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Talk Show Program Information

Dare To Dream

Dare To Dream with Debbi Dachinger
Show Host: 
Debbi Dachinger

How many of us learned in school or at home how to make our dream or goals come true? Is pursuing your dream creating frustration and does achieving it seem long and arduous? The truth is it is not your fault.  Once you know the secret sauce of how to make your dreams a reality you will be equipped throughout your life to attain any goal and desire.  You’ll also learn what your particular issues are and how to work through them so they no longer stop you.  If it’s time to align yourself with an expert coach in goal achievement then work with a master in this area to get where you want to go easily and fast.  DARE TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY


  1.  Gain Clarity On Your Dream
  2.  Learn How To Execute Your Dream From A-Z, Get Your Dream Idea Into Action Where It Will Become Your Dream-Come-True
  3.  Learn How To Deal With Doubts, Fear, Support, And Other Dream Busters
  4.  Easy-To-Learn Goal Achievement System
  5.  Multiple Support Tools And Reinforcement For Individuals
  6.  Gain Motivation And Commitment
  7.  Live Healthy, Happy And On Purpose
  8.  Following This Method Will Improve Your Self-Image, Self-Worth, And Confidence

If You Were Given The Dream, You Were Given The Power To Make It Come True!
Dare To Make Your Goals A Reality


  •  Instant Access To A Spell-Binding System
  •  Get The Secret Ingredients To Achieve Your Dream And Goals
  •  This “Training System” Gets You To The Finish Line Of Your Goal
Weekly Show
Station 1
12:00 pm PT
12:55 pm PT

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Host Profile, Debbi Dachinger

Debbi Dachinger
Debbi Dachinger
CA - USA - - Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - YouTube - Debbi Dachinger, Google Plus, My Best Seller Book, Radio Interview Mastery -
Occupation: Media Personality, Bestselling Book Coach radio Interview and Press Coach, International Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Red Carpet Correspondent, Media Personality, Success Expert, Talk Show Host

DEBBI DACHINGER is a Media Personality. Her specialties are: Radio & TV Show Hosting, Spokesperson, Bestselling Author, Goal and Success Expert, Frequent Interview Guest, Keynote Speaker, Radio Coach (How To Be Interviewed, Get Booked On Right Shows, also How to Host Your Own Show) & she runs the Bestseller Book Launch Program.

The industry’s leading lady, Debbi puts the ’inspiration’ back into broadcasting. With a fun, cutting-edge talk radio show about success, “DARE TO DREAM” is syndicated (on 66 stations), a multi-award winning program and the most motivating hour on air. An upbeat, unique program ―DARE TO DREAM―enlightens and entertains listeners with Debbi’s lively personality and engaging experts, while moving listeners towards a new way to achieve goals and live their dreams as their reality.


Dare To Dream by Debbi DachingerDebbi is the author of the highly acclaimed, award-winning international bestsellers, DARE TO DREAM: This Life Counts -and- WISDOM TO SUCCESS: The Surefire Secrets to Accomplish All Your Dreams – considered must-reads for our changing times.  A popular media guest and speaker, Debbi has been interviewed on more than 600 radio and TV shows.

She was the keynote at the Women’s Calgary Red Carpet event, was invited to present at the prestigious Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo as well as San Francisco’s New Living Expo along with distinguished speakers including Marianne Williamson.

Debbi consults visionary leaders and senior executives in the world’s foremost companies to go beyond “obstacles” and limits of their thinking – accelerating results and catapulting spectacular successes. Clients have included corporations, as well as entrepreneurs, managers, students, celebrities and evolutionaries worldwide. Debbi is an original visionary and one of the thought-leaders of today, a leading authority for a “new view of accomplishing your dream.”

Wisdom To Success by Debbi Dachinger  A popular media guest and speaker, Debbi is a keynote at high level national events; a radio and TV personality; a two-time international best-selling author; and sought after media coach. She has been seen in the news, documentary films, on the cover of One Magazine, and is a regular featured contributor to PUBLISHED! Magazine.

Today, in addition to her ongoing radio program, Debbi runs the Bestseller Launch Program ensuring self-published authors reach #1 bestselling book status. Debbi also runs Radio Mastery Training (Concierge level private Radio Coach and Package 1-Days and workshops) for entrepreneurs, speakers and authors ready to accelerate their skills in messaging on the radio; her clients become savvy, successful and superb while on air.  She is a certified Dream Coach.

Debbi is a top-notch radio personality, a successful motivational speaker, was an award-winning actress and singer, and a professional voice over artist.

Awards and Accolades: Editor’s Pick: Featured Intriguing Creator, Broadcasting Industry Lifetime Achievement Award, and inducted into the Who’s Who Hall of Fame for Entertainment. Winner of VOWW’s Successful Achievements from Voices of Women Worldwide Inc. & VOWW-TV, recipient of Heart and Spirit Award from the Evolutionary Business Council.

http://debbidachinger.com + http://MyBestsellerBook.com

Author of the two books: “WISDOM TO SUCCESS: The Surefire Secrets To Accomplish All Your Dreams” (received a rave review in Writer’s Digest) and the bestseller “DARE TO DREAM: This Life Counts!” (won the 2013 Motivation Book Award of the Year from the National Independent Excellence Awards, awarded the Missy Bystrom Sponsor NIEA book award, and received rave review in US Review of Books), an International speaker, and has an inspirational video channel at: YouTube.com/debontheradio

==========================FREE GIFT ==========================

DEBBI DACHINGER: Radio Interviews for a RADICAL Platform


Debbi Dachinger inspires listeners in this amazingly generous video plus subsequent detailed information teaching how to create a big business from being interviewed on radio.  Listen to get your work out in front of the public: sell books, products, services, fill workshops, gain clients and followers - get your unique message out in a big way for results now!

DID YOU KNOW… That Oprah Winfrey, Bob Costas, Vin Scully, Al Michaels and Warren Buffet all had radio mentors and coaches who played a pivotal role in their success?

Why Hire a Strategic Radio Broadcast Coach and Expert?

You will develop your own strengths

Your strengths and weaknesses are unique to you.  This Media Radio Mastery private mastermind work will analyze, probe and diagnose your performance in a way that is specific to you. This customized approach is the only way you can truly learn to improve.

Once you learn the basics of speaking, your body and mind will be more comfortable with the whole media process. Your tensions associated with upcoming interviews will gradually melt away. Over time, you will learn to be an effective communicator and will actually enjoy every media opportunity because you have a clear sense of goals, and the tools to see them through.

Finally, it is my job to understand each client’s interview weakness as well as their strengths and in sessions the weaknesses are transmuted through Debbi’s techniques. Each client’s brilliance, and gifts are made clear, with how to fully own and be in comfort and resonance with who the client is.  Messaging is of utmost importance; each client leaves private work with Debbi knowing what their message is and how to articular it out into the world.  Their message is clear and they have a press media kit and skills that will open doors.

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