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Music Submission, Trend Figga

Artist or Band Name: 
Trend Figga

Artist Trendy Figga is an indepedent Artist out of Wichita Kansas with unique style of lofi , rnb , chill hiphop . with a very versatile style .

Music Submission, Ell

Artist or Band Name: 
From Tricities hip hop rnb rap and alternative

Music Submission, Aana Xolo

Artist or Band Name: 
Aana Xolo

Good evening,

My name is Mugugu, I'm a friend of Chris Rodrigues based out of Toronto. I am currently managing a new upcoming recording artist called Aana Xolo and would like to send her song for it to be played on your radio station. 
Aana Xolo is a Canadian singer/songwriter who specializes in Hip Hop, Rap and R&B music. Her debut single "Number Delete" has combined 3 languages (English, Spanish, Urdu) which sets her apart from other Canadian artists. I have attached a link to this email hoping it will gain your interest.
Artist Name: Aana Xolo
Song Name: Number Delete
Instagram: @iamaanaxolo
Thank you for reading, hope to hear from you soon. 

Music Submission, Cash Bradshaw III

Artist or Band Name: 
Cash Bradshaw III

Good afternoon, hope all is well. Thanks for taking the time to check me out. I’m Cash Bradshaw III, videographer, hip hop artist and booking agent for hip hop legend Sticky Fingaz of Onyx.  I recently made a big move from Canada to Los Angeles and it’s been great. I was a winner in last years "Who wants to make it” competition that went on during BET weekend last June 2018 which included 75 artist from across America with 20 being from Los Angeles. I placed 5th in the competition with this song entitled “Catch a wave” . I created this song specifically for the competition and on June 19th 2019  I released the song on all major platforms. The song is like my California Love type song, I made this song for everybody but specifically for the Californian. People really love the song. I’m reaching out to you to seek permission to submit a clean version of my new song “Catch a wave” by Cash Bradshaw III for radio play consideration on your station. I have attached the artwork along with a clean version to the song. Thank you very much for your time!!! Bless.

Music Submission, Dici

Artist or Band Name: 

DICI, ( also known as " Brandon Gardner") is a Tulsa, OK native born artist. Dici began his music career in 2008 he started out by recording, and mixing for other artist. From there he went on to work with some of the hottest artist in his area. He opened a night club called the 36 lounge where he featured some of the hottest acts of that time. He spent a decade behind the scenes of the Music Business owning and operating profitable studios and event centers, till his emergence as a artist in August of 2018.   His debut single "Gone" was his first release off his self-titled project "Dici" set to release November, 2019.


Armed with a razor sharp tongue and enough bars to build a ladder to the Andromeda galaxy, there is no doubt that Macshane is a force to be reckoned with in the new wave of Australian hip hop.
Artist or Band Name: 
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Macshane, CD titled, Macshane EP
CD Name: 
Macshane EP
Song Names: 
All Away
Words To Say ft. MYNXY

Music Submission, Jr. Dread

Artist or Band Name: 
Jr. Dread

Jr. Dread is a singer/songwriter/producer whose musical background manifests through his own music. Born on the island of Barbuda and having won a reggae performance at the age of 10, Jr. Dread was rewarded with a plane ticket to the U.S. to continue along the path of music. With knowledge and love of old world reggae, hip hop and many more, Jr. Dread began mixing and DJing in clubs throughout the U.S. at the age of 14. Jr. Dread has been writing and producing his own music for some years now. His lyrics range from party to conscious while riding over unique beats. 

Music Submission, ElCi Chyll

ElCi Chyll
Artist or Band Name: 
ElCi Chyll

Artist Name :ElCi Chyll
Music Genre : Hiphop
Home Town : Chinhoyi ,Zimbabwe 

ElCi Chyll is a talented HipHop rapper ,writer , instrumentalist who enjoys playing a wide range of musical instruments including a Mbira Piano,Guitar,Recorder,Marimba.His music is acoustically rich with elements of African & Western music. He managed to be featured in some high profile international mixtapes amoungst international brands like Jay Z,50 Cent,DMX,Rick Ross,Eminem,kendrik Lamar ,R Kelly, Wiz Khalifa,Fench Montana & many others as follows :-                       

*Digital Dynasty Vol.22 Mixtape Hosted by Freeway   ,

*Digital Dynasty R&B Vol.2 Hosted by Q. Parker of 112 ,

*Digital Dynasty Vol.23 Mixtape Hosted by Vinie Paz ,

*Digital Dynasty Vol.25 Mixtape Hosted by Cappadonna of WuTang Clan ,

*Time2Grind Vol.3 Mixtape Hosted by Redman ,

*Kick Starter Vol.6 Mixtape Hosted by Dj SkroogMkud ,

* Digital Dynasty Vol.30 Hosted by Kurupt of The Dogg Pound , 

*Indie Hits 14 Hosted by DJ Cellbock ,

*Next Up Vol.118 Hosted by Lil Fats,

*Digital Dynasty 32 Hosted by Twista.

Music Submission, Oluchi Edmund

Artist or Band Name: 
Oluchi Edmund

Oluchi Edmund is a gospel artist from Nigeria but resides in Chicago. My latest single, Ere, is due for release on the 21st of May.


Artist or Band Name: 

BOSSLIFE BIG SPENCE is an artist out of Oakland, CA who’s ready to take the industry by storm. With his energy tapping into a frequency that most couldn’t, Big Spence is a complete legend of his time and this isn’t scratching the surface of what the BOSSLIFE organization has to bring.


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