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Kevin Tiah

Kevin Tiah
Multi-genre solo artist from Sydney, Australia that combines genres into powerful, unique blends of music
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Kevin Tiah
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
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Kevin Tian, song titled, lnto Our Peace ft. Jamie Mac
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lnto Our Peace ft. Jamie Mac - single
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lnto Our Peace ft. Jamie Mac

Music Submission, Ayspekt

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Hi, my name is Albert Amos Tucker III, and I go by Ayspekt when it comes to performance and music creation which I have been doing for over 25 years specializing in Alternative Rock, Alternative Hip Hop, Industrial, Rap Rock, Industrial Rock, Rap, Electronic Rock, Nu Metal, Electronica, New Age, and Electronic Dance Music. I see music as one way of expressing one's soul and enjoy the creation process as well as assisting others in their projects. I highly appreciate you checking out my profile and don't forget to hit follow if you're digging my vibe.

Music Submission, Fever

Music Submission, Prince K'Louveer

Artist or Band Name: 
Prince K'Louveer

I'm Dorian (Prince K'Louveer) and I've been pursuing music for 2 years now . I'm an independent singer / songwriter / recording artist which genres I gravitate towards the most would be Electronic / EDM / Ambient / R&B /HipHop kind of styles . I've recently this year started doing more so mainstream kind of music

I'm from Dayton, OH 30yrs old . I got started with pursing music at the age of 28 . So I've been at it for a little while now . I hope you guys enjoy my music .

Music Submission, DALI

Artist or Band Name: 

Dali is a charming man, with an enigmatic look and a persuasive voice.

Of Tunisian origins, even before becoming a musician he was a freelance DJ constantly moving between Canada, France and Italy.

Born in 1978, Dali is happily married and lives in Italy, in Emilia Romagna for many years.

He began his first musical experiences in Montreal, where he worked alongside internationally renowned professionals and DJs in the clubs of the great Canadian metropolis.

DALI - the musical style

Dali's musical style is a mix of pop, hip-hop, contemporary R&B, rap, world. His texts are

written in Italian, French, Arabic and English, thus bringing a novelty to the music market. His songs

they come from the soul, they are sentimental and they have themes like family, life, various problems

social, immigration.

The songs he writes are inspired by his life experiences. However, his songs are written so

that anyone can be in his texts.

Music Submission, LENZ

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LENZ is an Haitian american artist who grew up in and currently resides in Atlanta. He was born in Port De Paix, Haiti. He came into the country at the age of 3 but moved back to Haiti and came back when he was 5 so his first language is creole. While struggling to learn English he started to notice he could easily remember song lyrics from hip hop songs that he heard on the radio so he started rapping to memorize words in English. As he grew up he would only become more and more obsessed with music and not just hip hop. He fell in love with country music, pop music, reggae, R&B, soul and gospel. He would later on implement them into his music when he started recording them in his home studio he convinced his father to invest into after he was recording songs on 2 phones for years. Even though he graduated from High School with a diploma and an associates degree in business management he had always put music first and was dropping mixtapes every month for him and his friends to hear. After graduating from college and high school he took some time off to learn the music industry and build a team around himself so that he could remain an independent artist. He started off as a troublesome student who couldn’t go a week without getting suspended for talking back to teachers, fighting and even assaulting a teacher and would go on to beat all odds and graduate highschool and get a college degree all at the age of 19. He is a positive role model for kids and he teaches life lessons through his music and tries to empower and help small brands grow through his small platform . LENZ's story is still growing and it's going to be a historic journey to remember, Don't be the last to know the lyrics to the classics he's going to create down the line. As they say the early bird gets the undying love and support from LENZ or how ever that saying goes.

Music Submission, TruthSeekah

Artist or Band Name: 

“TruthSeekah is a Hip Hop artist whose knowledge about esoteric and spiritual subjects are infused throughout the medium of music and lyricism. In his music, TruthSeekah pioneers a new sound with rhythmic, mystic Hip Hop beats. His music is the embodiment of his own spiritual encounters and supernatural experiences.

Music Submission, EDVANZD

EDVANZD - How U Wanna Do It? Cover Art
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EDVANZD Drops New Single 
How U Wanna Do It? (ft Kevin Hues)

Talented MC Bursts onto the Music Scene

Growing up in E. St. Louis, EDVANZD spent countless hours exploring his grandfather's massive record collection. Listening to multiple genres sparked his love for music and especially fueled his passion for hip-hop.

EDVANZD was recently crowned a top 5 artist on the Doritos Blaze The Beat where he was praised for his lyrical prowess by renowned artists Busta Rhymes and Wiz Khalifa. Consistently honing his craft of wordplay has led to his own successful social media series #FireFlowFridays. "I built my name on my stage presence, giving the audience a high energy show they can appreciate," EDVANZD says.

With his newest release, How U Wanna Do It? the Atlanta-based rapper elevates his talents once again.  How U Wanna Do It? (ft. Kevin Hues) represents a seductive lyrical journey from the nervous feels of initial attraction to the connection that forms when a relationship starts.  EDVANZD states, "I'm proving that a lyricist can also deliver big hits."

Currently working on a new mixtape, EDVANZD is not only a gifted wordsmith, but also an award-winning film/TV and theatre actor.  EDVANZD's skill and drive has him poised to step into the spotlight as the new face of hip hop.

You can listen to "How U Wanna Do It?"  on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud, and all other major streaming platforms.  

Follow @EDVANZD to stay updated on his latest endeavors.

Music Submission, Igloo Crew Records

Igloo Crew Records
Artist or Band Name: 
Igloo Crew Records

Igloo Crew Records Now Available For Streaming
Diverse Hip-Hop Group Let’s It All Out
Miami, Florida - May 7, 2019 - ​ Igloo Crew Records is proud to announce that their diverse discography is all available online now.
Igloo Crew Records isn't like the typical hip-hop ensemble. Mo Dog Chill, Myke Smoov, Steve Young, Stephanie  A-1 Scrill, Choppa Capone, Mr. Strategic make up this unique ensemble. Ranging from talented emcees in their 30's to seasoned vets in their 60's, this group has some members who have been writing, recording and performing for almost a quarter of a century at this point in their career. With that much talent under one roof, Igloo Crew Records ranges in not only age but style as well. From hardcore hip-hop to funk to R&B, it's all there with this crew.
As a whole, Igloo Crew Records have performed throughout Cleveland, but it's their own Mo Dog Chill that has been recognized on a national level. He made headlines for finding over half a million dollars that fell off an armored truck in 2001 and appeared in Jet, National Enquirer, 48 Hours, Tell The Truth and more. A whirlwind experience for sure, but not as gratifying as what he's done and continues to do with his Igloo Crew.
Those interested in featuring Igloo Crew Records or interviewing Mo Dog Chill about his past, present, and the group's future can reach out via the information below.
About: Igloo Crew Records has just announced their whole discography is available online now.
Contact: Igloo Crew Records/Too Cold Productions Mark Morant 786 273 1271 igloocrew@aol.com 
Links: YouTube: ​https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC556KRDvHQLRKBvA7yNJVbw 

Music Submission, G.I.T.O (Great Inspiration To Others)

Artist or Band Name: 
G.I.T.O (Great Inspiration To Others)

Joseph L. Leath a.k.a G.I.T.O (“Great Inspiration to Others”) is the Modern Day Renaissance Man. G.I.T.O is an artistic genius, entrepreneur, and philosopher that brings spirituality, inspiration, social consciousness, and healing through his art. G.I.T.O can be best described as not being a part of a trend but rather an initiator of a movement; he has a journey with a purpose to inspire others through his innovative, natural, and eclectic talent; he has the gift to not only recognize but create unique and classic entertainment. G.I.T.O is the type of artist and person in general that always keeps you wanting more. He is the result of a melting pot, a mixture that includes his original and creative talent with that of a variety of iconic artists, actors, and producers that have inspired him such as Michael Jackson, Jay Z, Mase, Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry, Ice Cube, John Singleton, and Spike Lee. G.I.T.O pays homage to these icons that continue to motivate him personally and professionally. G.I.T.O was born and raised in the South Bronx, a historically disadvantaged and least privileged borough of the very well-known and highly desirable New York City. After completing high school, G.I.T.O graduated from the Made in New York Production Assistant Program. G.I.T.O is a visual artist, poet, and author. He has been drawing since age 6, writing and creating music since age 13, and making short films since the age of 25. He has written two books, produced over 60 albums, and made 5 short films. He has also helped produce over 50 music and/or film projects with other people in his community. G.I.T.O has incorporated two businesses; All Legal Business is the company he created for his artistic work and Golden Son Care Services is another business he created to serve the elderly in his community. G.I.T.O has his own station on Pandora Radio (“G.I.T.O”) with his songs “Lost Children” and “Arrest Me” on rotation. G.I.T.O is also the first person in his neighborhood to have their original film work premiered in a local movie theater. As a child, he had seen many films in this Bronx Cineplex, now G.I.T.O is making history in this same theater. G.I.T.O has a large number of local and international supporters and fans. He has a natural gift that simply brings out the best in people. His goal is to not only give the people what they want to hear or see but on a larger scale to restore confidence and ambition back into his community and other similar disadvantaged neighborhoods. G.I.T.O knows firsthand that it is easy to lose faith and lack ambition when growing up in such communities. G.I.T.O is determined to complete his mission by spreading his messages through film, videos, photography, music, and books. G.I.T.O is a youth mentor, philosopher, and leader that has what it takes to help others turn their dreams into reality; he has been and continues to be a living and breathing example.


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