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Music Submission, AR*ome*5

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Young D reps Detroit with new album ‘Don’t Sleep,’ and new single ‘How That Feel’ DETROIT, MI – Young D is an artist who wants to be known for controversy and for doing something different. He wants to make an impact on the music industry, but he wants to do it differently than anyone else. That’s why there are so many unique sounds and styles on his new album, “Don’t Sleep,” which is slated to be released on April 20. “There all kinds of different stuff on this one album,” Young D said. “There’s jazz rap, rock rap, a lot of trap, singing, pop songs, love songs, and just a little bit of everything. I’m trying to keep it different and keep everybody’s attention, so that it’s not just for one specific group of people but can really broaden my horizons. My hope is that you can listen to me no matter what genre of music you like and enjoy what I have to offer.” Young D’s trademark jazz rap is a sound that has been turning heads recently and gaining the attention of A&Rs all over the country. It’s a sound and style that he said most people find surprising, and one that he started developing early on in his career. At age 14 he was intrigued by instrumentals and began to teach himself how to play piano. Soon after that he started producing his own beats, and the more beats he created the more song lyrics floated in his head so that soon he was writing his own songs, as well. It came natural to him, and before long he was pumping out one chorus after another. The day he discovered some jazz beats was the day he found his signature sound, and he hasn’t looked back since. Two songs on the album – “Soul Music” and “Good Life” – specifically showcase that jazz rap, while others, like the debut single “Came A Long Way,” showcase his unique sound and style. “Came A Long Way” is about his struggle growing up, often starving for food to the point of eating out of a trashcan and having to find ways to get money as a young child. This led him to hustle on the streets without a father figure to steer him in the right direction. The song eventually grows to a lighter side of his life, highlighting the moments more recently when he and his father grew close before he passed away. “My variety and my voice definitely make me stand out,” he said. “Most people say I should be a radio personality. I have the voice for it. Add to that the way I write music and how I can write anything, from rock to country to just about anything. I’m a fantastic songwriter.” Coming from the streets of Detroit, Young D said he hopes to rep his town and showcase some of the great music coming from one of the greatest music cities in all of history. Over the years he has won more than 25 rap battles and seen regular radio play on popular radio stations such as 99.1 The Vibe FM, 104.7 Kiss FM and 98.3 Toledo. Recently he completed a tour that saw him open for some big names, including Yung Bleu, Wooh Da Kid, Hardo and Derez Deshawn. His new album, “Don’t Sleep,” will be available on all digital download sites beginning April 20.

Manu Crooks

Manu Crooks
Manu Crooks is a rapper and producer whose output is comparable to contemporary rap out of the Southern U.S. more than that of his native Australia.
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Manu Crooks
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
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Manu Crooks, Song titled, Different League
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Different League - single
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Different League

Music Submission, Stovetop

Work In Progress, Stovetop, Christian Rap
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Even before he discovered his passion for rhyming, music was an important aspect of up-and-coming Christian rapper Lee “Stovetop” Stover’s life.

            The 30-year-old Adrian, Minnesota, native grew up loving Michael Jackson, Motown and 2000s era Boy Bands such as the Backstreet Boys and N*Sync; however, when he arrived at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa, hip-hop became his primary musical love.

            During his college years, Stovetop wrote raps and experimented with production, but never really felt comfortable publicly displaying his skills until he started making music catered directly to his dorm mates at Northwestern.

Describing it as a fraternity like atmosphere, Stover said his dorm mates took a shining to his ability to use his talent to drop bars filled with inside jokes and familiar stories.

            After graduating from Northwestern in 2010 with a degree in public relations, Stovetop decided to take his desire to rap a little more seriously and began investing himself financially and by consistently writing rhymes in his downtime, something he still does today.

Additionally, he partnered with a then new Northwestern student, Jeriah “Jay-Rah” Dunk, a now California-based Christian music artist and producer, who also aided him in quest to take his craft to the next level.

            Armed with better equipment, more confidence in his ability and a solid collaborator, Stovetop started sharing his gift with the world, something that allowed him to slowly build up a following in Northwest Iowa and surrounding region.

            In 2011, he released his first project, “The Experiment Mixtape,” followed by “The Prequel” (2011), “Tunes (2013), and “It’s All True: The h* Tracks” (2013), and he is in the final stage of releasing his debut album, “Work in Progress” (2018).

            “Work in Progress” is the culmination of five years of effort and the title serves as a reminder to people that you should never stop trying to improve yourself or finding ways to things do better.

Combined with the multiple singles he’s released — including his 2013 ode to the Sheldon High School Boys’ State Championship Team, “Orab Anthem,” which got local radio play — Stovetop’s music has collectively accumulated more than 150,000 Soundcloud streams.

Stylewise, Stovetop has a hard time describing his musical style, but the lyricst is heavily influenced by both secular and Christian artists such as Andy Mineo, Drake, Lecrae, NF and tobyMac, a trait reflected by the extreme versatility on display in his burgeoning catalog.

            While he has difficulty narrowing down a way to describe himself as an artist, he is adamant that spirituality, positivity and encouragement are standard pillars of his music.

            When he’s not making music, you can find Stovetop overseeing marketing for Rise Ministries, a Sheldon, Iowa-based ministry best known for putting on the national recording act drawing annual RiseFest event or djing as one third of Stovetop Productions.

            In addition to that, the Sheldon resident likes to watch movies, play video games, go running, play basketball and spend time with his expectant wife and 2-year-old son.

Music Submission, Septimius The Great

Septimius The Great - Loose Control
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Septimius The Great

Septimius (Sep - tim - me - us)

Septimius the Great, a Maryland based dance music artist, is an International Multi-Award Winning Entertainer and Creative innovator. Known around the globe for his dance music in domestically and abroad, he has worked with some of the industry’s biggest names including Fantasia, Chrisette Michele, Lil Kim, Lil Mo, Pat Benetar, Patti Labelle, Crystal Waters, and Ultra Nate’ just to name a few. 3 x Grammy Consideree and also a Grammy Voting Member. Contestant on NBC's America's Got Talent TV show 14x Indie Music Channel Awards winner 7x Radio Music Awards winner From Opera to Rap, Dance to Hip Hop, Electronic to Pop, Septimius the Great’s music, magnetic personality, and flair for fashion, have announced his permanent presence on the music scene. He is here to stay! Confident and Charismatic, with an infectious boatload of charm felt by his team all the way to his fans is the foundation of Septimius’ brand. Working with a multitude of producers, Septimius creates infectious beats and catchy songs that continually repeat through a person's mind that are inspired by ancient European style with a blend of dance, hip-hop, pop and rock. With a style reminiscent of many the likes of: Will.i.am, Cee Lo Green, Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Pitbull, Septimius the Great has performed in front of audiences in small lounges to large stadiums. He is currently being featured on several TV Shows, Radio Stations and Magazines worldwide. A conscientious performer, Septimius believes that it is important to inspire our youth. Stressing education, he constantly teaches the importance of fairness and honesty. Like the Roman Emperor, Septimius the Great will leave his mark in music history.

Music Submission, Mista Latex feat. Bre-Z (from the hit TV show, Empire)

Artist or Band Name: 
Mista Latex feat. Bre-Z (from the hit TV show, Empire)

Mista Latex (Southern HipHop/Rap, HipHop)

New Album featuring the new single by Bre-Z (from the hit TV show Empire) hitting stores on November 7!

One Night feat. Bre-Z (from the hit TV show, Empire) & Chivas Kimber




God, Lust, Sin: a compilation, a collection, a playlist, an anthology, a mixtape, an album?

Fresh off the release of his second Studio Album and a successful tour, Mista Latex relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and is set to release a collaborative effort with 15 songs!

After only recording three songs for the God, Lust, Sin album, a participant and artist Kwony Cash was incarcerated for an incident that took place several years prior to the recording of the CD.

However, things surely changed since then, as the album has fast become collaborative album bordering on it being a compilation CD or a playlist and a mixtape.

Latex, whose real name is Dexter Nelams was stationed in Afghanistan before becoming a private contractor over there now and he will continue to be there on the street day of November 7. “Believe it or not,” Don Lichterman says about the finished project, “before I set the song lists and finalized all of the songs we wanted on the project, we did a focus group in Afghanistan with a bunch of soldiers that are hiphop fans.”

Now Mista Latex’s latest seems to have manifested into almost a new category as far as formats and genres go in the music industry.

The new album, God, Lust, Sin, is a collaborative production that include participants such as Bre-Z, the popular actor from the hit television show, Empire. Along with Bre-Z who has a track and a main single on the new album, other participants on the 15 song full length CD are BadNewz, T-Woodz, Chivas Kimber, Meo, Wayne-C, Tnaj, Kim V, Teja Moore, YK, and Money.

(Don) Lichterman says when describing the songs on the CD that he is “not sure any more of the differences between say what are playlists and a compilation album versus say a mixtape or even remix type of an album where many artist participants, but the fact is this is gritty album. It is also mixed with colorful melodies along with some down and dirty productions, which I love. “He goes on to say that “I do know that we have to entertain doing up to what are five (5) music videos because we cannot choose singles the traditional ways.”

It took three years to complete the CD. Those initial recordings were done in Atlanta before Mista Latex finished the album overseas in Europe using producers Brad Grober, Chivas Kimber, Crazy A  and Top Trax (Marvel Hitmen). Latex was then able to land a great feature for the album with Bre-Z, a very talented music artist and actor from the hit show Empire. 

Mista Latex says about the album from his barracks in Afghanistan that “this new album is accessible to every generation and listeners should be satisfied with the overall body of work.”

You can very much see the artist development and marketing by the label as (Don) Lichterman said, “We are taking the approach almost like we are giving away a free mix tape by working anywhere between five (5) to seven (7) singles all at one time.” “It is a unique approach, although this day and age in the music industry, there are no rules.” He then says, “To me, it is like when I was a kid buying every 45 LP that was released at those times, and artists back then, would release an album every year and half and singles were a big deal like they are now.” “This album though, was absolutely inspired by some of the tracks I heard in that American Honey Film and every song from that film is on the soundtrack CD.”

Anyone who knows about Mista Latex (Dexter Nelams) marvels at his work ethic. He is known to be one of the hardest workers on the planet, let alone in the entertainment industry.  An officer in the military currently stationed in Afghanistan, he still manages to release mix tapes (Crush Tape, Vol II), catalog albums (re-release of Living Life was in May this year), and energy drinks while setting up live tours, live showcases, focus groups with our military people. “I feel bad asking for any information and for him to do anything but honestly, he is way ahead of me which has helped the label, the company as a whole and with regard to his music projects,” says Lichterman about the artist.

The H. Entertainment and GME Pops have recently signed a joint venture deal with Sunset Recordings. The H. Entertainment roster consists of Niko Suave, July, T-Woodz and the Labels breakout artist Kwony Cash is working to release new material soon. Mista Latex is an artist on the label along with him being an officer and staffer at The H. Entertainment. “It is so funny because Latex the guys at The H came to me asking if I would release the album when in reality  I was so grateful to be able to work such a high priority project,” Lichterman says about the relationship and overall deal.

Music Submission, Big Velle

Artist or Band Name: 
Big Velle

Real Life Is a Dayton Ohio Movement Toward Success.


Music Submission, Alesia Diggs

Artist or Band Name: 
Alesia Diggs

Music Submission, Ola Splent

Artist or Band Name: 
Ola Splent

From a small city called Lagrange,Ga. artist Ola Splent has been making music people can relate to and vibe to for awhile now.It wasnt easy!Also known as trap county Lagrange is a crooked city.So between recording,promoting,mixing,and etc he had to do it all hisself.With Lagrange being a big music seen right now.Hes giving it all he got to make something happen.And in his latest ep title "Kush Muzik Ep on datpiff youll understand where hes coming from.

Ptolomek The Messenger

Ptolomek The Messenger
Artist or Band Name: 
Ptolomek The Messenger
No Longer Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Giving Thanks recorded live -Studio Noho - Life Changes Show
CD Name: 
Giving Thanks recorded live -Studio Noho - Life Changes Show
Song Names: 
Giving Thanks

Music Submission, Brie Z

Artist or Band Name: 
Brie Z

New Young Female Artist from Pittsburg, CA (The Bay Area), coming way out of Atlanta, GA. Can find the single on all major digital stores now.


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