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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 April 2021

Headlined Guests

Guest Occupation: Magenta is a Channel for the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine and devotee of all things hippy weird alternative green and woo woo.
Guest Biography:

My guest Magenta Pixie is a channel for the higher dimensional, divine intelligence known as 'The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine'.  The transmissions she receives from 'The Nine' have reached thousands of people worldwide through the extensive video collection on her YouTube channel.  Magenta has been communicating with the 'The Nine,' a sixth dimensional 'monadic light structure,' for over 24 years. She has written many books, her first book 'Masters of the Matrix,’ won the 'Best Spirituality Books of All Time' and 'Best Consciousness Books of All Time' book awards. Magenta works globally as an intuitive consultant and holistic life coach.  She lives in the New Forest, U.K. with her partner, her son, one dog and two cats.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Paranormal, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual, Theory & Conspiracy
Guest Occupation: Joel and Kim Feller Endowed Professor of African-American Studies and Anthropology in the College of Behavioral & Social Sciences at the University of Maryland-College Park
Guest Biography:

Dr. Joseph Richardson, Jr. is the Joel and Kim Feller Endowed Professor of African-American Studies and Anthropology in the College of Behavioral & Social Sciences at the University of Maryland-College Park. This endowment supports his research on gun violence and trauma among Black boys and young Black men.

Dr. Richardson received his PhD in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Rutgers University-School of Criminal Justice and his bachelor's degree in African and African-American Studies from the University of Virginia. He completed a Spencer Foundation Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at the University of Chicago and an NIMH clinical post-doctoral research training.

He holds a joint appointment in the Department of Anthropology (Medical) and a secondary appointment in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Division of Preventive Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Dr. Richardson is currently the principal investigator for the UMB Center for Injury Prevention and Policy and the Violence Intervention Program (Baltimore) — a hospital-based violence intervention program at the University of Maryland.

Dr. Richardson is the executive producer and director of the award-winning digital storytelling project entitled LIFE AFTER THE GUNSHOT — which explores the social context of gun violence, trauma and the intersection of the health care and criminal justice systems among 10 young Black men survivors of gun violence in Washington, DC.


Guest Category: History, Kids & Family, Politics & Government, Self Help, Society and Culture, Variety
Guest Occupation: Veteran film & television Director, Producer
Guest Biography:

Winning was born in CalgaryAlberta.[1] He became a dual citizen of the US and Canada in 2003 and lives in Los Angeles. He was making films at age ten with a Super 8 camera. In 1979, he received a Canada Council grant to make the sixteen millimeter drama Sequence,[2] and expanded the plotline into his first feature film Storm, filmed in the summer of 1983 in Bragg Creek, Alberta. It was shot with money that his father had set aside for film school and was screened at Cannes.[1] It took four years to finish and was released by Golan-GlobusCannon Films International and Warner Home Video in 1988. A December 11, 1989 Los Angeles Times review called the film "taut, ambitious and darkly comic".[3]

At 27, he directed episodes of Friday the 13th: The Series for Paramount and received three Gemini Award nominations.[4] His second feature Killer Image followed in 1992; the mystery-thriller starred Michael Ironside and M. Emmet Walsh. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s he directed 45 movies and episodes of twenty-nine series, including Stargate: Atlantis,[5] ABC's Dinotopia filmed in BudapestNickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and four seasons on Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.[6] He directed Kim CattrallSean Young, and Eric McCormack in the award-winning thriller Exception to the Rule. His biggest budget studio movie to date is the $29-million kids sci-fi action sequel Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie for 20th Century Fox.[7] He directed seven episodes of the Cannell police series Street Justice with Carl Weathers.[8][self-published source?Winning said "Episodic TV gets no respect" in a March 2000 Toronto Star interview.[9] He directed a 16-year-old Ryan Gosling in the Pilot and seven episodes of the Paramount UPN kid series Breaker High.

According to the February 2010 Avatar issue of Sci Fi Magazine, he was slated to direct the movie Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage with Patrick Stewart.[10] He directed episodes of Space Channel's comedy/horror series Todd and the Book of Pure Evil and Lost Girl[1] for SYFY Channel and Showcase—and supervised and directed the far north webisode series YUKONIC online in 2011. He is directing XIII: The Series with Stuart Townsend, produced by Roger Avary for French Canal +, and multiple episodes of the live audience multi-camera sitcom Mr. Young for The Disney Channel. In 2017 he became one of the house directors on the Netflix / SYFY channel series Van Helsing; an explosive post-apocalyptic take on the vampire rising based on a graphic novel. He also started directing over a dozen Christmas and family films for the Hallmark Channel; including A Summer Romance, Tulips in Spring, A December Bride, and Unleashing Mr. Darcy, which broke the network record on social media with 47 Million tweets.

Short bio

45 Features, 29 Series, over 180 TV credits, David Winning is a US/Canada Dual Citizen and veteran film & television Director and Producer. Experience in all genres: Sci-Fi, horror, drama, action, theatrical release, movies-of-the-week, episodic, romance, westerns, Christmas movies, comedy, family, kid's series, live audience multi-cam, situation comedies, web-based, to name a few 

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Entertainment, Kids & Family, TV & Film
Guest Occupation: Registered Nurse, & Director of Lifelong Learning at Virtual Brain Health Center.
Guest Biography:

LeAnne Stuver, our Co-Founder & Director of Lifelong Learning here at the Virtual Brain Health Center. Her beneficial background to the organization comes from her over two decades of service directing a comprehensive lifelong learning program on a senior living campus. If that wasn’t enough of an achievement, she’s a  registered nurse with ten years of hospital experience.

She taught a vast wealth of educational programs during her career, educating both adults and professional audiences. Putting her knowledge into practice, LeAnne released a publication through the American Society on Aging – highlighting creating educational opportunities for older adults in a senior living setting.

An asset to the Virtual Brain Health Center, she brings her educational background and innovative practices to all our students, enabling them to successfully achieve their personal brain wellness goals.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Variety
Guest Occupation: Maverick player, builder, and teacher of the ancient native Australian instrument, the didgeridoo
Guest Biography:

There is only one Pitz Quattrone. Maverick player, builder, and teacher of the ancient native Australian instrument, the didgeridoo. A writer of songs, from tragic to comic, and everything in between. Dynamic frontman, able to bring an audience to its feet, with his singing, playing, and wild rock-funk testifying. Whether manic and hilarious, or serious as a heart attack, Pitz Quattrone is truly one-of-a-kind.

Since the early-1990s, Pitz has been honing his chops and credentials, he has become the 'go-to-guy' for the didgeridoo. He has toured from Greenland to Africa and throughout the U.S., performing solo and with top artists such as Ronstadt Brothers, Dark Star Orchestra, Senegalese superstar Baaba Maal’s band, his band The Freelancers, and his humorous act: Harv Darvis - Inferior Lounge Singer. A feature article in The Huffington Post has further increased Pitz’s international profile.

All the while, Pitz has built a reputation as a learned and inspiring teacher. Able to bridge cultural divides with his quirky enthusiastic energy, Pitz has brought the pleasures of didge playing and building to thousands of kids and adults around the world. By turns hilarious and serious, funky and intense, there is only one Pitz Quattrone.

Pitz is a true pro in front of a crowd, microphone, or camera. His radio career began in 1990. On the radio, he has been the creator, host, and producer of specialty music shows as well as voice-over/character voice talent in commercials and recording projects. He’s also managed to combine his love of sports and radio by working as a color commentator and play-by-play announcer. He’s fluent in Hockey, Football, Lacrosse, and Baseball. For Pitz's 3-minute fun, performance video demo reel, click here.

Being a professional entertainer since the mid-1980s has given Pitz a level of comfort on the public stage that can only be obtained in a hands-on environment. He has also enjoyed being the MC of special events and music festivals. Pitz has earned an Associate’s degree in Communications, combining TV, film, video, and radio.


Guest Category: Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Variety
Guest Occupation: Rob Gauthier, a professional channel for Pleiadian, ET, and Archangelic consciousness. He's channeled thousands of ET races for individuals all over the world.
Guest Biography:

Rob Gauthier is one of the most respected trance channelers in the world. For more than a decade, he has helped thousands of individuals receive clarity on their life path and mission through his classes, coaching, and readings. Rob primarily works with three main guides - Aridif, Treb Bor Yit-Ne, and Metatron - and also channels hundreds of ET consciousnesses. Rob is an in-demand speaker and teacher and has been featured on GAIA TV, in many documentaries, internet shows, interviews, and books for his unique channeling abilities. 

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Paranormal, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual, Theory & Conspiracy
Guest Occupation: Educator, Trainer, Podcaster. Speaker
Guest Biography:

Eric Chase is a speaker, educator and podcaster, who has experience in the Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting, and EMS as a Paramedic.

Eric is dedicated to improving individual & organizational engagement in a pro-social/psychologically safe environment by providing workshops & classes including: 
dealing with failure, listening, feedback, simulations, public speaking, accepting ideas, collaboration, leadership, mindfulness, anxiety, and resilience. EMSIMPROV Emphasizes the role of play and joy through humor.

Guest Category: Psychology, Emotional Health and Freedom, Mental Health, Personal Development, Self Help, Inspirational, Motivational
Guest Occupation: Ward 3 representative of the DC State Board of Education
Guest Biography:

Eric Goulet grew up as the son of two public school teachers in Baldwinsville, NY.  He graduated from the State University of New York, College at Geneseo with a BA in Political Science in 1999.  Immediately after college, Eric attended the University of Notre Dame School of Law, where he graduated in 2002. During his third-year of law school, Eric taught a Street Law course to students at a high school in South Bend, Indiana.

Eric is licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia and Virginia.  He began his professional career in Washington, DC in 2003, as a legislative counsel for the DC Council, Committee on Human Services, overseeing health and aging issues for committee chairperson, Ward 8 Councilmember Sandy Allen.  In 2005, Eric became the Director of the Council's Committee on Finance and Revenue.  As Committee Director, Eric moved important legislation through the Committee, including Bill 15-1028, the “Ballpark Omnibus Financing and Revenue Act of 2004”, which approved the construction of the Washington Nationals stadium and brought Major League Baseball back to the District of Columbia.  During this time, Bill 16-250, the "School Modernization Financing Act of 2006" was introduced by Councilmembers Adrian Fenty, Vincent Gray, and Kwame Brown, and referred to the Committee on Finance and Revenue.  Eric visited over a dozen DC Public Schools and found them to be in a state of woeful disrepair.  Eric worked with Councilmembers Jack Evans and Kathy Patterson to create an ongoing financing mechanism for public school capital funding that paved the way for the $5 billion Phase 1 modernization of DC Public Schools.

In 2007, Eric was appointed as Budget Director for the DC Council by Chairman Vincent Gray.  Soon after, the country entered the period known as the Great Recession.  Eric led the legislative oversight and approval process of the DC budget through a period of nine consecutive quarters of sharply declining revenue during the Great Recession.  Eric worked with the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, led by Dr. Natwar Gandhi, to draft legislation to establish DC’s 12% debt cap and require two months cash-on-hand, which allowed DC to recover from the recession and achieve Triple-A bond ratings for the first time ever.  Eric worked with Chairman Gray to allocate funding for Bill 17-537, the"Pre-k Enhancement and Expansion Amendment Act of 2008", which created the first universal pre-kindergarten program for three and four-year-olds in the country, even as revenue was declining and other programs were being cut.

In 2011, Eric became the District of Columbia Budget Director, overseeing the District's $11 billion budget.  Eric developed and executed an annual operations plan to ensure the DC government stayed within budget, and created the Spending Pressure Task Force that identified and eliminated over $100 million of overspending within DC government agencies. Through these savings, Mayor Vincent Gray was able to invest in transformational initiatives, such as maximizing Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, increasing access to inclusive special education services, and funding a capital modernization of all DC Public Schools and DC playgrounds.

In 2017, Eric decided to return to the Council's Committee on Health, because despite having nearly 97% of our residents insured, there are still significant health outcome disparities in DC driven by social determinants of health.  As Committee Director, under the leadership of Committee chairperson Vince Gray, Eric drafted legislation to transform DC’s health care system for its two eastern wards with a new state-of-the-art community hospital, an ambulatory care center, and two urgent care centers. Eric also worked with his Committee staff to draft the Birth-to-Three for All DC Act of 2018, which will make subsidized high-quality childcare services available for all DC families with children from birth to age three.  

Eric was recently elected as the Ward 3 representative of the D.C. State Board of Education and will focus on solving Ward 3 school overcrowding, attracting and retaining teachers, and expanding Out of School Time and summer programs for all DC youth.  Eric lives in the Palisades with his two sons, Alec and Chan, and his two dogs, Scarlet and Domino.  When Eric is not representing the students and families of Ward 3 he enjoys running and weight-lifting.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Politics & Government, Variety
Guest Occupation: entrepreneur, best-selling author, podcaster
Guest Biography:

Elena Harder is here to catalyze your Joygasm! Through her own experience of decades of depression, postpartum rage and psychosis, she awakened to the need for mother centered communities of care.

Spending far too many years as a workshop junkie, single mother and struggling entrepreneur she knows what it is to work too hard for too little reward. A destined encounter with Joygasm showed a path out of the shitstorm and into a new beautiful life. Sharing vulnerable stories of transformation through her podcast The Joygasmic Life.  She offers attunements to release rape from your yoni, quit expecting the worst from your kids and heal compulsive over giving. She is an international best-selling author of 3 books with a postpartum healing journal coming soon.

She catalyzes mothers to empower themselves through digestible eCourses to help remove negative self-talk, alchemize daily stressors and create their own Joygasmic Life. 

Guest Category: Literature, Business, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Emotional Health and Freedom, Personal Development, Inspirational, Motivational
Guest Occupation: writer, producer, actress
Guest Biography:

Christina Urias (you-ri-us) a writer, producer, and actress.

Grandave Capital got started five years ago. Ruben Islas who always dreamt of making movies, brought me on I was the second employee, Candice DelGuidice was the first. We’ve grown so much over the years, adding many talented people to our ever-growing dynamic team.

I come from a very tightly knit family. My mother is from Mexico, my father from Los Angeles of German Mexican decent. I have two brothers. I am the middle child. I am definitely a Tomboy. So when it came to acting action scenes or stunt work that didn’t come out of the ordinary for me. I grew up emulating Rocky Balboa vs. Ivan Drago fights with my brothers. Of course, we each always wanted to be Rocky! We would recite lines from Lion Heart and Kickboxer wanted to be just like Jean Claude Van Damme, and still do.

So, whenever there’s a chance to unleash that childhood playfulness I was so use to reenacting as a kid, as an adult and now actress I come in swinging, for the opportunity.

Ruben I came up with the Idea for Divorce Bait, along with two their writers This a raunchy comedy that came out this past December on every streaming platform. I had a small cameo as Jasmin, the bitchy assistant.

On a business trip to Palm Springs, Ruben, Candice and I met downstairs for lunch. Ruben tells us about this dream he had. I was a nun and was holding a crucifix in church. I was like ok, Candice and I both laughing.

He said we should make a movie. So, we started researching about nuns Ruben came across this amazing story about a nun who died saving a girl from human trafficking. We did more and more research and found an elite group of super nuns called Talitha Kum, which means little girl I say to you Arise. Mark 5:41.

When we found this out, we knew we had to make this movie happen. I started writing and Ruben says: Oh yeah, you’re playing the lead.

I’ve always admired actors and the ability to portray and give life to a character. I never dreamed that was in the stars for me. So, when I was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime I stepped up to the plate.

Final Vow is and will always be one of the best experiences of my life. That will premiere at the Boston International Film Festival, April 15th.

After Final Vow, we started Last Call shortly after and that was filmed in Mazatlan. I cowrote that produced and was a supporting actor in that film.

We just wrapped Gringo Hunters and that’s in post-production. I play a villain named Tracy. I start a new project Mid-April. 

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Literature, Business, Entertainment, Kids & Family, TV & Film
Guest Occupation: Sacred sound alchemist
Guest Biography:


Rasa Priya is a unique sacred sound alchemist who has studied the healing arts for more than 30 years.  His approach is original, artistic and beautifully creative.  He combines spirituality, quantum healing, mindfulness, science, art, and various styles of music in order to create a vibrationally sacred space for a deep healing  journey.  Many who experience Rasa’s work, have transformed their lives through self realization, self acceptance, self love, and healing from old wounds.  


As a child, Rasa grew up in an abusive home and sought playing music as a way to escape, a safe place for self expression.  Early on, he was recognized by his music teachers as gifted and was even featured in a public performance after only one month of instruction.  As a young teen Rasa struggled to find his way in the world, troubled by the ways of the human condition and the state of world affairs.  After some time, Rasa eventually turned to spirituality as a way to heal his internal conflict.  Combining music and spirituality seemed like a perfect match.  Music allowed the freedom of creative exploration and expression, beyond the rigid constraints of his limited conditioning and perception.  

Healing Journey-

Rasa’s desire for service led him into healthcare where he earned degrees in respiratory therapy and nursing.   As a healthcare worker, he discovered the relationship between wellness and internal conflict.  He noticed how much perspective and thoughts influence body chemistry.  Rasa was often frustrated with the superficial approach and limitations of western medicine.  “In western medicine we mostly treat symptoms.  Rarely do we address the root causes of suffering”, Rasa explains.  Searching for answers, both professionally and personally, Rasa journeyed to India where he stayed in temples, studying meditation, spirituality, and music related to spiritual cultivation.  Rasa’s interest in spirituality and music continued and he created a kirtan (chanting) band, Jivatma, and ended up playing mostly for small gigs and festivals.  After many years, Rasa left the healthcare industry and devoted himself fully to his life long dream of music and healing.  

Shamanic Initiation-

Rasa began having unusual experiences as a child.  His parents recall him seeing and speaking to a being that they could not see, but thought of it as a creation of a normal childhood imagination. By age 7, Rasa had a series of dreams and visions that appeared other worldly.  Many of the things he saw he could not understand at the time, he could not make sense of things…until now.  “In one vision, an entity with white light as a face showed me the future.  At the time I thought he was Jesus. In this vision, people were projecting their fear onto one another, striking out at each other” Rasa said.  He points out that although this concept is easily understood at present, he had no idea what this meant as a child.  Rasa shares that he was shown how he came from source and that he had to pass through some kind of dense layer in order to manifest into this material world.  Another vision came many years later, when Rasa was visited by six light beings.  They told him they were neither male or female, and that he was really a part of their family.  As many of us do, Rasa set these experiences aside and carried on with his life, not really knowing what to do with the information, or if it was even real.  Feeling a deep internal call, he moved to Maui where his life dramatically transformed.  He engaged in deep forms of spiritual practice, became a student of the Vedas, studied massage and reiki, and explored with various plant medicines.  Many of these practices revealed his natural relationship with energy and healing.  

Maui Sound Healing-

Maui Sound Healing is the creation of Rasa Priya and Sarah Sundari.  Their unique approach and eclectic style take the listener deep within, a truly healing experience.   They offer private sound healing sessions, shamanic (shadow work) sessions, and retreats on the island of Maui. 

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Entertainment, Sound Healing, Music, Self Help, Society and Culture, Spiritual
Guest Occupation: Pioneer of the Internet, businesswoman, accredited astrologer, publisher, and author
Guest Biography:


Susan Miller is a pioneer of the Internet, a businesswoman, publisher, and author of 14 best-selling astrology books. An accredited astrologer, she is the founder of where she writes comprehensive monthly forecasts available on the Internet. Started in 1995, Susan’s website is visited by 13 million unique readers annually. According to Google Analytics, her site is #1 in readership in America. Astrology Zone® is also read internationally, where 52% of her web traffic is based, emanating from 132 countries.

Susan is also a regular, monthly contributing editor to four international fashion magazines: Vogue Japan, Vogue China, W South Korea, and Amica, a glossy fashion magazine based in Milan for Italian readers. In the US, Susan was a contributing editor for Instyle for five years, and prior to that, for Elle Magazine for six years.

Susan’s corporate clients are too numerous to list, but most recently she was invited by Louis Vuitton to help celebrate Mr. Vuitton’s 200th birthday. In addition to speaking to selected LV press, Susan also designed a window in concert with a creative team from the Creative Lab in London, displaying the solar system within one of Mr. Vuitton’s classic trunks. In September 2021, Susan’s window design was replicated in 400 Louis Vuitton boutiques worldwide.

In 2020, just prior to the Coronavirus shutdown in New York City, from January 1 to March 1, Susan designed her own pop-up Astrology Zone shop in Bloomingdale’s flagship New York City 59th Street location. Susan’s shop was situated on the main floor where Susan, working with Bloomingdale’s buyers in multiple departments, displayed many types of gifts, appropriate for Fire, Earth, Air, or Water signs. The beautifully decorated 1,200-square foot boutique with ceiling to floor continuous films of the four elements was replicated in Bloomingdale’s stores in Bergen County New Jersey, Union Square in San Francisco, and in the Westside Mall in Los Angeles.

Susan has two popular apps that are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The first is called “Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller,” which is offered in two versions—free and paid subscription. Her premium paid version is a three-time award winner, receiving first prize for compelling content from the Media Excellence Awards. Susan’s app, first created in 2003, and updated several times, was most recently completely redesigned in August 2020. The premium version of her app was given the Honoree award for three consecutive years by the Webby Awards.

Her second, newest app, also available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, was introduced in June 2022 and is called “Moonlight: Phases of the Moon by Susan Miller.” Her app reports many ephemeral facts, including the eight moon phases, which of the 12 signs the moon will be traveling through that day, and its most important feature, the precise time the moon becomes void-of-course—and when that period stops. The moon goes void continually at random intervals, sometimes for a matter of minutes, but most often for several hours or more than a day.

Readers will know when to sidestep a void-moon period no matter where they live or happen to be traveling. Both “Daily Horoscope” and “Moonlight” employ GPS location services to report accurate important information for each day on the calendar worldwide regardless of where the app user is on the planet. Her Moonlight app goes up to the year 2050 and is meant to be used every day so that app users will always know when to time their most vital initiations. Susan Miller’s Moonlight app is considered unique for a mass audience, and like her other app, is beautifully designed and is supremely user friendly.

Finally, in the astrological community, Susan was a finalist in the Professional Image category of the Regulus Awards at the United Astrology Conference in Orlando, Florida. (The conference takes place every five years and attracts an international audience.) The Regulus Award is the highest honor given to an astrologer for their contribution to the field of astrology. The award is named after Regulus, the brightest star in the night sky.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Paranormal, Physics & Metaphysics, Science, Society and Culture, Spiritual
Guest Occupation: Visionary, creator and designer
Guest Biography:


As the visionary, creator and designer of nature-regenerative “lovestyle” brand One Golden Thread, Jeff Scult inspires people to reveal the gold that resides inside, claim their voice and live by design. At the age of 51, Jeff made a legendary pivot from serial entrepreneur in the corporate world to become a first-time clothing designer and “floetic” spoken word artist. Led by his heart and passion to inspire aligned action in the world, Jeff wove together a sacred connection between self, community and planet.

This journey led him to cultivating a global community and designing “Sacred Earthwear to wear everywhere.” Through conscious clothes, cultivated experiences and poetic truth speaking, Jeff’s purpose is to inspire us to tap into our most “rawthentic” self-expression to live life golden. Jeff is a thought leader in Regenerative Fashion, 3x profiled in Forbes and a frequent guest on conscious community podcasts.

Guest Category: Arts, Design, Business, Careers, Marketing, Philosophy, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Freestyle artist
Guest Biography:


Zach Puchtel is a freestyle artist, a lively spirit temporarily residing in physical form, and likes to spend his energy in creation, play and remembering what it feels like to be a part of the Oneness. He hosts a weekly improvisational music circle in Los Angeles, as well as medicinal musical ceremonies. 

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music
Guest Occupation: Swiss visionary speaker, author, coach, father, dreamer, and soul surfer
Guest Biography:


Marcel Kuhn is a Swiss visionary speaker, author, coach, father, dreamer, and soul surfer who passionately explores the edges of his comfort zone and what it means to create an unthinkable reality through FLOW: Finding Love and Oneness Within.

Marcel has spent over a decade immersed in personal development, traveling globally to work with top experts from coaches, speakers, and trainers, to spiritual healers and shamans. Through his impeccable storytelling, discoveries, and practices, Marcel guides and inspires others to connect with their dreams and do the unthinkable while creating joy and fulfillment along the way.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Love & Relationships, Psychology, Emotional Health and Freedom, Mental Health, Personal Development, Self Help, Society and Culture, Spiritual
Guest Occupation: Singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, and producer
Guest Biography:


Ollie Gabriel is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, and producer who was born in Southwest Louisiana. He first gained recognition with his hit single “Running Man,” which climbed the charts in Europe, reaching the top 10 in countries like Switzerland and Austria.

Gabriel has a soulful voice and a unique style that blends elements of pop, rock, and R&B, and his catchy, upbeat songs have made him a fan favorite around the world. In 2019, Gabriel was featured on the television show Songland, where he premiered his song “Something New,” which became his first US Billboard hit.

In addition to “Running Man” and “Something New,” Gabriel has released a number of other successful singles and has toured internationally to promote his music. He is known for his energetic live performances and his ability to connect with his audience. In addition to his successful music career, Gabriel is also growing his philanthropic efforts and commitment to using his platform to make a positive impact on the world.

He is partnering with Hope 2 Walk charity to raise money for amputees with an upcoming book set to release in April. In 2023 he is releasing a book for charity, his first independent film and a musical web series that he produced, wrote and starred in, showing the world that Ollie Gabriel is a creative force that will impact the entertainment industry and beyond.

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music
Guest Occupation: CEO of Image Factory Productions, performer, video IMAG expert, music photographer, media content creator, & video & production manager
Guest Biography:


Chris Kissinger is CEO of Image Factory Productions (Los Angeles, CA), A longtime music industry veteran and himself a former performer (80’s rockstar), he has had the pleasure of working with most of the biggest music stars of the past 40 plus years and he is often the top directorial choice of performing artists such as The Steve Miller Band, Jack Johnson, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and Jackson Browne. Since 2001, Kissinger has been a video IMAG expert, music photographer, media content creator, and video & production manager for popular music and entertainment venues across the country.

He created, designed, and implemented the video IMAG systems for 7 national venues including the Greek Theater LA, Hollywood Bowl, and Shrine auditorium. He has directed and shot national entertainment promos such as the GLEE 3D movie commercial, David Crosby Live From The Troubadour in Concert DVD, Musicians United, The Fab Four Symphony, and He has been published in Rolling Stones for his 5 years of dedicated visual work with Kristen Stiles for the Autism speaks Light up the Blues concert Benefit series hosted by Jack Black, and video production of plays with academy award winner Tim Robbins.

Working in robotics brought him to a last minute creation with Sweedish House mafia and The Weeknd in 2002 for Coachella ..and is currently working with Alanis Moresette ( world tour) and Barry Manilow ( US).multi screen visuals.

Chris has been called “the entertainment master” because he is known for his gift to not just provide exceptional service, but a vivid visual experience, and emotional impact through sound, lighting, and image for both his clients and the audience.

His cutting edge & innovative approach to event & video production transforms any venue, event, or product into an electrifying & attention-grabbing experience through his unique creativity & team of dynamic dream makers, that cuts through the red tape to move his clients from an idea, to vision, to reality, and finalizing senses seducing results!

Guest Category: Beauty, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Business, Entertainment, Philosophy, Society and Culture, TV & Film
Guest Occupation: Singer and songwriter
Guest Biography:


At just 25-years-old, singer and songwriter Maryon King is emerging as one of pop’s most exciting new talents. Born in Calarasi, Moldova, raised in Padova, Italy and London, and now based in Los Angeles, Maryon’s musical journey has been anything but linear. Her story is one of grit, determination and compelling natural talent.

She first fell in love with music at the age of eleven when she saw Madonna performing “Hung Up” on MTV. Her parents encouraged her to follow a more traditional, less-risky path, but Maryon was undeterred. She spent her teen years sneaking out to singing lessons, without the knowledge of her parents, and learning to play guitar. At the age of 18, Maryon acquiesced with her parents’ wishes and headed to university in London to study languages but secretly switched her degree to music within a few months.

Buoyed by steadfast determination and undeniable talent, Maryon immersed herself in the London music scene. Over the last 5 years, she’s written in London, Los Angeles and Paris, working with The Stereotypes, Pam Sheyne, Aaron Forbes, Martin Luke Brow, Adj Buffon and Gez O’Connell to find and perfect her left-of-center pop sound. With a knack for heartfelt lyricism, irresistible melodies and a soulful voice that belies her youth, Maryon has quickly revealed herself as a promising new act to watch.

Last year, she released her debut single, “Hustler,” and followed it up with two more songs, “Flatline” — which has already amassed over 500K streams — and “New Life.” And Boys Will Be Boys which is at almost 1 M streams.

Now settled in LA, she has shared her debut single, ‘Back to Strangers,’ from her EP a collection of songs that see Maryon rising from the ashes of heartbreak, stronger and more confident than ever before. “I want to make the listener feel less alone in a world that’s so chaotic and uncertain,” she says. “Music saved me and I hope my songs can be a relief in someone else’s life.”

In addition to her own music, Maryon has also co-written and vocaled songs for Afrojack, Martin Jensen and Tiesto, performed on Sigala’s sold out tours in the UK and Ireland, and opened for BEKA on her sold out UK tour.

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Guest Occupation: Personal growth strategist, author, philanthropist, and businesswoman
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Florence Ann Romano is a personal growth strategist, author, philanthropist, and businesswoman with a sparkling personality. With an eye for marketing, Romano flourishes as both an advisor for and the vice president of business strategy for Yakkety Yak. Florence is a proud member of the board of directors at the Children’s Research Fund as well as Female Strong. She is also a founding member of Sesame Street’s Leadership Council. After spending more than fifteen years as a childcare provider, during which she was known as the Windy City Nanny, Romano is the authority on childcare and family support in this new millennium and has more than five hundred media appearances discussing these topics. Born and raised just outside of Chicago, Romano wants to show people that not only is the saying “It takes a village” true, but also how important the need for community is.

She is the author of Build Your Village: A Guide to Finding Joy and Community in Every Stage of Life (Beyond Words, February 2023).

Short Book Synopsis

Build Your Village by Florence Ann Romano Everyone has heard the phrase, “It takes a village,” but how exactly do we find our village? Who is in it and what does it look like? Rethinking the relationships in your life, you may realize that even if you have a calendar filled with social plans, you still might not have your “village.” In Build Your Village, philanthropist and businesswoman Florence Ann Romano answers these questions and more, helping you to build lasting relationships with those in your life, dispel isolation, and improve your overall happiness and health. Each chapter helps you to foster the villager qualities within yourself and to find others who display these qualities. From identifying the six types of villagers needed to complete a fully functional village to what to do when you’ve lost your community, this book serves as a step-by step guide complete with quizzes, gutcheck questions, and action steps as you learn the importance of support systems as well as how to nurture them and find meaningful connections. Your village is waiting. Now it’s time to go and find it.   Available on Amazon

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Seyje is a global artist, a multi instrumentalist guitar and piano based singer songwriter and instrumental new age pianist. From an early age he grew up listening to Indian popular music, including the melodic and classically minded music of Bollywood. Coupled with growing up in the US Midwest, and being an avid fan of rock music, his musical output reflects the strong influences of these two cultures.

Through his project, The Quiet Space, he composes improvisational piano which is inspirational and draws from life’s emotions and passions.  His music is heart filled and reflects the hopes and aspirations for achieving life’s affections.  His work is inspired by nature, and it takes the listener through an improvisation based sound experience, through elevated moods and emotions, helping to realize greater states and freedom and peace.  Career highlights include the 2020 release of The Quiet Space debut album “In Love”.  The debut single, which is the title track of the same name, highlights the poignancy, lightness, and intensity of his work.

He has recently returned to Los Angeles after living in Tulum Mexico  much of the past year, where he was performing instrumental piano concerts.

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