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Music Submission, Jr. Dread

Artist or Band Name: 
Jr. Dread

Jr. Dread is a singer/songwriter/producer whose musical background manifests through his own music. Born on the island of Barbuda and having won a reggae performance at the age of 10, Jr. Dread was rewarded with a plane ticket to the U.S. to continue along the path of music. With knowledge and love of old world reggae, hip hop and many more, Jr. Dread began mixing and DJing in clubs throughout the U.S. at the age of 14. Jr. Dread has been writing and producing his own music for some years now. His lyrics range from party to conscious while riding over unique beats. 

Music Submission, ElCi Chyll

ElCi Chyll
Artist or Band Name: 
ElCi Chyll

Artist Name :ElCi Chyll
Music Genre : Hiphop
Home Town : Chinhoyi ,Zimbabwe 

ElCi Chyll is a talented HipHop rapper ,writer , instrumentalist who enjoys playing a wide range of musical instruments including a Mbira Piano,Guitar,Recorder,Marimba.His music is acoustically rich with elements of African & Western music. He managed to be featured in some high profile international mixtapes amoungst international brands like Jay Z,50 Cent,DMX,Rick Ross,Eminem,kendrik Lamar ,R Kelly, Wiz Khalifa,Fench Montana & many others as follows :-                       

*Digital Dynasty Vol.22 Mixtape Hosted by Freeway   ,

*Digital Dynasty R&B Vol.2 Hosted by Q. Parker of 112 ,

*Digital Dynasty Vol.23 Mixtape Hosted by Vinie Paz ,

*Digital Dynasty Vol.25 Mixtape Hosted by Cappadonna of WuTang Clan ,

*Time2Grind Vol.3 Mixtape Hosted by Redman ,

*Kick Starter Vol.6 Mixtape Hosted by Dj SkroogMkud ,

* Digital Dynasty Vol.30 Hosted by Kurupt of The Dogg Pound , 

*Indie Hits 14 Hosted by DJ Cellbock ,

*Next Up Vol.118 Hosted by Lil Fats,

*Digital Dynasty 32 Hosted by Twista.

Music Submission, Oluchi Edmund

Artist or Band Name: 
Oluchi Edmund

Oluchi Edmund is a gospel artist from Nigeria but resides in Chicago. My latest single, Ere, is due for release on the 21st of May.


Artist or Band Name: 

BOSSLIFE BIG SPENCE is an artist out of Oakland, CA who’s ready to take the industry by storm. With his energy tapping into a frequency that most couldn’t, Big Spence is a complete legend of his time and this isn’t scratching the surface of what the BOSSLIFE organization has to bring.

Music Submission, HAYZ

Artist or Band Name: 

21 year old Vancouver, Canada based producer, singer/songwriter HAYZ discovered his love for music when it helped him express himself through his own dark times. He started his journey when he was 15, as music became his therapy in an artistic form. He started with making beats and producing, then later got into writing on his own beats and then rapping, eventually leading to singing.

Music Submission, Shunda K of Yo! Majesty

Artist or Band Name: 
Shunda K of Yo! Majesty
Angel number 8 is a sign that abundance will soon be coming. The number 8 is itself balanced, which means that it is the number of balancing both the material and spiritual aspects of our experience. That goes to say that it has been 8 years since the debut of Shunda K’s “The Most Wanted” album in 2011.
Why now after 8 years you ask, well Shunda says, “it’s now time for the world to know the whole truth about it all, our existence, from who our Maker AhSha is to who we are as individuals experiencing a world of freewill”.
The voice of Yo! Majesty Lashunda Flowers -- professionally known as Shunda K -- is the leader of one of the fastest rising underground hip hop acts in the world -- Yo! Majesty.
As a quick talking MC, spiritual songwriter, and ambitious entrepreneur, Shunda has managed to see her Tampa-based group through to international notoriety and a record deal with Domino Records (Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, The Kills) in 2008, all through her undeniable ability to entertain and communicate with her audience at the same time. Shunda’s sheer force of will, perseverance and patience are also vital touchstones that have played a role in her success – she’s no overnight sensation.
"We said we were going to get a record deal, we said we were going to be superstars, we were going to perform all over the world, we said all of that," says Shunda, a.k.a. LaShunda Flowers, 38. "And it happened. We made it happen. So we got what we wanted. Now, this time, it's going to be bigger than even I imagined as a solo artist. The truth indeed makes us free.”
In the mid-2000s heyday of MySpace, Yo! Majesty rose quickly to digital fame in America (they played both Coachella and South by Southwest) and abroad. The frenetic electro-pulse and raw carnality of their 2008 debut Futuristically Speaking…Never Be Afraid felt fresh and inspired at the time (and in many ways still does today).
On the solo side of things, NME named Shunda K to its “Cool List” and earmarked The Most Wanted’s first single “Here I Am To Save The World” as one of “10 Tracks You Need To Hear”. iDJ (UK) declared “Razor sharp drums, old school synth stabs and the Florida rapper's stylish, supercool vocal make this one more essential than a spacesuit on the moon” and Roctober made it known that “The Yo! Majesty goddess is going to make the underground so overground it will just be called 'ground.'“
The New York Times profiled Yo! Majesty alongside Santigold and Kid Sister; NME hailed them as one of America's best new acts; Spin wrote them up multiple times. Most profiles mentioned a few well-trod talking points: They were lesbians, they rapped explicitly about sex and more broadly about God, and their live shows were wild affairs.
"Religion is out the door," Shunda says. "I’m older now. I’m not a child, believing in fairy tales anymore. I know that life is what we make it. Nobody's going to come save us. We've got to save ourselves. That's what I’m on — self-empowerment, loving yourself."
Yo! Majesty takes the credit as the most notorious openly gay hip hop act and has served Shunda as she has served it, giving her a cushion for growth into knowing and becoming more secure with who she is: Gay with so much love ahab for God, whom she calls AhSha.
Character, integrity, and morale matter the most to Shunda. “I've just been restructuring my career and my life after breaking away from the former members of Yo Majesty. I had to take some time away from the industry to truly find myself and what my purpose in this earth truly is. I have a pretty good grasp on that now.”
Shunda K has recorded with various producers from all over the world including Brittany Coney (NovaWav), DJ Deekline & Pure SX, DJ Flore, Fort Knox 5, A-1 Baseline, Machine Drum, Baraka, and many more.
Shunda K is set to release a new mixtape that will be available for free download entitled SK11 Flashback To The Present hosted by DJ TAYY, a native of Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands. The mix features various artists and producers Shunda has worked with over the years and will be a special treat to her fans as a reintroduction to the emcee.
Confidently speaking, I feel like I'm untouchable when it comes to the mic. My whole thing as far as an introduction is that Im "The Most Wanted...Cause So Many Niggas Fronted", "The Best to Eva Came...Grande Dame'...in other words, can't nobody fuck wit it!!!

Oliver New

Oliver New
Singer-songwriter Oliver New who is based in London, England has been playing guitar for over 15 years and writing and singing his own songs for the past 6 years
Artist or Band Name: 
Oliver New
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Oliver New, song titled, This Is Us
CD Name: 
This Is Us
Song Names: 
This Is Us

Music Submission, Morse Code

Artist or Band Name: 
Morse Code

This is Morse Code of Duality Music Group with his new 5 track release "The Awakening" Available May 3.

Music Submission, Ziggy Vince

Artist or Band Name: 
Ziggy Vince

Personal life

Djami Eric (born October 02, 1997), known professionally as Ziggy Vince, is a Namibian-Colombian rapper, singer, and songwriter. FREEWAY is his first studio song released on 8 March 2019. He was born in Medellin, Colombia and moved to Namibia after his parents split when he was about 3 years old. Ziggy grew up and went to school in Namibia, in 2018 he went to the University of Namibia and pursued a course in psychology and eventually dropped out of the university for some reason he never stated.

Artistic life

Ziggy started with music when he was thirteen, at first he began as a beat producer. He sold his beats to local musical artists but didn't earn that much to keep his career going, so he decided to take the next step in his life by going from a beat producer to dropping verses on his own beats. In March 2019, he recorded and released his first official studio single FREEWAY (produced by himself and co-produced by his close nephew 14Traps) on his Soundcloud account through his self-created label 'Polar Music Group" which he started back in 2018 with his best friend, promoter and manager Dyna Flexx. His song FREEWAY was highly rated by local radio stations and was on top of the radio charts for almost two weeks. Ziggy has also has extra skills on spinning decks.


His interest in rap music dates back to 2004 after his uncle introduced him and his fellow siblings to 2Pac, Eminem, Dr Dre and 50 Cent's music. Ziggy listens more to Jazz-Hip-Hop songs. His rapping style is ordinary just like any other rapper's. 


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