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Aaron McCollum
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MKUltra Project Talent, Psychic Warrior
Guest Biography

Aaron McCollum, MKUltra Project Talent, Psychic Warrior - You Decide!

Aaron McCollum is a walking testimonial of the light and the dark forces living and walking on this planet beside and within all of us, and the ultimate power of Love that endures all.

Aaron is a dolphin-human hybrid whose body was created as part of a government 'black op' program called Project Seagate. To radically generalise, a 'black op' program is kept from public knowledge by many means including the classifying of documents, disinformation propaganda, elimination of witnesses' etc...all those things that make a great science fiction or action's likely that most, if not all, of our favorite movies and books, have some basis in truth.

How is that possible? A human- dolphin hybrid? It depends who you ask, and of course, an open mind and heart are necessary. To cut to the chase, I would look at the interesting discovery of Lloyd Pye and what he calls the Starchild Project. He is in possession of a skull that was found in a cave in Mexico that has many anomalies compared to a human skull. The most recent DNA testing reveals that the skull has human DNA and also a substantial portion of an as yet unidentified DNA. He posits that this is proof of a genetic engineering process with an extraterrestrial race that was done approximately 8-900 years ago. Here is the full report.

This may be the first time many of you reading this have ever heard of such a thing, or really thought it may actually happen 'off camera', but get ready folks, this is just the beginning. There are so many things that we the people have not been told and it's only through the courage of people like Aaron telling their stories that we will ever know that those feelings we have had all our lives telling us that something just wasn't right here, are real. There is more to the picture than meets the eye and we now have an opportunity to listen to one another, let our minds be blown away along with the outdated belief systems that hold them in place, and welcome the missing pieces of truth that we have been longing for. All things are possible. The Universe is a very big place, indeed!

One of the great triumphs in Aaron's story is the power and conviction of his Soul. I am seeing that it takes more than an ova and a sperm to make a human. It takes a Soul. The Soul is the life giving part and when the Soul leaves, the body quickly turns to not, or to rot - ha ha :-)

Aaron was groomed from an infant to take orders and do what he was told until one day in 2005 he took the orders of his higher conscience - Soul, instead.

His intelligence and warmth reveal his compassion for humanity as he now is in the process of healing and discovering who he really is and what he has come here for. He has the sharp orderly mind of many ex-military whistle blowers that I have come to respect and appreciate a lot.

You are all invited to join us this Saturday for a spontaneous celebration of truth and quite possibly the birthing of a whole new understanding of the human as a species here on planet Earth.