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A 21 year old bi-racial emerging Hip-Hop artist out of St.Louis, Missouri that goes by KXG (King). Originally born in Farmington, Missouri I moved over 25 times by the age of 18. This made life unstable making it hard to open up and trust others, even dropping out of high-school for a year before I went back to complete it. I was in and out of homeless shelters, sleeping on bus benches, roach infested motels even checking into hospitals to avoid sleeping on the streets when eviction notices got handed out.

I'm an upcoming 18 year old artist from Canada, specifically from Toronto, Ontario. I've been making music for a year now and uploaded songs on Spotify for a couple of months. The genre I mainly am focused on is hip hop/rap, with the sub-genre being melodic. I peaked at around 1.1k monthly listeners on Spotify and currently have songs  above 9K and 12K streams respectively. Making music is just a hobby, but I hope that this hobby can turn into a profession.
Eli Wesse

Elijah Wesse was born in Ypsilanti, MI at St. Joes Hospital on March 29, 1996. He spent most of his time growing up with his four sisters and mother in Southeast Michigan and later moved to the east coast at 16. Eli’s parents were both passionate musicians. They played and exposed Eli to music at an early age.

The goal of my music is to inspire change and motivation for anyone who can relate to the message. I am reaching out to people on ALL walks of life – poor or rich, believers or non-believers, young or old – it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve come from. What matters is where you’re going.


I’m contacting on behalf of WARD, a multi-instrumentalist from the South of Ireland, who writes, performs and produces each element of his music. He recently signed with us at Egg Twelve Records, an Independent Record Label based in Waterford, Ireland.

His debut single, “Romeo” will be released on all major streaming platforms on May 1st 2020. The track is in keeping with modern charting trends, falling somewhere between pop and hip-hop, all while maintaining the authenticity of live instrumentation and delivering a catchy hook.