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Laura Eisenhower is an internationally acclaimed Researcher, Author, and Medical and Intuitive Astrologer, known for her groundbreaking work in Exopolitics, Alchemy, Metaphysics, and Galactic History.
Tom Kenyon is a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern science, using sound, music, and channeling to uplift and heal.

The True History with Tara Green and Rama Arjuna and guests

Medium Insights Is LIVE Tonight On SOLR With Guest Host of Medium Insights Tom Gould and Guest #FFFCertifiedMedium Connie Fusella!

Thursday, April 11th
8:00 PM Eastern (check your time zone)
Guest Host: Tom Gould
Guest: #FFFCertifiedMedium Connie Fusella

A Night At The Roundtable with Omena McGee, Caroline Oceana Ryan, Randy Miller, Rama Arjuna, Tara & Micah Green, and Penny Christoffersen

The Metaphysical Hour with Julia Cannon and guests, Tamira McGillivray and Marilyn Dyke

Hard News on Friday with Tara Green and Rama Arjuna and guests

Awakening Matters with Cynthia Slon

You are frequency, and why it is important to contemplate this

Voices of Courage with Ken D. Foster

The Courage to Reclaim Your Soul’s Voice with Matthew Kelly

We choose to listen to other voices: friends, teachers, siblings, celebrities, etc. Until we learn to listen to the voice within. Learn the keys to opening up your intuition and having more success in life as Ken D Foster interviews Mathew Kelly who has sold over 50 million books.

Show Benefits:
You Will Learn How to:

Planetary Makeover Show with David Mynott II

Know the Truth Now that the World Teacher Is Here and Awaken to Divine Purpose and Freedom from Fear.