Music Submission, BaYaT

Artist or Band Name: 

BaYaT - Alternative Rock Band. We are a group of friends which created BaYaT in our hometown of Novi Sad, Serbia, with a more western approach and under the influence of some of the great global rock stars. We are challenging the moral issues of the 21st century and want to express our opinions and emotions through one form that connects us all in a more complex way and that is music. You will find our thoughts and opinions throughout our debut album "So It Begins", which is due to come out by the end of 2019. It is all about love, respect, and preserving everything that matters on our planet.

Music Submission, ÆUR

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We’re [ÆUR]from [NY, NY ,USA]. We’re are independent. .We would love it if you would listen to us. In the future we hope to be conducting interviews really soon. Currently working on getting the capital for a debut EP a for a small collection of POP/HARD ROCK songs for a concept titled album INEBRIATION. (Summer 2020) Hopefully ;) We are a Hybridization of a lot of different genres. Influenced by a lot of different variations of American music that also includes the kaleidoscope of World cultures.

Music Submission, The Scorched

Artist or Band Name: 
The Scorched

The Scorched is an Original Alternative Progressive Rock Band out of Las Vegas, NV and Phoenix, AZ cousins and experienced songwriters Kristopher Tuttle and Wade Eno joins forces in 2015 eventually bringing on Derek Carlson on Percussion and Renowned Shredder, Josh Ritz. The Scorched has produced 4 albums and toured relentlessly since its inception. Bringing meaning and feeling with skilled musicianship the Scorched is breathing life into the world of rock.

Music Submission, Blisses B

Artist or Band Name: 
Blisses B
Our full length album Tell Your Friends You Love Them And Why is out now, and we write you with unfettered anticipation.  This is our tenth year as a band and we are very proud to be making music in the Bay Area for the whole of that timeframe.  We do hope you check out this new music and I can send you over the full album (.wav files or CD) and promo materials for the album.  Just say the word.  The two singles below are downloadable .WAV files:

“There is a time, its rolling by, so tell your friends you love them and why…”

So begins the first track, Twin Geeks, on this long play. Do we say it enough? We tell our parents and siblings we love them. But do we tell our friends and explain why? If not, let’s change that.

After a decade of playing, this is our fifth album. Our cornerstone style - traditional instruments used in non-traditional ways - and comfortability with each other is evident in our live set and made concrete in our recordings. I guess the longevity of over a decade playing with the tight group of nearly the same musicians explains that some, also.

  The lyrics in this album touch on friendship, an aging band, fatherhood, and the divisiveness that permeates our culture, and creates bridges to help help mend some of these aberrations in our own lives and through the reach of music.
  Tell Your Friends You Love Them And Why was recorded at Owl Sight Recorders in Oakland, CA. Alex Laipenieks engineered and mixed the album to analog tape. Carl Saff mastered the album at Saff Mastering in Chicago, IL.

I hope to hear from you.



Noah B. Libby 
Blisses B

Music Submission, Cody Winters

Artist or Band Name: 
Cody Winters

I'm Cody Winters, an independent singer-songwriter from Louisiana, USA. My style is mostly alternative rock and guitar pop. I'm primarily influenced by Japanese rock.
All of my music is made by myself and recorded/mixed on my personal computer with minimalist equipment. 

Music Submission, Gary Gates

Artist or Band Name: 
Gary Gates

After more than four decades of rocking the Bay Area, Gary Gates has earned his status as a respected elder of the Bay Area jam band scene. Gary's tried and true brand of reggae-tinged psychedelic jam rock has been getting people on their feet ever since the late 70s when Gary toured as the opening act for Neil Young. Upliifting lyrics, danceable grooves and epic guitar solos are Gary's forte, including a large catalog of memorable originals mixed with his versions of Bob Marley, Grateful Dead, etc. Gary typically gives away his CDs for free at his shows including the acoustic big band of "Live at the San Gregorio General Store," recorded and produced by John Nowland, best known as Neil Young's studio engineer. Gary's latest release includes three tracks recorded with Phil Lesh at Terrapin Crossroads. For the last 20 something years, Gary has been the closing act at both the La Honda Fair and the Pescadero Art & Fun Festival, securing his place as a musical fixture on the coast. 

Music Submission, Trend Figga

Artist or Band Name: 
Trend Figga

Artist Trendy Figga is an indepedent Artist out of Wichita Kansas with unique style of lofi , rnb , chill hiphop . with a very versatile style .

Music Submission, Asila

Artist or Band Name: 
Hi BBS Radio!
This mail is to inform you that on the 5th of July, we will be releasing our latest song 'The Mistress'. It's a fun, swung rock track about a cat and we're hoping you might like to write a review on it. 
We are originally a band from South Africa formed in 2013, now located in Los Angeles, USA. Our inspirations musically are also diverse, from the powerhouse vocals of Aretha Franklin, to rock gods Muse! Our music is a product of this fusion.  

Please find all relevant details below.

WAV, MP3, Artwork download:

Unlisted Youtube link:  

Artist: Asila
Song title: The Mistress
Song length: 03:40
Composer: Hana Muftic, Richard Globisch
Publisher: Self
ISRC: ZA-MX5-19-00004

If you have any questions or require a certain format of the song, please let us know.


Music Submission, Rx Fire

Artist or Band Name: 
Rx Fire

We're an Alt/indie Rock band from Gainesville FL made of mostly ecologists at or recently graduated from Uni. Our passion for the natural world often bleeds into our music (such as in Montana Song), though our focus is just on making the best sounds we can play. We recorded our debut EP in between work and classes, and we want to reach a larger audience so we can dedicate more time to doing what we love. Thank you for your consideration!

Music Submission, No Serial Killer

Artist or Band Name: 
No Serial Killer

What does the name ‘No Serial Killer’ signify? 

It refers to the fact that as a 46 year old, I am happy to have not turned into a serial killer. By 2019 standards, I’m doing pretty well. If any of our listeners is a serial killer, you’re not welcome to be one of our fans. We only want ‘no serial killers’ to like ‘No Serial Killer’. Killing people due to one’s own inadequacies we find deeply offensive. Don’t hurt others is the message. 

What does ‘Bass Piano’ mean? 

All of our tracks use piano as the bass guitar in the song. There is no bass guitar in any song. 'Yes I do' has no piano at all though. 


Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Rock and roll of all eras. Any music with a good vibe. We take influences from music, TV, movies, video games, life in general etc. 

Why is the group faceless? 

This is a one-off project so our personalities are irrelevant. I wanted to make a great album and we've achieved that goal. The album is entitled ‘The Greatest Music Album In Recorded Human History’. It’s our way of saying we think the music is quite good. :) 13 tracks, all classics in their own right. How many albums do you know of where there are absolutely no filler tracks? Every song is fantastic! 

When will the album be released? 

May 2019. 

Who are you? 

I am AKM. I wrote all of the songs, played the bass piano on all tracks and offered vocal direction to the singers. I have used a variety of professional singers and session musicians on the album. I’m British. The vocalists and session musicians are American. 

How do I contact you?  


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