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Guest Name, Walter C Hurd

Spiritual Guide - Speaker - Author of The Accelerated Soul
Walter C Hurd
Spirtual Guide Speaker Author of The Accelerated Soul

Walter Hurd is a Spiritual Guide with 40 years of meditation experience with the Spiritual master Walt Baptiste. Walter worked 15 years as a chef in his Guru's health food restaurant, taught yoga classes and managed the Baptiste Health and Spiritual retreat in El Salvador, Central America.

During those beginning years Walter sensed he was in training to serve the world. How, eluded him until in1989 Walter had a spiritual experience showing him how to bring the clarity of a new humanity as it passes through the confusing first stages of the Aquarian age.

To define that new humanity Walter authored, "The Accelerated Soul" a book that defines the processes people can use to create a new connection with life. A connection that embraces their soul and spiritual nature through the nature of Life itself, the bedrock of the Aquarian Age!

For 14 years Walter applied his many years of self learning to help clients heal their suffering from physical, mental and/or emotional limitations.

For the past 8 years Walter taught yoga and meditation at The Danville Yoga & Wellness Center in Danville, California. During his time there he introduced meditation to people interested in improving their lives, conducted workshops, and co-produced retreats with fellow yoga teachers

Guest Name, Ted Winslow

Ted Winslow
Ted Winslow
Tech Engineering & development of SoundSyncTech™

​Ted Winslow is internationally acclaimed for his pioneering work through research and development of sound healing and it’s positive affect on the human energy field. Ted’s music features SOUNDSYNCTECH™​ a customized brainwave technology developed through binaural beats, compositions, sacred geometry, numerology, tunings, state-of-the art recording technologies, and frequencies to create Theta & Alpha brainwave states. He is a best selling recording artist, award winning producer, vocal coach and composer with an international following.

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