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IAM4GIVEN was born on April 13th, 1988 in Miami, Florida to a single mother of four. He grew up in neighborhoods characterized by crime, poverty & violence. He began writing music at age 7 to cope with the challenges he experienced growing up in the inner-cities. As a child, he suffered from depression, anxiety, feelings of rejection, isolation, & sought refuge in hip-hop music. During this time, he thought his happiness lied in success as a mainstream hip-hop artist, material pursuits, & women. By 20 he moved to ATL for 10 years pursuing his hip-hop music career. Then the sudden death of his grandfather in 2011 sent IAM4GIVEN in a downward spiral. He fell into a deep depression & was full of rage & anger. Music wasn’t enough to help him through. That’s when he began trying to develop a relationship with Christ. God spoke to him and told him that he needed to heal his brokenness and needed to move back to Florida and reconnect with his biological father. He listened to the Lord’s call & moved to Naples, Florida to rekindled the relationship with his father. Within a year, he found a permanent church home & rededicated his life to Christ, He shredded his worldly pursuits & started focusing on channeling his spiritual growth. Through time his relationship grew strong with his biological father & God began to move supernaturally in his life. 2018 we married his beautiful wife. 2019, he won the “Taking The City” gospel showcase. 2022 Tampa Bay Gospel Hip Hop Artist Nominated. 2023 Rhythm Of Gospel Music Awards Nominee.