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Submitted by Eric Cinotti on 26 July 2023

The Hostile Zone with Eric A Cinotti

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The Hostile Zone with Eric A Cinotti
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Eric A. Cinotti

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“The Hostile Zone” where Eric pulls back the curtain on corruption, waste, abuse, and fraud; especially public dollars and services. 

Eric A. Cinotti a legal scholar & professional academic, a professor, investigative journalist, commentator, who analyzes the U.S. Constitution, must know legal issues, the government, social issues, and MUCH-MUCH MORE. 

ERIC Speaks the TRUTH-JUST THE FACTS- Get Ready “That’s Life, Our Government, Our Society!”


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Eric Andrew Cinotti Navigates the Juvenile Justice System 

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Eric Andrew Cinotti, MPA, JD
District of Columbia
Washington DCUS
Trained Lawyer, Public Administration Expert, Constitutional Scholar, Investigative Journalist, Professor and Author

Eric Andrew Cinotti: A Multi-Faceted Luminary in Law, Public Service, Journalism, and Academia

Eric Andrew Cinotti, originating from the robust cultural milieu of Northern New Jersey, embodies a rare amalgamation of legal acumen, public service dedication, journalistic integrity, and academic prowess. His educational odyssey encompasses an AAS in Criminal Justice, a BA in Sociology and Criminology, a Master of Public Administration, and a Juris Doctorate focusing on the US Constitution, laying a robust foundation for his multifaceted career.

With over 30 years of enriched experience, Eric’s professional journey traverses the federal, state, and local government spheres, the military, non-profit sector, academia, and the private domain. He has carved a niche in juvenile and youth violence, detention, delinquency, and protection services, showcasing his commitment to societal reform and protection.

Eric’s remarkable expertise as a Board Certified Mediator has seen him resolve complex legal disputes across various arenas. His roles as a Mediator and City Mediator for multiple municipalities emphasize his unparalleled skills in fostering consensus and understanding. As Chairman of the Juvenile Conference Committee, he adeptly handled juvenile delinquency matters, with his rulings gaining validation from senior judges.

In the realm of legal research, Eric’s proficiency with West Law, LexisNexis, and Fast Case is unparalleled. His experience in eDiscovery Document Review, litigation preparation, and legal writing, along with his deep understanding of administrative law, process, and procedure, has equipped him to tackle high-profile legal cases effectively.

Eric’s dedication to community service is evident in his involvement with the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council and his over three-decade-long commitment to volunteer fire and EMS services. His military service in the US Navy and the Army National Guard, particularly in Middle East operations, underscores his allegiance to national and global security.

As a Law Professor and Continuing Legal Education instructor, Eric imparts his comprehensive knowledge across various legal disciplines, highlighting his commitment to educating the next generation of legal minds. His role as an investigative journalist and syndicated daily columnist further exemplifies his quest for truth and transparency. His insightful columns and investigative reports have significantly contributed to public discourse and awareness, particularly in areas concerning the Constitution and public policy.

Hosting “The Hostile Zone,” a radio talk show, Eric unearths the layers of corruption, waste, and fraud, especially in the utilization of public funds and services. His professional memberships and status as a credentialed press member add to his multifaceted professional identity.

As an Administrative Law Judge, Eric’s expertise and integrity were recognized, leading to his promotion within the Office of Inspector General. There, he continued his relentless fight against corruption and ensured judicious use of public resources.

Eric Andrew Cinotti’s career is an exemplar of a relentless pursuit of justice, public service, journalistic integrity, and educational leadership. His multifaceted expertise makes him a distinguished figure in the landscape of law, public service, journalism, and academia.


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