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Music Submission, Prince K'Louveer

Artist or Band Name: 
Prince K'Louveer

I'm Dorian (Prince K'Louveer) and I've been pursuing music for 2 years now . I'm an independent singer / songwriter / recording artist which genres I gravitate towards the most would be Electronic / EDM / Ambient / R&B /HipHop kind of styles . I've recently this year started doing more so mainstream kind of music

I'm from Dayton, OH 30yrs old . I got started with pursing music at the age of 28 . So I've been at it for a little while now . I hope you guys enjoy my music .

Music Submission, ÆUR

Artist or Band Name: 

We’re [ÆUR]from [NY, NY ,USA]. We’re are independent. .We would love it if you would listen to us. In the future we hope to be conducting interviews really soon. Currently working on getting the capital for a debut EP a for a small collection of POP/HARD ROCK songs for a concept titled album INEBRIATION. (Summer 2020) Hopefully ;) We are a Hybridization of a lot of different genres. Influenced by a lot of different variations of American music that also includes the kaleidoscope of World cultures.

Music Submission, Gary Gates

Artist or Band Name: 
Gary Gates

After more than four decades of rocking the Bay Area, Gary Gates has earned his status as a respected elder of the Bay Area jam band scene. Gary's tried and true brand of reggae-tinged psychedelic jam rock has been getting people on their feet ever since the late 70s when Gary toured as the opening act for Neil Young. Upliifting lyrics, danceable grooves and epic guitar solos are Gary's forte, including a large catalog of memorable originals mixed with his versions of Bob Marley, Grateful Dead, etc. Gary typically gives away his CDs for free at his shows including the acoustic big band of "Live at the San Gregorio General Store," recorded and produced by John Nowland, best known as Neil Young's studio engineer. Gary's latest release includes three tracks recorded with Phil Lesh at Terrapin Crossroads. For the last 20 something years, Gary has been the closing act at both the La Honda Fair and the Pescadero Art & Fun Festival, securing his place as a musical fixture on the coast. 

Music Submission, Dennis and Christy Soares

Artist or Band Name: 
Dennis and Christy Soares

Artist from Hawaii with 124 releases.

Music Submission, Cash Bradshaw III

Artist or Band Name: 
Cash Bradshaw III

Good afternoon, hope all is well. Thanks for taking the time to check me out. I’m Cash Bradshaw III, videographer, hip hop artist and booking agent for hip hop legend Sticky Fingaz of Onyx.  I recently made a big move from Canada to Los Angeles and it’s been great. I was a winner in last years "Who wants to make it” competition that went on during BET weekend last June 2018 which included 75 artist from across America with 20 being from Los Angeles. I placed 5th in the competition with this song entitled “Catch a wave” . I created this song specifically for the competition and on June 19th 2019  I released the song on all major platforms. The song is like my California Love type song, I made this song for everybody but specifically for the Californian. People really love the song. I’m reaching out to you to seek permission to submit a clean version of my new song “Catch a wave” by Cash Bradshaw III for radio play consideration on your station. I have attached the artwork along with a clean version to the song. Thank you very much for your time!!! Bless.

Music Submission, Ryan Whyman

Fantasies and Memories
Artist or Band Name: 
Ryan Whyman

Since the beginning of Ryan Whyman’s musical journey at age six, it has been obvious that he has a unique musical gift. Since performing his first composition for his second grade classmates, he has yet to stop touching people’s hearts with original music inspired by widely diverse styles and traditions. Whyman’s imaginative and emotionally compelling compositions and orchestrations left one audience member so moved after a performance he told Ryan that listening to them, “makes me want to be a better nurse.”

Whyman’s award-winning musical projects have ranged from The Whyman Project, a chamber jazz ensemble which he himself performed in, to compositions for choir and orchestra to a collaboration with internationally renowned rapper, poet and spoken word artist Watsky. These varied ensembles give a sense of the many influences that make Whyman’s art so special; though it blends many genres, his musical voice is the common thread that weaves his repertoire into a connected whole.

Whyman’s latest album, Fantasies & Memories, draws from his feelings about the modern world to create a powerful meditation on happiness and anticipation as well as nostalgia and longing. Newly married and in his late twenties, Whyman finds the underlying joy and beauty in the sometimes overwhelmingly complex mix of emotions brought about by the rapidly evolving world, both his own and the one we all share.

Music Submission, Clark Ford

Artist or Band Name: 
Clark Ford

Clark Ford is an award-winning songwriter from California, living in Iowa. He writes songs in several genres, including pop, country, rock, sacred, Celtic, jazz, and blues. He released his first album of pop/country/rock relationship songs in 2018 entitled "In My Heart," and has released several singles since then. Awards include: The pop song "Throwin' it All Away" ("runner up" in the 2016 Song of the Year songwriting contest); "Spiderwebs in My Hair!" (winner of the 2018 Dallas Songwriters Association award for Novelty song and also winner of the 2018 Hollywood Song Contest for Halloween song); the country songs "I Don't Want to Work Today"(semi-finalist in the 2018 Song of the Year contest), "The Only One" and "Anthem," (both runners up in the 2018 Song of the Year contest), and "I'll Be Your Rock" (semi-finalist in the International Song Contest, 2018). Many of Clark's songs are featured in a series of full-length musicals he has written, set in each of the last 6 decades. Clark's songs have been professionally recorded at a studio in Nashville.

Mary Verdi

Mary Verdi
Soothing music to allow each listener’s spirit, regardless of their background, to soar and reach a higher level of peace and grace
Artist or Band Name: 
Mary Verdi
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Mary Verdi, CD titled, Precious Love
CD Name: 
Precious Love
Song Names: 
Learn To Love

Music Submission, Matias Malagardis

Artist or Band Name: 
Matias Malagardis

"This artist should not be seen as an exciting prospect for the future, but as an accomplished musician in the here and now." - Essentially Pop (United Kingdom)

Madrid-born Matias Malagardis is a 20-year old singer songwriter, who walks in the footsteps of Jack Johnson and Ben Howard, with his mellow, melodic, acoustic-pop songs. In love with the surf culture, his music is highly influenced by the feelings and peace the sea transmits.

He released his first EP 'Winter By The Sea' on October 11th 2018, which was written with the help of Pete Smith (Grammy award winner for the live recording of Sting’s album “The Dream of the Blue Turtles”).

Since his first EP was released, it has received really good critics from independent blogs around Europe:

"A very worked EP, and above all, made with a lot of care. A real pleasure to listen. Endlessly." - Music For Your Heart (France).

He has now become an AWAL artist and will be releasing his next single ‘What You’ve Done’ on April 5th , which was recorded with artists such as Tom Jordan (Eastman Guitars Artist).


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