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Music Submission, YomiShious

Artist or Band Name: 
Hi, I would like to submit my new single "Cocaine" feat. Chandler Mason to your radio station.
My artist name is YomiShious and I'm from the UK where I've been making music for over 7 years and releasing it since 2016, and since then have released 3 studio albums. "Cocaine" is a song about mindsets using the drug, cocaine, as a metaphor for how your perspective can change in a different mindset.
This track contains swearing.

Music Submission, WestCoast Gillie

WestCoast Gillie
Artist or Band Name: 
WestCoast Gillie

Whats up i hope all is well my name is WestCoast Gillie. I'm an independent artist who has been working on the craft for years with great potential and great music to back it up. My new EP Never Surrender is available on all streaming platforms and i feel i have a few radio songs. if you have a chance to Listen to them and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon. The songs are Ball Out, Structure, Come Round, Don't Need and Why U Worried


Social Media

Instagram @WestCoastGillie

Twitter @WestCoastGillie

Facebook @WestCoastGillie 

Music Submission, gLife

Artist or Band Name: 
Hello Music Director,
Hi we are contacting you to submit two new singles from underground emcee "gLife" for your listening pleasure. The song "Meant to Be" was released October 25, and "Firewalker" has a release date of December 13th. Below is a short bio for the artist, two short song descriptions, and download/streaming links. We really hope you enjoy gLife's unique style of rapping and singing mixed with melodic deep music. We would love to send you any more material such as photos, logos, mp3's, etc. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Matt G.
BIO: gLife, aka GeorgeLife, is a prolific veteran MC based out of Salt Lake City, UT. He has created a truly unique blend of singing and street-wise lyrical rhyming. His sound has been compared to the "grime" and "hardcore" hip hop sounds of La Coka Nostra, Jedi Mind Tricks, and Eminem; along with the singing style of Nelly, Eamon, and Bone Thugs. Through non-stop consistent hard work he has toured the world with artists such as Madchild, Slaine, and Adlib; as well as reaching #4, #5, and #8 on the USA and Canada indie charts. gLife is an indie powerhouse to be reckoned with. Catch him on his 11th major tour this Spring on the Break Rules Spread Love USA/Canada Tour with Adlib and Space Kamp. 
MEANT TO BE: This newly released song was written and recorded by gLife while on a twenty-date US West Coast tour, and talks about life on the road. It starts immediately with the catchy "Mac Miller style" hook leaving you wondering is he truly happy, or just as happy as he CAN be? The smooth beat gets even better with the live violin from Master Q (on every song).The rap is a soft mellow flow, with the heartfelt singing that has made gLife a regional legend. 
FIREWALKER: This unreleased song was written and recorded by gLife while in Arizona on tour with AZ legend DJ 001, utilizing his renowned scratch skills and production for the song... add in the live violin from orchestra-level string-savant Master Q and the song starts slick and comes in hard. The "Johnny Cash style" singing over the hard hitting lyrics of pain and loss create an honest one-of-a-kind sound from this innovative touring artist.
Meant to Be: (released Oct 25)
Firewalker: (set to private until Dec 13, but the link will still access it for streaming/downloading)
Spotify PRE-SAVE link
Social Media:
Instagram: @georgelife
Twitter: @georgelife
Official Site: GeorgeLife.com
Matt G
Lifers Underground

Music Submission, Gypsy Ollie

Artist or Band Name: 
Gypsy Ollie

Haitian and Italian Song Writer, Artist, Producer, Graphic Designer and Engineer. Born and raised in Philadelphia, living and working from Atlanta, GA.

Music Submission, No-Love Knight

Artist or Band Name: 
No-Love Knight

I am a female rapper from the Caribbean.  I was born on the 21st of July 1994, in Dominica.  However I was raised in Antigua & Barbuda, where I started writing at the age of 14.  My full name is D. Anique John, but a few of my friends and family calls me D, DenDen or Lil D.  My artist name is No-Love Knight (No-Love). 

I released my first Mixtape Nique's Heart in 2018.  I've then released a short EP on Youtube by the name of Vibe. Currently, I am working on my second EP & Mixtape, which I hope release before Christmas. 

Music Submission, Kefrain Pastrana

Artist or Band Name: 
Kefrain Pastrana

Music Submission, Jaebe

Artist or Band Name: 

Jaebe raps his heart out in his debut album. It brings out a great deal of the personal side of Jaebe. One can get the glimpse of Over Night through "Another Day" that is already available on the internet on all digital platforms. Jaebe himself believes that through his debut album he has revealed his own hidden side. The track "Atlanta" is one of his favorites. He's showing love to the city and also other artists before him that's from the same city.

Jaebe has put a lot of thought into this album. He has used his brothers who has done real time and who know what they are talking about to bring in a flesh and blood experience into his album, in the song "Dirty Money". "Lit't" brings in a bit of lightier moments to the album which speaks about being turned up in the club. We can go on and on with the stories behind each song.

Johnny "Jaebe" Bolton is an American author, rapper, and song writer. He wrote a poem entitled "Life" that was published through the National Library of Poetry.

Johnny Bolton better known as Jaebe, was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, in the projects of Thomasville Heights, McDonald Heights, and 4 Seasons; places where he would go on to make a name for himself as one of the most prominent Dirty South rappers. During his school years , he attended D.H Stanton Elementary School, Price middle School, and Fulton High School. He has one sister and two brothers, who really pushed him to become the artist we know of as Jaebe. The name "Jaebe" is ancronym that stands for [J]-ust [A]-nother [E]ffort [B]eing [E]lite. Which simply means, being the best that he can be.
Instagram: AtlJaebe
Twitter: AtlJaebe
YouTube: AtlJaebe
E-mail: atljaebe@gmail.com

Music Submission, KidArsenic

Artist or Band Name: 

Hailing from Statesboro, Ga. KidArsenic has spent time honing his craft. From Army vet to mic check KidArsenic has always brought his A-game

Music Submission, Sabio Da Great

Artist or Band Name: 
Sabio Da Great

Artist Info:

Sabio The Great
Gadsden, Alabama
Song Title:
Living Color
Song Description:
This song is called "Living Color". I don't really have a concrete reason why I named it that but when I heard the beat and started writing the song it made me wanna rap about living up to what I know I can be. It also put me in the mind of like 90's music/early 2000's around the time In Living Color came out. My witty, unique, clever style was perfect for this Kjs beat as I slice through the beat reminiscing on the days I first started rapping when I "had the futon cover the mic back in 2010". This song is truly for the real lovers of true, authentic, laid back but yet original and raw hip hop fans. The song is out now on soundcloud and is schedule for release on: Spotify, Itunes, Pandora, Apple Music, Deezer, as well as other digital platforms on November 2, 2019. That is also the date I will be shooting a video for it. Which will release shortly after that.
Links to find my music:

Music Submission, MaineBrooks

Artist or Band Name: 

MaineBrooks Most talented out the bronx , came up around a league of spitters.  Rap around charles hamilton and many more


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