Breaking Rules to Succeed, November 27, 2017

Transition Radio Show with Ken D Foster and Paula Shaw

Today we discuss going past the rules and rule makers to create your own success.


Guest Name, Elise Hicks, Quantum Astrologer

Elise Hicks, Quantum Astrologer exclusively offering S.P.A. for the SOUL™
Elise Hicks, Quantum Astrologer
Quantum Astrologer exclusively offering S.P.A. for the SOUL™

Elise Hicks has been a practicing astrologer and metaphysician since her father’s gift of an astrology reading for her eighteenth birthday.  What was truly special about this gift is the fact that he had been given only six months to live when she was just twelve years old.  Happily, he lived nine years longer!

His healing journey became the white rabbit event that triggered much discovery for both of them.  She often refers to her Dad as her first guru.   Now, some 40 years later, her studies have evolved into a field that incorporates metaphysics, quantum physics, and psychology into her astrology practice.   Her goal is to empower her clients into self-discovery and limitless possibility.

Guest Name, Angel RIBO, The CEO Confidant

Corporate and Entrepreneurial CEOs hire Angel Ribo, also Known as The CEO Confidant, to Bridge the GAP Globally for Expansion and Exposure
Angel RIBO, The CEO Confidant
The CEO Confidant

Angel was born near Barcelona in Spain

Guest, Kaya Wittenburg

Guest Occupation: 
Real Estate CEO, Past Model, QHHT Practitioner

Guest, Kathryn Samuelson

Guest Occupation: 
practicing attorney, intuitive counselor, certified life coach

Life Changes Show, August 28, 2017

Life Changes Show with Filippo Voltaggio

Life Changes Show with Filippo Voltaggio and cohost Mark Laisure

“Redefining Women in Business,” with Guest, a Veteran Wall Street Self-Made Millionaire and Founder of Two Tech Companies Jenny Q. Ta, and Musical Guest, Grammy Nominated Singer / Songwriter, Angela McCluskey, on The LIFE CHANGES Show


Guest, Jenny Q Ta

Guest Occupation: 
veteran Wall Street self-made millionaire and founder of two tech companies


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