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Submitted by Jim Benson on 18 May 2021

The Jim Benson Show with Jim Benson

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The Jim Benson Show; conservative talk radio done right, addressing the issues that concern you. With a background of many years as a journalist, host Jim Benson offers his unique perspective on current events and issues that we face as individuals and as a nation. 

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Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

The Jim Benson Show, April 14, 2024 Liberals, AKA 'Shit Leftists,' Are In Fact Communists Or Communist Sympathizers Seeking To Enslave Us
The Jim Benson Show, March 31, 2024 Evidence of Fraud In 2020 Election Has Been Covered Up, Never Seriously Investigated. Lawless, communist Biden regime
The Jim Benson Show, March 18, 2024 Schweizer, Biden Family Got $5 Million From Business Partner Of Chicom Gangster Who Set Up Sinaloa Cartel Fentanyl Smugg
The Jim Benson Show, March 3, 2024 The Case For Mayorkas and Biden Impeachments
The Jim Benson Show, February 18, 2024 The Empire Strikes Back, FBI Informant Indicted For Allegedly Lying About $10 Biden Bribes
The Jim Benson Show, February 4, 2024 Mass Illegal Immigration With YOUR Tax Dollars! What is the deep state's plan if Trump wins in 2024
The Jim Benson Show, January 21, 2024 Joe Biden Is Badly Compromised By The CCP. Climate change madness, forced US conversion to EVs, massive funding of Iran
The Jim Benson Show, January 7, 2024 Why 2024 Will Decide The Fate Of America
The Jim Benson Show, December 24, 2023 A Marxist Revolution. Has the world gone mad? We are witnessing the intended consequences of those who've taken power
The Jim Benson Show, December 10, 2023 Serving Communism, Globalism: The Hidden Method In The Madness Of The Biden Presidency.
The Jim Benson Show, November 26, 2023 All Hope For Saving America From Marxism Is Now Focused On the 2024 Election. Is there time, and the will, to correct
The Jim Benson Show, November 12, 2023 They Covertly Serve Communist China NOT America. Is there a cabal of leftist ideologies, traitors & criminals in control
The Jim Benson Show, October 29, 2023 Hamas Attack On Israel Was Massive Intelligence Failure. US Intelligence Assets Reportedly Redirected to Fighting....
The Jim Benson Show, October 15, 2023 Will The Israel-Hamas Conflict Lead To WWIII? Biden administration has cozied up to Iran to appease China
The Jim Benson Show, October 1, 2023 Is There A Cabal Of Leftist Traitors In, And Formerly In, Our Government Secretly Working For China?
The Jim Benson Show, September 17, 2023 Hunter Biden Indicted But It's A Sham & Cover-Up For Joe Biden. How will we be able to have a free & fair 2024 election
The Jim Benson Show, September 3, 2023 Will Deep State Operatives Assassinate President Trump, What is the plan for conservatives to win the 2024 election
The Jim Benson Show, August 20, 2023 $20 Million In Disguised Payments To Biden Family Uncovered So Far, Mike Lindell's plan to expose and eliminate election
The Jim Benson Show, August 6, 2023 Challenging an election, which Democrats did endlessly after 2016, is now a federal crime for conservatives
The Jim Benson Show, July 23, 2023 IRS Whistleblowers Reveal Government Interference, Protection of Bidens In Bribery, Influence-Peddling Investigation and
James Benson
Journalist and Talk Show Host

James Benson is a Journalist and Talk Show Host that promotes conservative values and issues.