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Guest Name
Abbey Romeo
Abbey Romeo
Guest Occupation
Singer, Songwriter, TikTok & Instagram Influencer, Actor
Guest Biography

Abbey earned a certificate of completion at The Bridgeport Program at The Help Group in Los Angeles in 2016. She went on to attend Miller Career and Transition center and finished with training in Textiles, Farming, Bakery and Retail in 2020.  She was a member of the award-winning Miracle Project and later Spectrum Laboratory in LA, which uses the arts to expand creativity, social skills, and musical interests.

Abbey has written and performed in 5 music videos singing about autism.  (All on YouTube) – She has worked for two years as a volunteer in animal rescue, she has a paper shredding business, cat sits for the neighbors and has a thriving Hat business called Made By Abbey.  She is a verified influencer on TikTok and Instagram and appears in the Emmy Award winning show Love On the Spectrum US, on Netflix.   Abbey has had 20 years of speech therapy and other services to get where she is today.