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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 1 July 2020
Artist or Band Name
A 21 year old bi-racial emerging Hip-Hop artist out of St.Louis, Missouri that goes by KXG (King). Originally born in Farmington, Missouri I moved over 25 times by the age of 18. This made life unstable making it hard to open up and trust others, even dropping out of high-school for a year before I went back to complete it. I was in and out of homeless shelters, sleeping on bus benches, roach infested motels even checking into hospitals to avoid sleeping on the streets when eviction notices got handed out. As most do under these conditions I got into a lot of trouble as a child, luckily I was able to turn myself around at a young age whenever I found a passion for personal development. I found a 9-5 and started working my way up as I was investing into my music career. I taught myself how to produce, design cover art, make clothes, edit videos, mix and master. I know this all sounds great but honestly I was fearful. I simply never wanted to feel like I was incapable or held back by any sort of lack of knowledge especially when dealing with my passion. This explains why my brand is focused around becoming the best version of yourself, becoming a leader... A King. My mission statement is to turn my pain into principle through my actions and music for others to enjoy. My music is available for you on all your favorite platforms, I've also been featured on Local Tampa radio stations, approved by 88.1 Fm in NC , and pending STL Hot 365 Radio. I've also had my music featured in a handful of local establishments, from barber shops, hookah lounges, even T-Mobile! If you're willing to be a part of this journey please take the time to consider my music and it would mean a lot if you followed and/or subscribed to my social media it would be more than appreciated.