexual Abuse of Boys and Men” and then the second in my trilogy that is the 2nd part of “Shattered by the Darkness” and it is called, “Overcoming the Darkness.” So, please keep me in your thoughts as I finish those up.


And finally if there is EVER ANYTHING that I can do to help YOU, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I PROMISE that I will respond quickly as possible and do whatever I can to be of assistance to you.


Thanks so much in advance for your support, friendship, and consideration on the above favors that I have requested of you.


Remember….we are on this JOURNEY OF LIFE TOGETHER…..and there is ALWAYS HOPE!