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Guest Name
Patrick Erlandson
Guest Occupation
Foundation Founder & Director
Guest Biography

Patrick Erlandson was born and grew up in Los Angeles the 2nd of 7 children. He has been married to his wife Machiko since 1982 and has 2 adult daughters. He has travelled to Cambodia, Paraguay, Zambia, Israel, Korea, Thailand as well as Canada and Mexico in various capacities of service.

In 2010 while working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Los Angeles, USAforUNHCR, Patrick first learned of human trafficking in organs from field agents working in Africa. In 2012 he began leading the prevention subcommittee of the Long Beach Human Trafficking Task Force. He is a speaker, and activist, and organized a number of events such as two Youth Exploitation Safety Symposiums for the city of Long Beach. He founded Father-Con which has held 4 conferences. In 2018 he founded the See It End It Film & Arts Festival and in 2020 added a Global Platform for international online participation. He led a demonstration against human trafficking every month for over 4 years in Long Beach as Men Standing Against Trafficking, MSAT.  Focusing on prevention, he has presented multiple workshops on the link between human trafficking and pornography and concentrates on the two areas of vulnerability and entitlement that contribute to both the supply and demand sides of human exploitation. He is a board member of Artists 4 Change and works in partnership with the YWCA which came aboard as the financial non-profit partner of See it. End it. Film & Arts Festival and Father-Con.  In 2023 he was asked to present at both the plenary session and side event at the 32nd Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice of the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime in Vienna, Austria.  He highlighted the urgent need to invest in fathers and to recognize that present fathers prevent greater poverty, criminal behavior and deterioration of education.