Know the Name Know the Answers, January 16, 2020

Know the Name; Know the Answers with Sharón Lynn Wyeth

Know the Name Know the Answers with Sharón Lynn Wyeth and guest Madeline Gerwick, Astrologer

Guest, Madeline Gerwick

Guest Occupation: 
Internationally recognized, certified astrologer, specializing in business, economic, and personal astrology

A Fireside Chat, December 28, 2019

A Fireside Chat with Lance White (The Zany Mystic)

Guest, Carla J Fox Quantum Metaphysician, Astrologer, Author will talk about the upcoming astrological events.  The main event is a planetary conjunction of Saturn and Pluto which is said to jump start major societal changes - for the better!

Guest, Mitchell Scott Lewis

Guest Occupation: 
professional astrologer


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